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  1. yea they putting a fix in now lol i may pop in for abit later tonight
  2. when its fixed its fixed i know u guys are working hard to fix it what else can i ask for.
  3. yea hopfully all will be fixed soon
  4. i just setup a FTP account just to see if it was paid account thing, apparently not both my paid and FTP accounts locked out boo hoo lol
  5. Anyone had any more new on this? mines still locked out
  6. my payment was put in on the 15th unless u mean about the support ticket part?
  7. Im having the same issue, will try again tomorrow
  8. Sorry that you have a problem with your X52, maybe this can help you as it helped me...I cannot tell you website where i found it for i only copied and pasted it in a txt file a very long time ago. "Your problem is your registry. I had this problem and it took some time to figure it wasn't anything I could have fixed easily. The following is an excerpt from a Saitek email. In some cases, the calibration for the controller may be off. This may be an issue with a corrupted initial calibration of the controller. The following instructions involve changes to the Windows Registry. The registry is a very sensitive part of Windows and removing or editing the wrong value can cause a multitude of problems. See about making a backup of the registry before proceeding. In case you screw up! Do the following at your own risk! But this worked for me and within ten minutes my x52 was working. click Start, and Run. Type in "regedit". - click on the plus sign next to " HKEY_LOCAL_machine" - click on the plus sign next to "System" - click on the plus sign next to "Current ControlSet" - click on the plus sign next to "Control" - click on the plus sign next to "MediaProperties" - click on the plus sign next to "Privateproperties" - click on the plus sign next to "DirectInput" - Look for keys starting with VID_06A3 and delete them. - Close the registry editor by clicking on Registry at the top then click exit. - Reboot your machine. -Recalibrate the controller by twisting the joystick, then rotate it around several times."
  9. signed up for DD Hull will send you an email in a few
  10. i will take DD hull if noone else got it
  11. Join now and you get a free lesson in Killing Axis FB's Offer Ends Monday
  12. Historically-- Artists Rifles were founded in 1860's London from a group of volunteer musicians, painters, actors and architects for fear of a French invasion. Through the years the Aritsts Rifles were the unit volunteers were drawn to and at the brink of The Great War (WW1) grew to 12 companies/ 3 battalions of light infantry. In 1915 the Officers in the Artists Rifles were transferred to run the Officers Training Corp which they ran through WW2. The Artists Rifles became attatched to the 21st Special Air Service (Who Dares Wins) and their roles were of reconnaissance and long range patrols. The Artists Rifles unit badge shows the heads of the two Roman gods, Mars(god of war) and Minerva(goddess of warriors,poetry,medicine,wisdom and inventor of music). WWIIOL:BE-- Artists Rifles Corps operates in Euro and US timezones. We pride ourselves in being useful in a variety of ways for the Allied War Machine. We have soldiers skilled with all units whether it be on land, at sea or in the air. We got a good veteran core with a mix of solid uber 1st or 2nd campaigners. Our goal as a squad is to maximize the fun one can have in a military-style game, through team work, oraganized operations, supporting one another and communicating through TeamSpeak. Emphasis on FUN and GAME, but we CARE and like to WIN. If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to sit in on some operations with us and listen on TS. Our tentative squad nights are currently Thursday and Saturday. you can also find us at Join ARC!! RockNRoll and Hand Grenades!!