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  1. It still looks down for me. ^^
  2. Out of my sight as french leader and side-leader: At the beginning it was a bit confused witht the spawning but it was better then other events. hehe Later it was all ok and we rolled to the towns (only Ninove (french) and Aalst (brit). The first encounter was a turkey-shooting to a 232 vs 3 M4A3. Then we split our 6 tanks to the S, center (me) and N of town. We've lost our tanks very fast to close battles south and north of town. Our "reserve" named Dahlski got sapped far east of town. Only my tank in town was the last one and only french (no inf with us). But ive got some Panzers. Here a screenshot of 2 Panzers wich are destroyed by me. At the end our british friends came to town. But ive got sapped in town. Only had 8 AP left. S!