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  1. I plan on using the new HDD for Windows (7) and games that need speed. I suppose SSD will have to wait a few years. I dont need a lot of space, as I have my current HDD stll whcih I can use for junk storage, but I only want programs and my OS on the new HDD
  2. Ugh I hate doing this, having to download and install all my programs, again. But I keep getting APC_INDEX_MISMATCH and ntfs.sys BSOD So, I have the Vista Home "recovery CD" and I also downloaded Windows 7 and have that installation package still on my PC. and Copied it to my thumb drive. Now, I have never used a recovery CD, I always had full install Wndows CD 1. Can I still format the drive, and install Wndows Vista with the CD? 2. Will this affect installing Windows 7 over top of Vista when it's done? 3. I wrote down my CD from the Windows System Screen. Will this be valid? Thanks
  3. but will reinstalling 7 fix my APC_INDEX_MISMATCH and ntfs.sys blue screens? i think I need to format my HD and start anew
  4. because I downloaded 7 from microsoft. It's a weird upgrade, and i dont think I can just run the upgrade from scratch I remember it stating I needed to be connected to the net while installing
  5. is there any fix for this BSOD? Besides reformatting? usually only happens when i hit "Save" in word, excel, paint etc
  6. Is it possible to run 2 PNY nVidia GTX 260s on one machine? If so is it possible with a 680w power supply? If so, my mobo has one PCIe slot (blue) can it be installed in the other slots? If so, is it worth it? If so, how?
  7. mobo is a asus m2n e sli has 2 16x pci slots and is sli ready
  8. It says its an echostar... I only play this game right now, but doesnt mean I wont be playing some flightsims when they get released and SW:TOR
  9. Mine failed and now i see horizontal lines all over Under $200 and want to stick with nVidia suggestions
  10. strike that. i did not fix it
  11. hmmph, rolled back the driver, reinstalled it now it works....
  12. this is the one I was looking at. best Buy has one for $199 http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/PNY-GeForce-GTX-260-Graphics-Card/4655639/product.html?keywords=gtx&searchtype=Header
  13. Was looking at the GTX 260. Overstock.com has them for $150. Probably will just jump on that