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  1. Go under Subscription at the top, then scroll donw a little it should say WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? Under that Click I would like to modify my payment plan. That should do it.
  2. I would say Asus would be the best from what I have tried in the past. Has SLI alot of room for more ram, its awesome. But before you buy any motherboard make sure you have the tight socket that goes with your processor. After you find out and if it matches, its a perfect gaming motherboard. I know that for a fact. Check this one out, yah I know its 330$ but look at the motherboards below it, and if you buy asus motherboard, they are strong, fast, and are great to use. Make sure you find the right socket motherboard, if you dont you will have to buy a new processor. Also newer motherboards have new ram sockets as well. You have to have good ram basically. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131074
  3. S! the Iron Wolves.
  4. Only thing I can say is download the game again with internet explor. And make sure when you finished dowloading save it to your desktop and Make sure its saved as .exe Then it should run just fine.
  5. I think maybe one of your ram sticks is bad maybe... Ram can cause allot of trouble if you have 2 gigs and 1 is bad, it screw's up allot of things. Now is your PC outside the game runs ok does it freeze on any websites or is it slower is it acting up weird to do you is it just in game?
  6. Well I just got the 7600 GT KO the day the patch camed out. I have better preformence with my 6600 GT Cardd then my 7600 why is that.?
  7. Well, I dont now how to lower my Graphics, i have 7600 GT KO nvidia video card, 2 gigs of ram, and i am getting 20 FPS on it in combat in the Air, i think its BS, but anyways, it might be that my grapchics are up to high so please tell me how to lower them. It might Increase my FPS. I have 2 7600 GT KO waiting to be SLI'd but i cant do it becuase i have a 400 watt power supply i must have atlease 450:( sucks. Allso if you could find me a cheap 500 or 550 watt pawer supply some were that would be nice, cuase i am not having much luck looking for it myself.
  8. Well i dont now what is rong with wwiionline, i donwloaded the drives for it, from nvidia.com i have 2 gigs of ram and 5800 ulrea video card i am getting 5 to 10 FPS, but about 3 months a go my FPOS was 50 to 70 when i reformated my HDD got wwiionline agine got drives and update the graphics drives my FPS is now 10 to 15 or lower:( why??
  9. unistal and reinstall the game wont work, if tried it. but Disable the raid cluter didnt really help, still crashes. I do not have sound tho it ses multimidia sound drives are not found thats the only problem i have on the computer thats it.
  10. Well, I now its not the fire wall, i cheked, when i start the game it gous to the screen were it shows the Battleground Eroupe then it just crashes and it wont do anything, i try to start wwiionline agine, same thing. It also does same thing to offline pritice it wont load it at all same way..... Dont have a clue on how to fix this.
  11. yes i went to boot from CD PINER then i booted the cd i had to do that be cuase i had system 32 errer, it wont let me start the computer so when i got to pasr were it ses to install windows xp or ricover windows xp i the only open i had is to recover thats it so i did that. And it does same thing with practice ofline same crash.
  12. Well, i doenloaded somthing from limewire that had a virus, maccafe didnt stop it i guess, so on 1 mn later i got system32 errer, so i had to reinstall the windows, but it didnt let me reinstall the windiws il only let me recover them so i did that, when i was done when my desctop started i had somthing say that windows update is shut down for my computer sayfty and it askt me to close it so when i do it ses send errer report or dont i say dont, but that same masage pops up over and over agine. So now i go to wwiionline, it startd loading it, then when it goues to a screen were the red line is loading soon as it gets to it il shut down, i tryd to reinstall wwiionline same problem, I do have a fire wall, i used that checknet.exe and my ping was 5 to8 the highest out of all the numbers so it tested out ok, the fire wall is shout down all of the fire walls are, windows fire wall is down to, i am asoming that virus did all that damege but i dont rewaly now how to fix it, i got AVG and i put the firus in the virus vult, so it is safe for now. So anybody have any suggestions??? I dont uderstand why i am having all thous problem, i guess its for me to learn on how to fix them.
  13. Well i had windowsXP home edition for a long time and i always playd wwiionlike with this joystick but then i had a HDD problem so i got a new HDD. After i got it my joystick drives woudent update, it sad somthing about windows 95 errer but i always used windows XP and it worked always, what is rong? Please help Thanks and S! vonhorst
  14. well igot windows XP, it ses somthinga bout windows 95, i really dont now were to get drives for my joystick.;( The only explonation it ses that the joystick has somthing to do with windows 95 and it wont install the new drives for it be cuase of that, But i have always had windows XP and it workt just fine intell i instaled the HDD and reinstall evrything. Thants all i now:(
  15. well... I got the video card thing fixed but i have a problem with my joystick now:( It ses that it somthing with windows 95 and it gives me errer on the drivres when it installs them. The joystick i have is sidewinder presicion 2. So what is the deal now??? I dont wont to post a nother topick to help me so i just ask for help here then. Thank you All.