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  1. Given the problems this game had in the past I think the reviews are actually pretty good. Also surprised how well the servers are handling the numbers, last time I played that wouldn't have been possible. But yes, the tutorials are a bit of an issue. I don't think they were ever well received as people got stuck with some keymapper issues or didn't need them. Only way to fix this is to make the gameplay self-explanatory for newbies: optional HUD overlay with important buttons. Keymapper in the location you would expect (hit escape, go to options). Best option is probably to pay one of the more popular youtube guys to do a series of brief videos that show how to operate vehicles and some basic useage hints (see a lot of green tags taking their PzIIs and Vickies out against Shermans and Tigers).
  2. SSDs are great, but the 1.34 host has some weird delays, so you don't notice the faster loading times. Still one of the best investments you can make in my opinon due to the short boot times, program loading times and the noise reduction.
  3. Welcome back There is a lot of info in various forum threads, which you might not be able to see with the trial account. The training forum in particular should be helpful. Not sure about squads, but you can always ask on the help channel if you have questions. Then there is a wiki which might also help:
  4. WWII Online may not have the best graphics, but they have been improved over the years, so the game needs quite a bit of power. Your CPU is relatively modern but each of its 4 cores is rather slow. WWII Online can't use multi-core technology very well (from what I know), so 3 of the cores are probably idle most of the time. The integrated graphic cards that usually come with entry-level laptops are not very powerful either. What you can try to do is to further reduce settings in the options, if that is possible. Try not to test your FPS in big city battles, those are difficult to handle even with powerful rigs. Avoid anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering or any other improvements your graphics card driver may have enabled. If that doesn't work the alternative is probably a cheap desktop PC as laptops usually cannot be upgraded very well.
  5. Forum description says " Repository for ... live game bugs", so you can post it there. And you are more likely to have a rat take a look at it if you post it there. Alternatively I'd send an e-mail to one of the rats - if you can't play and if it affects others CRS will want to know about it.
  6. Same here. Maybe you should post this in the bug reporting forum?
  7. I downloaded the full (PC) installer last week. Worked fine and I don't think there have been any patches since then. Download speed was quite good too.
  8. They released two sets of drivers last week, the normal ones and a beta driver. I was referring to the beta version, but if the normal one works for you it might be better to leave it at that. I just installed the driver over the old one, which works most of the time. Sometimes it doesn't work though and then it can be difficult to get the driver to work properly. So I guess ideally you first uninstall the old driver (I think the install menu of the new driver lets you do that), then restart and install standard VGA driver, then restart and install the new driver. I figured that since this is a beta driver there is some chance that it won't work anyway, so I might as well use the quick and dirty solution
  9. If you have trouble with trees killing your FPS try this driver and make sure to set your anti aliasing mode to multi-sampling. I used to have lots of issues looking through binocs at tree clusters (for the past 2 years with various ATI cards), but this driver helped a lot. The new driver was intended to give a performance boost for Elderscrolls: Skyrim. I suspect that since Skyrim also relies on speedtrees we might have gotten lucky somehow.
  10. The last patch broke a lot of stuff, CRS is busy fixing the problems. Seems to me as if they are getting 1.34 under control, albeit slowly. I don't think the game is on its last legs just yet, but this patch seems to have hurt quite a bit.
  11. I understand where you are coming from, but I guess you will get a better result by sending an e-mail to motormouth or someone else at CRS. Or wait for the server-work which is due some time this week, maybe they'll finally manage to fix the crashing issues.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the person who wrote this post you quoted doesn't officially work for CRS. Why would you tell your credit card company about his reply?
  13. Account management -> subscription plan tab -> I would like to unsubscribe link Or you could buy a lifetime gold builder subscription and never have to worry about your credit card being charged again.
  14. 9.99 sounds like a good deal, especially now that the rats are getting 1.34 under control. Count me in.