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  1. Lol, found my old game manual from 2001 and get a Welcome Back Soldier on the same day. Had to check in and see what's new.
  2. lol. Hey I have no life.
  3. Host recycle on way - should be good soon
  4. Anyone else getting this? Since Thursday (7/14) I get consistent connection drops. Sometimes with the message [netcode2 connection failed,please check your firewall - reverting to standard network usage] And sometimes just drops with no message. I have no problems with network connection on my end. And just to be sure I have re-installed and switched ports but I am still getting consistent disconnect.
  5. I have been getting the same "Network Error: Check Firewall settings" message at launch as well. Started about a week ago although when I click 'OK' to the message the game goes ahead and launches. I haven't checked for any packet loss and have not noticed a difference so far. There have no configuration changes on my end and I thought maybe I got a recent Windows patch that is causing this.
  6. What O/S are you running? I had a huge fps drop after the patch with Vista but when I upgraded to XP I had better fps then ever before.