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  1. I plan to crash the forum for this slight
  2. As your king I demand access to OT! God damned finklestein **** kid!
  3. Gray balls never get the chance to even get to the blue state. Loafers and geritol are more important. Worst. OT. Ever.
  4. Canato Manoto consoto
  5. Lot is a pile of dog ****. Go there if you're balls are gray
  6. My cat wants to post. He's quite long winded
  7. How cute they are when they're young
  8. Come with uncle and hear all proper ! Angel trumpets and devil trombones! You are invited!
  9. I set up a fru sexy close
  10. Ohm is a dingle berry
  11. No they think we're kittens
  12. We came for OT you sob!
  13. Indeed
  14. How cute. You're new here
  15. Let us in ot. Stop being such dicks
  16. Still not to 30k posts. And ive been absent 3 years. Kill yourself, Frenchman
  17. GO get run out of france again, Frenchman wannabe
  18. Oh? Canada?
  19. Canadia sucks
  20. I remember my first beer
  21. Calibrate a joystick?! Holy 1996! If you can't fly without arcade mode, go find that warplanes garbage. We didn't have any tutorials in 2001. We just made it work
  22. Im ****ing emperor palpatine of OT.
  23. Enter my garbage into... whomever is in charge this week. Come on, one month in OT, which is why most of us elite subbed for so long. Spark the fire you queers in charge