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  1. The chat was great. That day, someone kept typing the lyrics to bullet with butterfly wings in chat. Despite all my rage I'm just a rat in a cage. The chat was the best, need to bring it back
  2. Sounds like the entitlement generation
  3. Bratislava!
  4. Not the driver
  5. And trees. Bring back climbing trees
  6. And you are completely wrong about less humans. Camping is going to happen regardless of AI. And if your side can't defend a town, it should be taken. Goes both ways. More fights over a town is what I see. One hour it's axis, then alloed, and so on. Kind of.like, oh I dunno, WW2?
  7. Following what I posted: RIF
  8. I'd rather fight humans than a computer. That's why most of us play this game. AI is a crutch as well
  9. You can nade them...
  10. It shoots through trees and around corners. And not everyone knows where they are..it's too lazor to the head and is not needed with the way the cap system works
  11. Pretty much. I'd be willing to bet most players don't want mg pits and towers. Maybe even atg, but those are no issue as most tanks don't rush a town. Aaa AI is needed around airfields and factories, but once a.town is under attack, they should go away. The player base should have to spawn Aaa to deal with it. Aaa AI is just too lazor to the head. Facts /thread /can't argue my comments
  12. And the ju88. That's on your soon list too.
  13. AI : Agreed and ive been here since day 1. Ground AI needs to be removed. It's ignorant that it's in game still. Its.quite mind boggling to be honest.
  14. Indeed. If we can get the old rats to sub, that would be epic. Hatch, corn, ramp, killer etc. Maybe they already do...
  15. Sure sure, comandt
  16. Maybe one day when you make a contribution to OT, you can make a run for the title. Until then, go back to the wheat fields, peasant
  17. Ok, I lied. I read it. Spot on
  18. Tl;dr
  19. N00b, that is WWIIOL history right there. It's immortal
  20. Agreed. N00bs these days I'm deucing as I type this