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  1. sirenacm.dll is a module associated with MSN Messenger Audio Codec from Microsoft Corp.. Non-system processes like sirenacm.dll originate from software you installed on your system.
  2. Try setting "visible player limit" to medium and see
  3. Malmö is more like center of europe.........
  4. Some people have a little harder time to adapt to it For me it was instant. If you get it and it feels strange, keep using it and you soon wonder how you managed without it
  5. SSD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive
  6. These performs like the old drivers. No difference Been on forums to check it. All reporting that they are as good as the last ones.
  7. Low vis and you have stutters in busy areas?! Damn! Check what settings you have with the GFX card. Maybe you have AA or something very high?
  8. Top computers struggles with busy AB's. Do as I said, vis player limit MEDIUM fixes that
  9. Turn down VIS PLAYER LIMIT to MEDIUM Check if that helps
  10. I bought mine so that the CPU wont be bothered with sound processing
  11. I use a creative X-fi gamer, not onboard I think many ppl uses soundcards
  12. Go ingame and drag the sound slider to 50% In TS, map keys to up/down volume
  13. Awesome I would like to have your video editing skills
  14. My CPU is from MAY 2007. That is ancient in the computer world. Its still rocking the newest aplications and do well in comparisons with newer CPU's. I have allways overclocked my CPU's. The first one was a P120 that I overclocked to 150 Overclocking saves money if you do it right My Q6600 is stock 2.4GHz and is now running at 3.8GHz silently aircooled. WWIIOL runs fine. If you can follow a guide then you too can try to overclock
  15. Sorry to break it to you You dreamt it