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  1. got any links supporting this? it wouldn't make sense given the litany of issues rolling out metro WiFi brings with it.
  2. fwiw - what xanthus describes and what you're quoting is the same thing our engine does, the same thing id Tech does, voxel farm, unity, etc etc etc etc. ALL 3d engines switch LoD models with range. ALL OF THEM So if PostScriptum players are complaining about this - it's a lack of understanding on the part of the playerbase and not a lack of ability with the UE4 engine.
  3. so 60 seconds == one life per day? those are the same thing? losing a round of fortnite means you can't play anymore - the rest of the day? irrationally conflate much?
  4. because most games want to be fun to play. most games dont literally design something that prevents players from playing . horrible idea.
  5. the more over the horizon firepower you add the worse the player experience will get.
  6. its less the engine and a lot more the networking. not much work has been done here as most games don't require it. meaning, your game is designed to be X not X * Y + Z. So a game designed for 16v16 doesn't need to scale up an accommodate 128v128. WoW is a decent example. Instead of solving scaling limitations, they instead solved their scaling issues by instancing everything down to smaller more manageable numbers. They then expanded on this tech and now every server is essentially connected and you can cross server everything almost. ww2ol on the other hand, in theory, has had this scaling ability since 2000. The cell hosts can scale up in number and pass messages between them so all the cell hosts feel like a single 'server'. Let's say I'm on Cell-A and Kilemall is on Cell-B and we're in the same area/AO. We can still kill each other, despite being on different cell hosts, because of the messaging the cell's do between each other. Now, even if this was 100% flawless you still get issues with latency when you've got guys in europe playing with guys in the states. if you had cell hosts in europe, and the states, you'd still have issues as the latency between cell hosts is high. what you'd really need to do is funnel players into cells based on their latency - grouping them in the nearest cell to them. with enough population then, AOs could be essentially locked to certain cell hosts. this way all the infantry players in europe are going to feel like any other FPS game on the market with very good response times between pulling the trigger and the guy dying. unreal, iDtech, unity, voxelfarm ... doesn't really matter what is drawing the pretty pictures if you've not done anything about the network scaling limiters.
  7. realism > action bro
  8. Boring as [censored]! IRL when a target was happened upon that was just to gnarly to attack guess what happened. one of two things. 1) get on the radio - call in some firepower be it arty, air dropped, or ship borne call in firepower to knock this target out. 2) retreat and encircle Those are your options. now, if nobody in game 'stuck their head out' to rush and everyone was trying to stay alive all you'd have is people sitting around waiting for fire support. BORING!
  9. attempting to simulate reality completely always fails miserably.
  10. for those insisting that wireless is good enough to play games with try the following test, if you can. download an app called synergy, setup two computers to share the mouse/keyboard over the network. on the client computer (the one without the directly connected key/mouse) start using the computer. move the mouse around, click stuff, type, etc. Do this for 5-10m to get a feel for it. Now, use a physical cable for the client instead of wireless. you'll notice a significant difference in the feel of the mouse cursor's movement especially. If you play action oriented games over wifi the above test highlights the additional latency you're choosing to play with. run cables or use one of the many really great wifi combos out there that allow wired back haul between the base stations. these will help keep the cable runs short. friends dont let friends game on wireless
  11. Italian forces had a not too dissimilar weapon to this churchill gun carrier. They fit a 65mm naval gun to ... essentially anything that could hold it ... mostly to FIAT trucks. They used these early on to deal with the Matilda. From what I recall this was 100% a field modification meant as a stop gap weapon until the Solothurn 90/53 was ready. I don't recall even seeing pictures of these things just recall reading about them. w/e is required to arrive at balance that has historical justification should be considered.
  12. you're suggesting breaking the game to avoid monotony while also suggesting there is no other way to do this. the thing you're not saying is that your butt hurt you can't have wild west attacks anymore so the only thing left, in your tiny little mind, is to allow gross imbalances to avoid what you suggest is an otherwise stale game. again, because you cant have your wild west everything else is stale. thats what you really mean right?
  13. elements of the game may have been subjectively more fun, others weren't. its also obvious many disagree with your recollection. therefore, tossing out a blanket statement for solving the worlds problems that makes no sense and suffers from terrible logical coherency breaking many fallacies along the way isn't something anyone should do anything with. by your logic, they should put back in HE that clips so 109s can lay waste to a line of tanks again. that was fun to do for the 109. i don't expect you to see the problem.
  14. The logic here is so flawed I'm struggling to figure out which logical fallacy this adheres to most closely. I'll get back to you.
  15. you are aware that the game at launch was not the vision right? the game you claim to have loved, the 'wild wild .... european west' was never intended to be the way it was. just saying.