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  1. It is faster to download a full install. At least for me. It's not terrible
  2. I actually thought it was C+
  3. Can you teach me COBOL or whatever sanskrit language the game is coded in?
  4. Bah! STOs for 18 years!
  5. I'd like to contribute via paypal Alas, it dont see that option
  6. Asked only 1 month ago and it is already fixed? I'll stop right here
  7. Maybe I should rage. I mean, thats how the allies get what they want. Amiright?
  8. That button also spawns an ei right next to my 88. True story
  9. Oh so the cru kills from 500m but the 88 isnt right now? I call bias!!!$#D@#!!!
  10. I need to spawn into allied and get a Matty. 100 kills here I come!
  11. Superior communication and tactics
  12. Bunch of kooks
  13. Fix bombs why youre at it
  14. Some folks also dont tune to side chat and miss all the comments about the bug. They only tune Ops for some reason or hide the chat and are lone willing across the map