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  1. 4K works fine here too, just make sure the dpi is also set at the recommended level, or else the game will launch in a tiny window. (atleast it did for me)
  2. Hiyo Lithnoob
  3. Also, did it work one day and just stopped? Is this after a fresh game install?
  4. I don't recall the name but it is a setting on the same page you toggle all the HUD features. ...Readout I believe it's called.
  5. Disable audio in game and see if it will go without crashing.
  6. Take a look here.
  7. Well you did ask for help and that's what he was trying to do. Please know that we are regular players just like yourself. Are all of your drivers up to date? Can you post your dxdiag?.
  8. Try both and see which one runs better?
  9. Do you read your old threads?
  10. Your Graphic Processor doesn't look to be supported by the game.
  11. Interesting. I see at on the end of my card there are 3 threaded screw wholes, could those be of use when mounting the fan? and on top of my card (circuit side) there is a "U" shaped slit, that's an exhaust port I'm betting? As for your first suggestion with the PCI fan, how much space do I really need? I have about a 4 inch clearance. I was thinking about manually setting the fan but I didn't try it when I had the other card installed because I remember how loud it was when I did do it awhile ago. But meh I'll do it if it means I can keep both cards. Thanks.
  12. Yes there is, I'll have to look into that. Edit: I have it taken out for now, but the bottom GPU was fine on the temp, the top one was the card reading 82c while the bottom was 10c cooler. Isn't there such a thing as a fan with the adjustable goose neck so I could point it at the intake?
  13. Well it looks like they are too close, just playing BE the temp goes up to 82c and sits there. Then eventually the whole OS locks up and doesn't let me back in until it cools down (sits at "Welcome Screen" on reboot) and I actually have 2 x16 and 2 x8 slots. What I was going to try to do was drop the other card down to the last x8 slot but my PSU is too bulky to let it in. Man I should have thought this one through lol.