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  1. Pre-ordered the game in 2001 with a friend from playing Microsoft Flight Sim. Always have been Allied. Joined up with VFA-25 pretty quick and played a lot until about 2005. VFA-25 was a total riot - had a lot of fun with those guys (sw25th, cirrus, Apache, kc, bitechu, enfuego, Carson, waverip, ogrenutz, guitar, etc.). I can't remember the name of my second squad, but I remember d0c7 and Itza were in that squad. We had some bad ass ground pounding days, with armor columns of over 50 Soumas. The past couple months I've played more than I ever have in the past 10 years. The game is pretty friggen good right now. OT was always a good time, and the crap that spawned out of it was so funny. I remember getting everyone together playing The Sims Online when it was beta. Hilarious. Playing Red Faction, and Aces High. My ONE question, though, is WHERE IS BILTON?
  2. Dinant and Anhee. OMG the memories of that mess. I remember when enemies could hop in your truck. A buddy of mine would meet my Opel somewhere as a French soldier and we'd go cap as many towns until we couldn't keep our eyes open. All coordinated through AIM alt-tabbing out. hahaha Driving for an hour waaaaaaay behind the line just to cap Bertrix. Don't know why, but Bertrix was always an obsession. Which reminds me of spending way too much time on that airfield trying to get on the wing of a Hawk 75 to do some jerry-rigged paradropping before that was a real thing. I think the wing-riding was a myth, though. I never got it to work. I don't know if anyone is still around that got into the Sims Online when that went beta. But a bunch of us from the OT crew played a LOT of Sims Online in beta. That was hilarious.
  3. I've got so much respect for this group. I still remember preordering this game and the first time launching in Dinant in one of the (3?) world servers we had. What a disaster this game was, but could not have more more fun to play. Thank you CRS, for all you do and continuing to make this game available, let alone improve upon it.
  4. Nice work. This is working for me. As you said, no one in the server right now so I will have to check back when I know there's people in there.
  5. huh. I do not have that launcher in my Applications folder or on the dmg.
  6. Same error. Just downloaded and installed this morning.