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  1. Ahem, also Polish armored trains in UK, which patrolled coastal railroads. Would be interesting to use them in continental Europe in Tier 2. Of course if Axis does not take Dunkirk before it.
  2. I will place my variant here too. In some points maybe more hardcore, in something more compromise variant. At first i guess, the Scout need to have at least sergeant rank. That's not unusual. What about different branches, then paratroopers will need also the scout subcategory. Also i think, that the Navy might need scouts too. In my vision his loadout (if he acts alone) might look so - a dagger (a little more lethal than a knife and maybe with possibility to kill AI too, though this need other AI). Pistol and its ammo. Some different grenades. Submachine gun and ammo. Yes, a submachine gun as their main weapon. They don't need to fight at long distances. Even more, they need to hide and try to avoid to be noticed. Also the rifle, as a more bulky weapon, will detain the scout, when he overcome obstacles and crawling. And as self-defence weapon in an emergency, SMG is superior. And this will be not against history too. But, if he is not alone, and there will be a group of scouts (even a mission with some target), then will be good to have possibility for different loadouts (maybe one carbine or a sniper rifle per 4-5 men, explosives, time bomb, a small inflatable boat, suitable for carrying by one person, a wire cutter, a mine detector, light vehicles etc etc.) Of course, then is needed also a lobby, to form such missions. About marking. I'am for features, which bring into game a hardcore and simulation. Although communication in the game is one of them thing, that are very hardly controllable and simulate so, what would be interesting to play for many. Therefore i will suggest some sort of compromise for marking feature (it may be temporal, until people will adapting. And maybe later to remake this). So. Many of us remember old times, when the marks was need approving by mission leader. If similar nightmare we don't want to repeat, then we need to avoid situation, when other soldiers can demand from the scout to mark something (what he actually don't see). How? Then we need to recall, that in WWII soldiers already used field cameras (to take photos and selfies etc.). And even some pre-war cameras had the rangefinders. Now, if we compile these facts, we can to make so, that to place an accurate mark on something, the scout need take a photo of this object from a certain distance. When he take a shoot, there might be atleast two options - to place a mark, or save the picture but not to place a mark (as a placeholder for advanced gameplay in the future). Now, who will see those placed marks? I suppose, they will be visible for all, who have same target or object to defend (there is needed one clarification, these targets might be in same area, not exactly same CP etc). But i suggest to make these marks visible for pilots in another form. One example. The map will consist a grid, every side of square will be 100 metres. If the scout place a mark, then sides of square, where is this mark placed, will be colored to red on the pilot map. Something so.. That means an approximate place. Someone will ask, but how to place then mark about moving objects, like soldier, truck, tank (making a photo will be annoying, object will move to far etc). Then i say so. Firstly, these objects isn't main business of the Scouts. But even then, they will also have option to make "approximate mark". And possibility to do same thing, will stay also with other infantry players. At least for some time. That mean just this "grid of 100x100m squares" conception, when an object is marked approximately. Depending by what exactly is marked, in this square will be seen an abbreviation, and when needed, more of them. But unlike from marking by Scouts, pure infantry's markings will not be visible by pilots, and will lasts shorter time. Of course, if the game does not want to go along the arcade path. IMHO.
  3. Theoretically these CPs can mean many other objects, such as telephone stations and radio stations, electric stations, water supply systems, dams, and of course many warehouses. Now, the Army isn't the partisans, it can't sit and sleep in own s....t. This is a matter of safety, health, security, provision, discipline, less contact with civilian personnel etc. etc. Therefore exists rotation of units, delivery by transport, patrolling and so on. What about PPO, look, these objects are already under defending. That's mean, there were already made some engineering work around them. Seems logical.
  4. IMHO, these FMS isn't meant to defend (even making an attack from FMS is a puzzle). This is a simple point to spawn, nothing more. Battle over such spawn isn't very good game mechanics. Now, if that FMS will be at least 30 metres long "trench" with needed embrasures, masking net, dugouts etc, then maybe. But then it will get lost its main purpose - attack the target. And yet something. As here already mentioned, this will work against fog of war (how much of this fog are yet in game?). If we want to deliver some information to enemy (to made fights more intensive etc), then we needs to implement into game the scouts soldiers class (Reconnaissance units). Several times suggested by many in earlier years. That will be logical way even by game mechanics, because you need to advertise so many features to newcomers that will show this game as unique from any others games. Also the game needs new players (and i suppose, many of them will prefer such risky job). Imagine, your side defend a city, around city and on fields running bloody battles and your small team must find, destroy or at least mark on map these eFMS. Of course, in current game is something such too, but why not strukturize it? Its own class, possibility to form a team, proper mission and target, maybe more advanced possibility to draw on map (with directions and time), also more quiet vehicles (thats why was suggested Citroen Traction Avant, motorcycles, even inflatable boats etc). Beside being more quiet, passengers will be capable to push them out of ditch and mud etc..
