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  1.; they do allow anonymous uploads too. so long Slpr
  2. OOBOt or so I've heard, something like Old Original Battleground Offtopic. But sincerely, that might have been before my times and also the merger of axis and allied forums, I didn't witness either. The only thing one can be certain of is entropy AKA change. so long Slpr
  3. The King is dead, long live the King! so long Slpr
  4. so long Slpr
  5. Please enter coin. so long Slpr
  6. Unfortunately this game doesn't scale with the number of cores at all, still the best unit is the one from the latest Intel Core2Duo, over-clocking at its best. That Am2 you're running isn't far off either, coming to answer your question, if you want to invest, increasing memory bandwidth will get you the most bang for the buck, replace your old GPU every now and then. But the increase in performance is rather lousy, considering the change of CPU including main-board will boost transfer rates by quite a margin. When it comes to this game you won't need an expensive rig, safe that money for your subscription. so long Slpr
  7. Guess so, at least for as long you don't restart the game. Their numbers might be limited though. Just test it, will take only a minute. so long Slpr
  8. When spawned in offline mode, simply press the space bar and your unit will leave an identical copy at the exact position. At least that's I've figured they must've done it. so long Slpr
  9. No, unfortunately I can't, but to convince you, I don't have an statue of my own either, despite them bucks paid, simply doesn't matter, any more questions?so long Slpr
  10. so long Slpr
  11. White & Gold. so long Slpr
  12. Ugh, what a snatch, guess you fell through the roster. Should give Bloo an heads up so he can fix your account. so long Slpr
  13. Some things are just not what they appear to be ... 0_qIagV8Ucc so long Slpr
  14. This is going to end in tears. so long Slpr
  15. You could also try the link from the account pages, but it appears that this method is not working for every user. so long Slpr