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  1. make FBs capturable via vehicles? that way vehicles fight over land and infantry fight over towns?
  2. you move that DLC/option up along with the tiers. So if you can spawn an H75, then in tier3 you can spawn ... no less than the h81 but preferably the h87. You're still 'out classed' but at least you have a chance.
  3. then i'll defer to your memory as apparently those cells in my head were impacted by various stimuli over the years ;-).
  4. Did it ever get retired? I don't remember that - not saying it wasn't just don't have a clear memory of it. I hope we can though.
  5. Would it be possible to do half tiers? Say tier0.1 = same as tier0, then we hit tier0.2 and we phase out numbers of X and increase numbers of Y and possibly even slot in things like let's say in tier0.2 we add 109E7/Ns along with Spit1bs and idk the h81. Might be nice to increase the granularity of the the tier progression. Just wondering but why can't we completely remove say the 38t tanks by tier2? In tier 3, why arent all T0 and T1 tanks and planes completely removed? It's one thing to ask greentags to compete using 'inferior' equipment within the same tier, its another to throw them to the wolves in 'inferior' equipment while also being significantly out tiered.
  6. why are we shaming the oldest profession on earth? years of womens lib and we can't even respect this time honored profession? ;-) proximity kills would be great.
  7. Uh oh
  8. why not? do not exceed limits are a real thing. for bombers you had do not exceed limits for both clean and laden configurations. you had do not exceed for G forces and angle too especially for bombers with internal bomb loads. putting a cap on the speed then prevents people from diving from say 5-6km, pulling out at 1-2km, and dropping at high speed from an otherwise level attitude.
  9. no a max speed or bombs can't be dropped. meaning, you can't have just pulled out of a dive doing X MPH where X is significantly higher than your max level speed.
  10. hmm - isn't there a maxium speed already applied to the special torpedo bombers? if there is, can whatever defines that be applied to other bombers?
  11. doesn't really matter though since there is no stress model its trivial to correct angle at extreme Gs just prior to drop.
  12. no, the answer is not bunker duty. the answer is properly limited planes, better visibility in the air, better A/EWS for bombers specifically and more specifically the nearer they are to factories - preferably with that spotting ability tied to an on map 'radar' resource that itself is destroyable. the answer is groups of players in both bombers and escorts being a requirement to success. right now its more of an impediment when you can just all take fast bombers and split up forcing extreme numbers to counter you and even then ... likely can only prevent RTB. wind forces on the bombs and planes wouldn't suck either but that's likely further off.
  13. doesn't matter if they can without stress model. you can dive from 6KM, pullout, and be 'level' in time to drop bombs. its the massive forces your wings survive in the process that is the problem.
  14. If by 'they' you mean physics then yes 'they' limited things greatly. Meaning, you can't pull off a dive and 6+G pullout and expect your bombs to remain safely shackled. Nor can you expect your wings to remain either attached to the plane and or attached and not bent to [censored]. Even the Ju88 which was a in fact designed to be a dive bomber had limits on the dive angle that were significant in relation to say the Ju87 which could in fact go vertical. Ju88 iirc was limited to ... 60 degree dive angle and 750kmh speed in the dive with a 12G pullout before wing stress would occur. the A-20, while a very capable platform, did not have these stresses designed into it. It could not dive at 60 degrees and execute a 12G pullout without expecting significant stress on the airframe nor were (i'm guessing) it's bomb shackles designed for this level of extreme stress. fwiw, neither could the HE-111 yet in game it can in fact do the same extreme dive and pullout that the A20 bombers we have can also do. just isn't realistic for these planes.
  15. 1) just stop with that whole realism argument. we can't see further than a few KM. distances that IRL barely qualify for safe flying. so just stop with the 'realism' argument. our ability to ID anything is significantly worse than real life. have you ever flown in a plane? you can see a long damn ways. 2) IFF - these weren't perfect but did exist and got significantly better as the war went on. it may not have been a HUD but IFF was a thing and did work. 3) visual ID by militray/civilians from the ground using eyeballs along with acoustic listening posts were all over in the 40s and as the war dragged on, the ability of these acoustic stations to pin point the number, altitude, and heading rivaled radar. its WAAAYY to easy to infiltrate deep behind enemy lines without being seen by anything other than the yellow squares.