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  1. you're missing a few me110G (all marks) HE177 (A3 iirc) Do217 probably a few more i'm forgetting.
  2. you're right, an audit does need to be done. pre schilling spit engines should completely stop/flood under negative G. the schilling equipped spits stay as we currently have, then later in the war we can get pressurized carbs.
  3. with these new amd cpus there is no wrong choice for CPU. intel is still best for gaming but these AMD cpus are more than capable of 2160p @144hz with g/freesync which ... at some point frames just stop mattering.
  4. if it helps, think of discord similarly to speedtree. the game went with speedtree because it was already built and could do almost everything the game wanted from a tree/brush/stuff standpoint. now CRS is faced with a desire to add much richer comms to their game and on the market the only thing already built that can be somewhat easily integrated to the game is discord. thankfully, it brings with it a lot of features the team can leverage down the road. so, why change? because we can get rich community features into the game much more quickly by using a middleware communication platform. p.s. oh and it is free.
  5. the Ju-88 is that plane. no version of the JU-87 is equivalent to any version of the A-20 airframe.
  6. this is only an issue to players who mistakenly think they lost because someone cheated. once you accept that the reason you lost has nothing to do with spying the sooner you'll be happier. further, as long as i've played this game (like since week 2) the playerbase has always been extremely paranoid placing an extreme amount of effort/thought onto secrecy. i've never understood it. there is no fun in rolling over your opponent with no real risk of losing. you want your opponent to fear you? you want them to respect you? tell them exactly where you're going to be and exactly when you're going to be there and push their [censored] in anyway.
  7. how about this player base grows up before we start making demands on the would be playerbase that we desperately need. how about this, how about we the players write out the no doubt lengthy list of demands we have for new players. that should be fun ...
  8. anything less than 144 fps is unplayable
  9. one simple tip that you won't master for a very long time ... not every EA you see is an EA you can or should kill. presuming of course you care about your virtual life.
  10. you shouldnt be able to in a spit
  11. so instantaneous Gs aren't the same as Sustained G's.
  12. couple things. you hit 14gs for a few moments. there isn't a fighter in game that shouldn't be able to take that. your body sustains 14gs if you plop down in a chair. that said, this lack of structural damage due to extreme maneuvering is lacking in many ways. i'm with hatch though, you really weren't going all that fast and your extreme high G maneuver was i'd guess on average in the high 6s for the duration. you didn't mention it in your video but standard practice for german 109 pilots was to trim nose high and hold the plane in the dive with stick. my point is, in your high speed testing where you were pulling full stick, this is where nose high trim or i guess better said as constant trim maintenance will get you more ability to turn at higher speeds. as a for instance had you set nose high trim prior to your high G pullout in your vid you could easily have sustained 12G or more and still held nose high through the blackout. oh and free loaders don't get biplanes. you'll have to settle for the mc.200.
  13. no real point ATM. We need actual heavy bombers to justify larger hard pack AFs. In reality many of the field air strips were less spectacular than what we already have in game.
  14. Agreed. ALl time best K:D. All time best for an entire campaign etc. All these high water marks provide goals for people to work towards.
  15. AHHH - ok. cool, yeah i mean i would understand the why if it were the 'global' approach. for the record i dont care on the how what i care about is the gameplay. without the ability to knock out AFs then a global list would really suck - IMO. Each AF being it's own flag IMO is fine as long as the numbers aren't crazy high. still wish we had vulnerable AFs though for two reasons. 1) interdiction combat air patrols used to create great gameplay - IMO. 2) FRUs being a enw target for bombers is a great thing for gameplay. More of these types of targets IMO can only be a positive. to me, AFs have always been a logical choice for these types of targets.