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  1. I only ever explicitly lied to my actual Squad mates over Teamspeak. Otherwise, I think I just would make references to "dorms" since I was in boarding school and so people assumed I was in College. Actually, now that I think about it, I think that went out the window by like 2003-4 and I was very open about being in HS. Either way good times. I remember bits and pieces of ton's of stories, but cant put them together. Who was tgat huy who everyone hated -- I think he lived in the Cayman Islands at some point.
  2. I got on this train my freshman year of HS and pretended to be in college for 4 years. haha.
  3. Any posters from the good old says around still there? I remember the gold old old old days before OT didn't exist and we used the general gameplay discussion board for our shenanigans.
  4. Ahhh yeah. AB was my boy. Was very loyal to him.
  5. I think that sounds right. That must be my old count before it got reset. That must have sucked. How've you been Booyah!!! Been years! You'll be sad to hear most of my previous negative qualities have withered away with age.
  6. Anyone remember the significance of "25,065"??? It's in my Sig? Did someone die and that was their post count? That sounds familiar.
  7. "Posts: 1,866" Plastic is a n00b!!!
  8. "Join Date: Jun 2001" HOLY CRAP! I'm gettting OLD!
  9. Will the game run on a 2 year old Lenova Thinkpad? Enough RAM? Who want's to crush some allied scum with THE Trez!?!?!?!?!?! I yall lucky I'll get Hummel to join in.
  10. IM probably geting this laptop and im hoping that the 5,400 rpm hd doesnt hurt my performance too much: ATI RADEON 9700Pro 128MB SD/MMC/Memory Reader CPU AMD Athlon 64 MOBILE 3400+ AMA3400BEX5AR Memory 1GB DDR2-533 PC4200 200 pin SO-DIMM Hard Drives HITACHI 60GB 8MB 9.5MM 5400RPM Notebook Drive 08K0638 Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Anyone out there have experience runnin WWIIOL on a 5400 HD?