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  1. oddly enough though, of the bombers in game, the HE-111 is the only one with an analog computer that had the ability to drop all at once, only some, stagger the drop time of all, some. etc etc.
  2. the delta between what the game is today and what the average player's PC is capable of is measured in light years, not miles. look at those 2.0 pictures ... take guess at what the frame rate was? wanna bet the rate was higher in the 2.0 pics?
  3. defense has always been favored over offense. not saying this is necessarily by choice but it seems every mechanic added to prioritize attacking has had some death star esque achilles' heal. The very first MSPs died to a fart in their general direction. Blunting an attack should be more difficult than it is. significantly more.
  4. it's funny that you think this. the game needs significantly more trees, brush, under brush, etc to look like france, let alone the jungles of vietnam. I have to ask ... have you ever been outside? Some of the areas in which we're fighting share commonality with Areas like Upstate New York, The Pacific Northwest, etc. Others lack things like the dense hedgerows Here is a nice shot of belgium You're telling me the game has more trees, brush, grass, and foliage than those pictures? According to you the game resembles the jungles of Vietnam and Laos right? We need a LOT more of this stuff to have a realistic theater of war, anywhere ww2 was actually fought. We have so little of it now as is. Further, we really need undulations more than trees. Undulations break line of sight in a very hard manner affording zero space to maneuver in and surprise your opponent. opens up lots of shoot and scoot options and generally increases infantry survivability a great deal. I'd actually be curious as I'm guessing scotsman either knows or has an idea ... how much more survivable are HE blasts when terrain undulations come into play? If CRS did nothing to the rendering capability, meaning 'prettier' graphics, and only figured out how to deliver higher resolution terrain this game would RADICALLY change. I'd wager more so than almost any other feature.
  5. Employed as Air to Ground extensively by 110s and 190s, not effective against armor but guns, fighting positions, non armored mechanized as well as infrastructure it had good effect. Br21s were pretty much only fit to Me262s and 190Fs. 190Fs were a JABO subtype.
  6. Rocket use wasn't high until D-Day really. The RP3 saw limited use in Africa with relatively poor results. Lastly the plane that made best use of these, well, the two planes rather aren't modelled. Those being the Typhoon and Mosquito. On the American side, only the P38 is in game as a candidate. P47 and P51s both made extensive use of the HVARs but we don't have them. really its a tier 4 thing and requires planes we don't have. p.s. the germans had air to ground rockets too, used by the FW190 to attack ground targets.
  7. 200, 202, 205, 206 (using 605AM instead of 603) G55.I and II, G56 Re.2000, 2001, 2005, 2006 (using 605AC engine instead of 603) Is what I'd do if i had endless resources. A more reasonable route if/when the italians get planes would be to use the Macchi line where it fits and plug holes with 109 variants. Italians flew 109Gs, Ju88s, Ju87s (R2s) ... Do217s, and a tiny amount of 110s. Without variants Italy could field an entirely Italian fighter force up to tier4. G56 ... would be out classed by itself in tier5 but it'd get the job done. Add a balanced Re.2006 and Mc.206 and Italy would be fine throughout the tiers with domestic fighter designs. They have significant gaps in their JABO fleet starting late tier3 when the Re.2002 just isn't fast enough anymore, in theory they have decent medium bombers, a decent heavy bomber design, and absolutely atrocious twin engined heavy fighters ... but their fighters are sweet! lol
  8. Good to see the same folks still holding firmly onto their bias' ... All in all great news Xoom. I do have some small concerns. Let me start by saying there is literally nothing CRS could model for this game that I want more than a fully rated 109-G2. That said, don't add it to this game right now. All jabs at allied pilots aside, this plane in it's fully rate form trounces anything and everything the allies currently have modelled and anything you've mentioned is planned to be modelled. Even with an ETC-500 rack this plane will absolutely destroy the Spit9 we have in the game. The F4 already handles the spit9 in the right hands, add another 125 HP and more thrust from an improved prop and youve got a plane that out easily climb, out turns, and out speeds the spit9 we have currently. Now, because it is such an obvious choice for a variant based off the F4 ... how can we still add this plane but avoid balance issues. IMO, only one way to do that ... ... Add it as the the 109-G2/R6 aka the 2 x mg151 underwing gondolas. This configuration drops the top speed by 12KPH brining it just below the spit9s top speed at most of the altitudes important to the game. Above ... 6.2km if memory serves the 109 will start to catch our spit9. However, now we don't have a new JABO for the Germans. Well, the roadmap also includes a 190A3. Again, simple variant. this one in fact needs no changes AT ALL to the model, all the changes between the A3 and 4 were minor cosmetic stuff. Engine and armament were unchanged, hence, performance in game will be identical. So I have to ask ... why? Just increase the number of A4s and you'd have literally the same effect. We need a JABO though to replace the G2. Turns out, the A3 was in fact the very first production 190 to have bombs slung under it. Further still, this configuration removed the outer 2 wing cannons. This variant then is actually different, giving the germans a lot more flavor I guess. They'd get a 109 with a different firepower configuration than anything else they have while not disrupting the 109/190 v spit9/p38 balance in T3 too much. They'd also get a new and uniquely different 190 platform. The real incentive to choose the 190 here though is the future of German single engine JABO is 100% 190 F or G. That is historically accurate. Yes, the 109 could drop a bomb but the 190 was as much a JABO work horse as the P47 and the Typhoon/Tempest were for the allies. IMO that is a better route to take. Also, I'd personally like to see the P-38 slowed down and moved into tier2 as the E variant. base it off real world numbers for the period this time. Then, add a G or H back into tier3. again with performance numbers reflective of earth's atmospheric conditions. p.s. Allied tankers ... the panther can be pierced frontally by the m10 out to about 900m. With HVAP well past 1km. Panther has a great gun on a hastily thrown together chassis. Paper thin sides and no mantlet .. its not as BA as most claim it to be. p.p.s Xoom ... weth my Macchi?