  5. I will write also slightly. I don't see here much "pure negativity". If you compare this forum with many others (i don't even touch forums about many games), this forum seems clean and sterile. Which don't mean to be good. Because, imho, for game is much worse if negative opinions about it are throbbing on other forums, where you can't even moderately control them and give needed answers. My humbling suggestion would be together with publishing of 1.36 also to declare an Amnesty, that all these banned children from WWIIOL will be allowed to return to their loved game and forum. I mean banned not because of malignant cheating in game. I guess, would be maximally 5-day ban, to calm down, enough. Of course, that don't mean of persons, who will make F2P accounts, only to troll and not to play. PS.What about new theatres, i already in earlier years suggested something, but seems that will be too big task. Therefore i will currently prefer these features - 1 : 1 map, new forests, underwood, vegetations, volumetric clouds, more realistic water etc.
  6. As far as i recall about my last fights around FMS, enemy's aircrafts was beating us into pre-stone age. I guess, now this isn't anymore a problem? Otherwise it would be not very good. That is why I suggested to discuss about anti-aircraft PPO for infantry.
  7. Based on what said @XOOM in this topic Question about the new buildings about new forms of gameplay, i hope that someday we will see also Citroen Traction Avant , which was used by both side, as a staff car (you need active and mobile HC?), also as a scout car (it seems more suitable for scouting than noisy armored cars, which are currently in the game). They might find to use also in rally, during some intermissions. Perhaps also the assault boats and inflatable boats, to enliven fights on the rivers.
  8. There were talks about various time schemes of spawn delay. Maybe this will get removed from the game or maybe it return back in another form. But so or so this is about staring at monitor. But this guy, who was just killed, needs to calm down (because he was killed). Beside all other game-technical purposes, why he must wait to enter. And for that would be best way - a little entertainment. I mean, on this time he will see at monitor short videoclips. Something like this ... but made by CRS. Or maybe players will offer from some self made video clips about funny moments in WWIOL to developers and their videos will became as part of immortal WWIIOL video picture library. Also there might be random WillyTee comics. Or something else.
  9. The running dogs do that, of course. But real life is off topic here.
  10. Fact is, that what for someone is "fun", might not to be "fun" for others. I recall old WWIIOL, where many missions were time consuming. Especially preparation for missions. And when you have almost approached the target, some sniper kills you.. Was those time wasted? Doub't it. It was adrenaline time. Currently i don't play due lack of proper PC and so on, but due last years i feeled, that something get lost from game. Many battles were "spawn here, run there, kill, die.. and repeat". Maybe, again, maybe, some sort of fear of death will bring at least part of old feelings into game. That's why i wrote about voluntary option for subscribers to have hard mode gameplay. Someone will say "hey, you can self quit from the game after death". And he will be right. But, you know about alcoholics to who needs to sewing the ampoule under the skin? That's it. Such option would be an "ampoule", which also will give portion of adrenaline. About F2P i am not sure, that why i suggested some kind of experiments or so. What bring them into this game? What holds them? Why their quantity decreases, despite fun?
  11. I think, in terms of stamina, the weakest link would be the dog's handler.
  12. To have at least something close to the fear, the game might need the regime "one life per day, or if on more precisely - one death per day". As a rough example, this regime might suit to F2P. Not many games will offer such adrenaline rush and fear for free-to-play players, WWIIOL will have chance to be even more unique. Though would be interesting to try this out in some events, intermissions etc. To subscribers such hard mode will be voluntary. Subscriber will have this option on login screen(or a little further) and if he choose it, then he became a hard mode player, with one possible death in this day. This choice remains in force until deleting a tick by the player. Also player will gain some mark next to his nickname, what mark a hard mode. Something like that lemkeh.HM But. Here is at least three obstacles, IMHO. One is current spawn camping feature, as almost only way to gain territory. Second is lack of scenarios to attack of the city etc. How much i remember, that was a run over fields, without almost any foliage around and crawling in bushes. That mean, suicidalic attack, without almost any tactics, imho. And third is small population in game itself. As i readed comments about 1 - 2 AOs, then some manoeuvres is needed. PS. Also might be needed to look at subcategory - Fear of to be MIA.
