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  1. You can start getting with the times by not using tripod.
  2. Why the G41!?!?!?!?!??!?! God damn finklestein **** kid!
  3. Some of the best times were in year one flying a dozen stukas from Germany to England and telling the allied squads date and time. The 109 escorts had their hands full but we still made it through, with video using fraps.
  4. Blimey! I thought I smelled cabbage.
  5. About as great a ****** on Jenner- doesn't exist
  6. I'm sure this has been answered but I don't give a ****: Why the G41?
  7. F2p gets my trigger fix in when I'm not.playing verdun
  8. Doc doesn't tell false facts about ww2
  9. You remember where you posted this link?
  10. I just like saying Peniscola
  11. I'm thinking of moving to Peniscola, does that make me hispano?
  12. Was pre order a thing back then? I remember a poster who worked at EB games or something posted pics the night before launch of the box his store received. And then having to drive to 3 different stores the day of launch to find a copy. Pre.order would have been a good.option for me, if it existed
  13. Doc said they weren't invented until after ww2. Doc is the primo source for ww2 history, so he can't be argued against.
  14. If there's an alpha and a beta, Lithu is omega. With a lower cased o
  15. Hi

    Scandinavians are as bad as Caribbeans
  16. Hi

    This is correct
  17. Hi

    I don't see why we don't just migrate everyone in OT here permanently. It's free and just as OT
  18. Hi

    Let's see your green card, ese
  19. We just need a hatch and a corn and we'll be rad