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  1. Hmm, might be fun. Sign me up for a vickers, I just wanna get the chance to shoot xoom xoom lol. Seeya in game bud.
  2. I'm US, Arizona timeline actually. Aka the state that says SCREW YOU to the Daylight Savings Time. We're just too damn good for it. But yeah, Windhund looks good, though, they need to stay away from 232's...I swear, I've seen Windhund guys flip those things more than keep them on their wheels. Always makes for a laugh when I'm running with an lmg.
  3. I've posted before, and after a month, I figured I'd do it again. Since I'm still here, and paying for the game. It hasn't changed a ton, there's still no motorcycles for creed, but, there isn't any games like it out there, so I can stand it. What I am looking for is a unit, active, mature (to a point) and intelligent. You don't need to have 200+ people, when most just come on for a second or two. I want a good unit where there is a lot of playing going on, multi-crewing, and just natural fun taking place. TS is no doubt the standard, but I would love a unit that used vent, it just sounds better. Ranks: Axis/Allied ARMY: Axis: 6 Allied: 5 Air: Axis/Allied: Both at 2 Sea: Both at 1. I'm a decent bomber, a good gunner, and a pretty kick butt LMG'er. Also do some nice driving with an opel, if I do say so myself. A good pilot, though I'm not like amazingly uber or anything, but I do try. Axis or don't matter. A good squad is a good squad, and I just need a good squad. I look good in grey, or brown, or *shudder* french brown. Anyway, hit me up, I'm 26, currently studying to be an EMT, which in the next 4 weeks I should be complete with, so, gonna be alot of work ahead of me, and real life comes first, so you gotta realize that. Anyway, look forward to hearing from you. S!
  4. Hey guys, I'm one of the few people who actually remember this game being just a chat room at one point while they were still building it. Where Fozzy never seemed to leave the room, and we debated endlessly about paratroopers and motorcycles. In any case, we still need those motorcycles, or Creed (if he still plays) will never be happy. But, this is about me. I am 26, from Arizona, USA, looking for a squad. An equal playing squad, as I have as much fun in the air as I do in a tank or on the ground. I have a bit of rank in the armies of every nation, though somewhere along the line I lost my rank in the german air force, and navy, and never got it back. Otherwise, I am a good player, and pretty active at the moment, as I'm just schooling it up for my EMT certs. As for Allies over Axis, honestly, it's not the weapons used, it's the people you play with that make the game fun. So, give me a yell either here, or on msn messenger:, and we'll see about having a bit of fun.