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  1. You know, I would have been all for this idea if they didn't penalize current monthly subscribers or discourage new players (absolutely stupid in their current situation). Right now I am on the fence whether I should resub or call it quits. $18 per month (probably will average $20CAD) is a lot for a single game especially one that has lost most of what made it so much fun... the number of players. Raising the price will only make things worse. This decision looks like it was made by a bank, and not someone who cares about the future of the game. Short term gains, long term failure. And it doesn't even make sense. WoW raising subs by $1/month X 1,000,000 players = $1,000,000 more income. For them it might make sense. WWIIOL raising subs by $3/month X 3000 players is $3000 more income. Probably 10% turned away so 300 X current $15/month = $4500. Net result is $1500 reduced income and 10% less players in-game. WWIIOL adding a $10/month inf account maybe 20% more subs = 600 players X $10 = $6000. Maybe 10% of current subs switch so 300 X $5 = $1500. So net result is $4500 in increased income, 20% high population in-game and happy customers. If the rats had any marketing sense they would use the following plans: - Free rifle accounts - $10/month infantry/ATG accounts - Regular all access accounts for the current $14.99/month - Pre pay plans $13.50, $12.50, $10.50 for 3, 6 and 12 months - Easy-pay plans $13.99, $12.99 and $11.99 for 3, 6 and 12 months - Advertise FFS!!! Hold a competition for the best 10 second clips of action offering a free month sub, put them together by someone with an ounce of editing skill and send them to gaming sites like gametrailers and IGN with the new prices advertised. Why? #1 Because this way, to anyone current there is no reason to feel cheated and some might decide to switch to the easy-pay to get a similar benefit as pre-paying without paying in advance. It would actually seem like a nice deal, instead of getting sold a $50 watch at $100 and saying "but for you, I make deal... $75 yes? It's steal!". #2 Because more important than the Airwar (RIP 2006), more important than new tanks, more important than Africa are players. The whole point of this game is that it is an MMO. M M freaking O! There is nothing massive about 50 players at an AO. Making free rifle accounts lets cheap people play and at least provide cannon fodder to everyone else. $10 inf accounts lets people experience the bulk of the game for a very affordable price, and adding more players to the part of the game that is most lacking in ratio to everything else. More players = more fun. That is provided that freedom returns to the game and people aren't funnelled to never ending stale battles with a choice of 2 AOs. Important advice, you don't sell more of something by jacking up the price. And anyone hear of Koodo mobile? You know why half the people I know are switching to them... NO CONTRACTS! People hate contracts. Sure offer them if you want, but don't pair it with a price hike. AND NEVER EVER EVER COMPARE FREE WWIIOL UPDATES TO PAYED EXPANSION TO WOW. For one, they are optional. Second of all they have about 100X the content any patch has here. WWIIOL updates are not free. I've payed $660USD for this game to date. The average cost of a AAA game on launch day is $70. /rant off Don't say I didn't warn you 3 years from now.
  2. My advice is take the 24 inch with 4870. It will be so so so so so so (you getting the idea?) worth it. $50 for much better performance. It's almost as good as the Mac Pro for gaming (better than the gt 120 MP). Do not under any circumstances get the 9400M. I'm am very supprized that you of all people are actually contemplating the integrated graphics. http://www.barefeats.com/imac09d.html http://www.barefeats.com/imac09.html 143 with 4850 vs 36 FPS with 9400M! 94 with 4850 vs 45 with GT120 vs 116 on a 2009 MP with 4870! (GT 120 is faster than the 9400M for sure) 1200 for a 20 inch 2.66 with crap graphics or 2000 for 24 inch with 2.93 and great graphics + more RAM + more HD space.
  3. I checked the latest version today but I can't tell if it is any better until I walk into some heavy fighting. Seems 50-50 to me. I still hear about 1 in 10 bullets hitting 100ft away as if they were right next to my ear. I would say it's better over all but I'm betting it will be a different story in the live game. For now I play on the PC version most of the time. The number 1 reason being the mouse bug, and the number 2 being the sun dropping FPS from 160 to 25 at 1920X1200, vs 140 to 100 on the PC version.
  4. SO basically you are saying 2D and 3D sounds don't mix well with openAL, so the best workaround is to make all sounds either 2D or all 3D? Well it seems to me like that shouldn't be too difficult since all the sounds the player makes should be centered on him anyway. Good luck.
  5. I think it stopped working about 2 years ago. Maybe right after 1.24.
  6. So I'm running the BETA with Windows 7 right now. Works just fine. I thought to set compatibility to vista SP3 before I launched it from what I saw in the bug reporting forum (otherwise mouse is stuck in center). The sun and grass FPS hits do happen on the windows client too... but much less severely. Looking at the sun where it would drop from 200 to 30 on the OSX client, it drop from 205 to 170 (much much less severe). For the tall grass it is also still there an similarly not as big a hit on the windows client, but still there. Where on the mac it might drop from 80 to 25, on windows it drops from 100 to 60. Otherwise... no sound bugs, no mouse stuttering. Feels the same besides that. EDIT: oh and radial clutter actually works... lol
  7. I don't believe so. The way the game is coded it completly hogs the GPU so I son't think any other applications (finder included) can use it at the same time. There is a problem with cmd-tabbing from the game to the desktop where the video doesn't refresh and you see a frozen image of the game, yet your mouse is actually moving on the desktop.
  8. Now that you know exactly what it is, did you think of asking apple? I mean before it would have been hard for them to help you not knowing what the real problem was, but they might know of a way to change the settings, work around it or send an instruction in code to say "don't do auto ramp-up".
  9. In the 1.30 beta, some things are better, some are worse. Bullet hits at a distance are a little worse in that they almost always sound right next to you... but this does vary. I need to check it out a little more. Flak explosions (at max range) have a loud crack and static, then fade to normal sound... but after a lot of shots it seems to sound normal. But then the next volley goes back to being real loud again. 1 thing that is positively fixed is the "slient MGs" bug. It used to be I could tap fire a couple times and sometimes no sound would play while it would be firing. It happened pretty much any time I made a short burst. Now I can click the mouse like it's going to explode and the MG never goes silent.
  10. Scratch my last post about never crashing... lol I was flying and heard someone with an ea on his 6 so I was mousing over names to see who it was and boom, insta game freeze, no sound, HD makes some noise and there's my desktop. Must have been the 10 character name bug. Why can't people be content with 8. Should have known too as he was a green tag. Sucks too because I just rearmed after getting 2 kills and was on my way back.
  11. Interestingly enough I have yet to have a crash on my new machine. I have only played a couple hours worth since I resubbed, but enough to know it wont happen often for me. I did get 70, 80 then 90% packetloss and then had to quit the game since I died (to what I don't know as everyone was floating) and the despawn timer didn't have a time and "ok" was grayed out. But I'm sure that is my ****ty ISP. Great speed, shoddy connection.
  12. lol, they have to release a patch to fix it. He means they might have found the solution to the problem. And the on/off of it is related to FPS. It is worse when you look in a direction that gives you low FPS.
  13. Cool! I just tested the mouse thing on my G5. It is really really bad and jittery on it. There is no way in heck it was like this before or I would have never ever ever dreamt of playing infantry. The last time I had played though was around christmas for the welcome back promotion and to try the new bug fixes (mainly the rudder fix). So whatever caused this happened between then and March 20th (around when I tried the game on the new system).
  14. I just booted up my G5 to test real quick. The sun bug happens but... lol I get about 5-10 MORE fps on the G5 than the monster machine when looking at the sun but it still drops. Though when I look away... well there is no comparison (67 vs 250).