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  1. bro, don't put me on blast like that. Wellllllll Gn, whaddya say?
  2. I work in SF too! I remember you! You doing work for Zynga? I know that's not the only one.
  3. General Discussion or General Mills?
  4. Bring back false dawn and flying tanks.
  5. Look me up! Look me up! How many sorties have I had?? While you were busy playing the free game that came with the forums, we real players were manning the boards and keeping the community alive. Yore small part is appreciated though. S!
  6. so lame
  7. Circumstance
  8. Cockpit
  9. Booooooyyyyyaaahhhhhhhhhhh
  10. My Bacon55 quote brings back some fond memories watching that train wreck occur.
  11. This guy. I remember this guy!
  12. 12,000 sounds about right.