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  1. Sharp stick in the eye
  2. Yes, we all know and agree its easy to bypass. Not the point. The point is: Why do we need it at all? I will wait.
  3. My idea would be give the winning side's 2 best players a bomber with a nuke, and let them bomb a large city. Anyone that wanted to see could spawn into that city. Just expand the normal bomb blast a few million times. Make this the ending of intermission
  4. Too not in debt?
  5. Because you live in America's hat. I pay 12.99 is real money
  6. I'm not checking into ****!
  7. Traitor!
  8. The chat was great. That day, someone kept typing the lyrics to bullet with butterfly wings in chat. Despite all my rage I'm just a rat in a cage. The chat was the best, need to bring it back
  9. Sounds like the entitlement generation
  10. Bratislava!
  11. Not the driver
  12. And trees. Bring back climbing trees
  13. And you are completely wrong about less humans. Camping is going to happen regardless of AI. And if your side can't defend a town, it should be taken. Goes both ways. More fights over a town is what I see. One hour it's axis, then alloed, and so on. Kind of.like, oh I dunno, WW2?