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  1. Spent the wee hours hanging out in the S CP. A couple of times, mostly asleep. A final concerted took it from me. GJ all.
  2. No, but I pay to play-- not pay to wait.
  3. 30 second spawn delay is ridiculous; especially with cap timers being what they are.
  4. Great!
  5. Tier0 is basically what we are stuck in because both sides roll the map so fast.
  6. ^ This.
  7. On a holiday weekend is a terrible idea.
  8. The whole weekend? Geeze...
  9. Greatest comeback win since November two years ago. Why argue it? Allies have lost the will to fight. I now even question logging in the rest of this joke of a campaign because why fight against a horde of people who clearly have more automatics than you?
  10. Got a new computer today with an AMD Radeon HD 7770 video card - loaded in the game. Excellent FPS and all, but the trees and bushes are definitely a bit different: Bushes and trees are rendering with this whole box-ish look around them while the grass does the same, but pops up with the black you see in the picture. Anything on the other side of these blocks I cannot see. Catalyst Control Center and the website both says drivers are up to date for the video card, and I've fiddled with the in-game settings but haven't made any progress. Not sure of much else I can do.. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm running a Nvidia 460 card. Just put this machine together and it spanks WWIIOL like a red-headed step child. I was alt-tabbed one day and that's when the problem started to occur. Of course I didn't buy a new monitor... I'm using a VGA cable.
  12. I'm running a Windows 7 machine and whenever I load up WWIIOL the game is off-center of the screen. It's only about an 1/8th off, but it's still annoying. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  13. I seem to have a lot of problems these days, lol... First of all, I cannot hear TS over the game any more. Is there a way to turn up TS so that it's actually louder than the game? I have it all maxed in the sound mixer from Windows's Control Panel. I am running Windows Vista. Help on this matter is also appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I have a strange bug that occurs whenever I move from the Southern AO to the Northern AO for the Axis. Whenever I move towns (like from Arlon to Grobbendonk, for example), the game immediately crashes to desktop. Following that, I have to reload the game two times before I am able to rejoin the side I was playing. I do not have any of the old "fix" boxes checked or anything. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there something that I can do to solve the problem? Thanks!
  15. Brendo: Unfortunately not, although I am a rather... fanatical fan of USC in both the world of academics and college sports. Dietl and Misc: The document would be in the department of the Luftwaffe and after many countless hours scavenging across the internet, I have been unable to unearth it. The plan is outlined in a book that I purchased entitled "Target: America Hitler's Plan to Attack the United States." It is cited as being thirty-three page document that could possibly have the title "Tasks For Long-Range Aircraft" and is being sent to "The Reich Minister of Aviation and the Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe." The date and place of completion for said document is 27 April 1942 and was completed in Berlin. Inside of the document would be eight separate sections-- one of which would be showing reconaissance of targets in the Soviet Union, Middle and Northeast Africa, the West Atlantic coast and other points of interest in the United states; planned flight routes and their respective planes, etc. To be able to have this document to make my own historical interpretation on it would certainly be valuable to my thesis. I appreciate any attempts anyone makes to help me find it-- whether they be successful or not. Thanks, DP