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  1. Punctuation
  2. I didnt think that ever worked
  3. Fix problems (sto) before adding new things
  4. You have to talk politics to get ahead here. That's what OT is: a political forum
  5. Same here but I had to change my PC settings back to 5.1 speakers. For some reason it set it to 7.1
  6. The guys that tried axis got flopped down
  7. Doesnt change the fact KM inf look and act just like the WM inf. Drama queens will drama
  8. Wehrmacht and KM inf look the same and shoot the same guns. Its an exercise in ridiculousness
  9. OT is a shell of the shell it once was
  10. 10+ years ago, the forum was the game!
  11. Naturally
  12. I have seen and read in chat (recently) griefers building PPOs that prevent ei from going upstairs on a bunker. It seems to happen a lot. Its a P move by a obese basement dweller
  13. It is faster to download a full install. At least for me. It's not terrible
  14. I actually thought it was C+
  15. Can you teach me COBOL or whatever sanskrit language the game is coded in?