  9. 1) the churchill isn't 'kind of' a heavy tank, it IS a heavy tank 2) the pershing means the germans have or could have both the tiger2 and the panther - or were you suggesting crs introduce a late 1945 tank to go up against a mid 42 tank? As for steam launch in general - look good or bad things could happen and some thought should be had trying to envision issues and have plans in case they happen - however - some context is needed. if this steam launch is NOT done then the future of this game is much more clear than the what if scenario of a steam launch. meaning, if more eyes don't see this game or have an avenue to even be informed that this game exists, it will continue to slowly wither. can't let possible doom n gloom scenarios prevent us from getting our name out there. Those historical numbers include the clipped HE bug as well as the pre 109 nerf numbers. A better number would be the post 109 nerf numbers till now. also don't forget german greentags for the longest time had to fly 110 vs hurri/h75 and those numbers were laughably one sided.
  10. sure, but DSL is the antithesis of fiber. like quite lieterally DSL was invented to run on different frequencies riding on top of phone signals over POTs networks. granted these days it's more typical to run DSL signaling over fiber, but, there is a lot of copper/POTs DSL still out there.
  11. fiber to the end user isnt all that common anywhere in the world. to the neighborhood sure and in some locations even all the way to the curb but that isn't the common defacto standard outside of maybe Seoul Korea.
  12. If you guys had another option to 'pay without paying' would you use it? Before I expand on that i'll tell you why I still pay for this game despite rarely playing it. One reason and one reason only. This team is the only team on planet earth dumb enough to continue trying to catch this combined arms mmo lightning in a bottle (and i say this with absolute respect). Nobody else on the planet will attempt this. The closest things I'm aware of are significantly smaller in scope - which is fine - this isn't meant to be any 'hate' towards anything else on the market. on the contrary, this is merely my opinion and observation that this game, this team, and this community is the only thing like it in existence ... ... and i think the 'ultimate ww2ol' is do-able and could be amazing. That's why i pay. If the above isn't moving for you, fine, wasn't intended to be - but maybe read what i wrote a few times and tell me if you agree. if you do, maybe $10 a month is critical for you in which case i wouldn't recommend you spending that on this game. however, $10 a month for me is nothing and it's the least I can do to support the only team on earth attempting to do something really difficult that could be absolute magic. That said, if you guys had an amazon link that you could use to do all your normal shopping with would you use that link in exchange for a $5 account? What about a $10 unlimited account? You're all already buying stuff on amazon anyway. Just curious. I'll use me as an example, calendar year to date i've spent ... way too much on amazon lol. If CRS participated in 10% of the sales for just my amazon purchases - they'd have made over $400 from me ... and there are 7 ... well 6.5 months left. No game that i'm aware of has attempted something like what i'm suggesting, but, idk it seems like an interesting option for folks to 'play for "free"' and the important part, crs gets more money to do more interesting stuff. thoughts?
  13. agreed, infantry have been pampered far too long. model weapons as they were, chips fall, tweak if required - else let chips continue to fall
  14. that is a loaded question as you aren't defining 'worth' answer is it depends. me personally, if i drop below 144fps i'm unhappy. about 6 months ago i bought a 27" 1080p 144hz screen. most people called me stupid for buying a 1080p 27" instead of a 2K or 4K. then they argued i should just buy one of those with gsync. Now we're into the $600 range for the screen. Oh, and if i want to play at => 144fps i need no less than 1 x 1080gtx preferably 2. Now we're into the $2000 range. No, 4K isn't worth it - to me. fast forward 2 years and 1.5 GPU generations from now ... maybe playable 4K is more affordable but i still think it will be in the $1000 range for acceptable performance. now, your definition of acceptable performance doesnt have to match mine. if you're ok at 30fps then 4K is in the range of affordable now depending on what 'affordable' means to you.
  15. which allied gun is operating so poorly compared to what it ought to be that the german equivalent outperforms it by 3x?