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  1. If "X" is the ammount of vets unsubbed and playing FTP, what % of X plays FTP because of "hard times"?. It is not a question of money in most of cases Mosizlak, only a few of them are, otherwise we have to assume that for some magical reason many vets from different nations and continents went through hard times at the same time (do they all work for the same Iranian company, or what?). F2P for 2 weeks maximum would be the way to try to "force" those vets (like me) to resub from the game they left for a good reason. Do you think that would work?
  2. The unsubs (in my case) are not the cause of a problem (the game dies) but the logical consequence of something previous (wrong decissions = less fun). The big picture you talk about should include the origin of the unsubs, otherwise it is only a partial one (WARNING! humility and honesty requiered in this point). This game used to be the one I loved: for many years 2 premium subs, thousands of hours playing Axis only since my day 1, belonging to great squads, recruiting and training new players, etc..., and now it is only a game I could love again some day. I appreciate the efforts the developers did by introducing new weapons in the last years, updating models and the rest of things that have been done, but in my opinion they totally failed in finding the best ingame experience for both sides. Logic still applies: if fun is back, I'll be back (and I am not the only one).
  3. Same here, tired of wrong decissions and not resubbing my accounts unless playing Axis (only) will be fun again.
  4. Is it a coincidence that many veteran players have come through financial problems at the same time recently?. Some of those unsubs could pay hero builder accounts for their main and tow accounts without any problem, believe me on this. It is not a question of money but a question of game management to get massive resubs in the same way the game got massive unsubs (still believing that some unsubs come from financial problems, of course).
  5. Post of the day. Love your sense of humor
  6. Is there any alternative forum where we can share opinions without getting our posts deleted from CRS?, would like to talk about this thread without the Spanish inquisition watching and killing the non-believers
  7. To the reason why players log in less you can add the reasons why many vets unsubbed recently. And you have the explanation.
  8. Afraid of TZ3?... there must a reason why
  9. Does this mean new people taking the decissions that have an important impact ingame in a close future?. With a more balanced and attractive game many veterans (like me) would resub their premium and tow accounts. If that is the case, I'm looking forward to see fresh air "above". Really good news