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  1. No offense, b2k, but you're an active squad leader. (One of very few) and a great one, mind you. But you are biased. You want people to join your squad, so a higher number required to form a new one is beneficial for you. If there is a problem with too many inactive squads, someone from CRS can go in and delete them. That sounds like a separate issue. To anyone currently motivated to try to form their own squad, good luck trying to find 5 unsquaded and willing players online at the same time to do it.
  2. We need to make forming squads easier. We should only need two people to form a squad. People want to play in a team and there are way too few active squads right now. Playing in a squad adds depth, adds comraderie, and makes people want to play. If people have the initiative and desire to form their own squad, they should have the ablilty to do so. This has been a frustration of mine for a long time, and with population levels lower now than ever, it's even more important that this gets implemented ASAP.
  3. I like to multi-crew a tank with a friend. Often we blow up and don't know why. We think maybe it's a sneaky EI, but when we look at the AAR, it says killed by "-". Why does it not give a name of who killed us? Is there a bug with multi-crewing where we blow up for no reason?