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  1. I've had searched, for curiosity some time ago. I have the boxed version. I thought right away that there is a missing tag for keywords in steams code. Keywords should be for instance, WWIIOL, World War Two Online, War games, PVP, and Battleground Europe (old use of name) I may be wrong though as I don't know how Steam accounts are setup.
  2. June 2001 ~ 364th-CHawks
  3. I do not see errors in any photos. Seems fine to me on my end GJ
  4. To all the BGE Mothers here. Enjoy! This is your day! Happy Mothers Day!
  5. I'm glad you did what you did or I wouldn't be writing this
  6. Hey mogas. yes it has. I've been selling it all off. My right hand and wrist tens to shake.
  7. 61 now. I had a life of this hobby. Enjoy
  8. Happy Fathers Day!
  9. Sorry, it was my fault! - (JK Mem, is a great squad member.)
  10. "Welcome back Solder!" S!
  11. Ya got to love these type of messages. S! WB!
  12. Well, I was going to help BUT!! Just kidding If you ever try the Axis side. I would love to help and new guys. Just do a .who jetmo to see if I'm online. A few quick Tips. If you're Infantry: Audio plays a big part, Listen carefully. Learn what makes what sounds. Crawling you will be very quiet while running you will be loud and attract the enemy. If you see a FRIENDLY MSP (mobile spawn point) Try to avoid it unless you need ammo, rearm discreetly as not to give away the location. If you come across a Friendly ATG or Tank, try to provide security for them as they will draw all the attention you need for kills. If you're taking cover in a bush, by the time you can see well. you are already exposed (Head/Gun) Never just shoot to shoot, have a target or you will give your or a friendly's position away. That's nothing in Tip's you will learn. There are many, many more that a Squad can teach you if they take the time to help the Player base. Good luck and do not get frustrated. It's easier to laugh it off and take a .AFK break. Good luck S!
  13. S! Boudreau! Don't think OLD, it'll play with the mind. I still have WWII Vet's playing Golf at the Selfridge ANGB and they are well into their 80's. My Mother still plays too at 83. I also pray you and your family to be with good health. S!
  14. S! good to see you pop in!