  13. Why waves? There will not be a point to spawn as the dog handler without any purpose. Even if there is a purpose, you should know, that such combat unit as a handler, is relatively weak, slightly armed, to have a little better stamina. You certainly need a support group of more armed soldiers. Also, this dog don't means to be as autonomous AI dog like from Arma2 or Arma3. Dog will be always tied to handler by leash, until the handler die. Take it as a "weapon", like a mortar, but which you can't "hide", as you currently can to "hide" the Mortar. Or better analogy, as a "tool", like the mine detector, though we haven't them in the game yet. Of course, when to game will come players, which main interest will be to play as a handler, then there might be growing demands to made "more advanced dogs", but that will be in very bright future.. As i described, this feature will be good to have in the game, IF developers think about additional gameplay like sabotage and activity behind enemy lines. To current gameplay it surely don't add almost nothing. You can't use it to attack city or to defend city (if devs don't implement something such to EWS system). That's why this is more in the category "what if".
  14. 1) I support this. 2) I'm against it. I prefer always fog-of-war. In my experience (though not related by this game, because i don't play it very often), human behavior is highly dependant by such info. And, imho, it is not good to any competive game. If I'm in numerical minority, then i prefer, that i don't know about it. And even more - that my enemy don't will know this. 3) and 4) In my opinion TZ3 is already like a whipping boy. They pay same bill as others, but gain much less entertainment for their money. And make their game even more difficult? IMO, if devs don't want of death of those timezone's gameplay, they need on the contrary offer to TZ3 players something. At first to define these countries. Then to cut down the prices for players from TZ3 in half. It could be at least for one year. Then examine after-effects. Maybe this will remedy those playerbase. And who knows, perhaps would be a cure also for other timezones.
  15. About killing the dog. I don't see reasons for that, of game related (in real war, of course, there can be a reason for everything). Firstly, the figure of the dog handler is bigger than at a dog. When you shoot a dog, your opportunity to miss the target is much more, than if you shoot the handler. Also, in the game we can't pick up friendlie's or enemy's weapons, that's mean, nobody can't pick up the dog too (in real life this could be even more problematic, at least it take much time to gain a Dog's trust). Therefore if you eliminate the handler, nobody can follow you by using this dog. Though if you have already shot, then you have attracted attention all enemies who are close. And now they might don't need a dog to find you. Secondly, as i said previosly, imho, we don't need an attacking dog. This isn't survival sim. Also this isn't a Police dog or even a Border Guard dog. Physical attacking an enemy isn't it's purpose. Finding, yes. (Of course, a dog in the real life is more unpredictable and can try anything after death of it's handler, but mimic of it behavior would be a task for the quantum computer). Even the handler itself isn't a killer machine. Relatively poorly armed, he heads group of searchers. The main fighters would be regular soldiers with submachine guns. Would be good if instead of simplificated missions, we will have oportunity to make also specialized missions. Relate to "dog handler" theme, this will allow to make specialized struktures for these missions. Such as a lead officer, who give orders, a dog handler (or two) to find trace of enemy, and in dependence by current environment (city or rural area) submachine gunners and machinegunner or sniper, maybe also an engineer. Or missions to find "documents" from enemy crashed bomber? etc. etc. And these missions might be not all about finding enemy. There might be also "find and rescue" missions about finding friendly pilot, who crashed on own territory, but now lie somewhere in coma (i mean, some player crashed, but stay alive, but hardly wounded and become "a server tracked body"). Thirdly, we have in the game a feature "friendly fire OFF". I'm not a fan of this, but this is a decision maked by devs. You can blindly spray from machinegun into a room, which are fullfilled by enemies and friendlies and who will stay alive?Then it wouldn't be very strange decision, if a dog stay invulnerable for shooting and so on from anyone. And yet something. If to make of dog's escape is too difficult, then might be also variant, when the dog sit or is lying down, next to the corpse of handler. Until they both disappear.