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  1. You die a lot, I die a lot, everyone dies a lot. Don't feel like you are doing something wrong. The best infantry runs I have had involve being in the right place at the right time (being lucky). I might die 5 times in a row quickly, then kill 8 people. You have got to spawn and push forward. Avoid following your teammates directly, but I would stay in the general area. This creates a Zone of Control. Help your teammates and sometimes use your teammates as bait. Many times you will be able to catch/pick-off enemies chasing after your friends (this is also a reason not to chase after every ei you see). Attacking a well defended town is hard, that's why so many attacks rely on surprise and ninja cappers. There seem to be very few good old big battles any more. With our lower player population, it makes it hard to have a real battle. This is hard on new players I think, because many times there is no zone of control. New players are just dropped in the middle of a mess and expected to cap a town. I am 100% against an auto marking system. I love flying a stuka, calling out what I see and making marks. Its about the only thing a stuka is good for. That being said I think we should be careful about playing the "realism" card. We all know there are unrealistic things in this game. Being in a town with supply that amounts to 1000 infantry and then expecting those 1000 soldiers to have some sort of abstract target marking is not a crazy idea. Worse yet is when one or two ninja cappers cap an army base and kick 1000 units of supply. That is unrealistic.