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  1. Oh, and if you need help with the abbreviations for the tables I posted let me know. Some of them are obvious, but some aren't. H-Dr vehicles, for instance, means horse-drawn. Hs are horses. Thought I'd just point that out since most folks don't know that German infantry divisions at the time weren't nearly as mechanized as popular history makes them out to be. Much of their transportation was done with true horse power!
  2. I have a great reference book for the Wehrmacht, but it's mostly about how it was organized in the latter stages of the war. It does have, however, the composition of the early war infantry division, with some info about the regiments, and how many weapons of each type they contained, which is part of what you're looking for: * *Note - Reference the line for "Old type" as this was the structure during the BOF. Sorry if the quality isn't great, had to take photos of the pages since I don't have a scanner. If you decide to do stuff from '44 onwards, there are pages and pages of information about every little part of the Wehrmacht down to the battalion level. The book referenced is U.S. Handbook on Germany Military Forces, published by the U.S. War Department right at the end of the war.
  3. Neat. Anyone here play GD '40, the board game about this battle?
  4. Anyone know how to do this for the current version?
  5. Bringing this up again since I'm still having problems and don't want to make a new thread. With SLI disabled under current nVidia drivers my game WILL CTD after about 15-30 minutes or play depending on how much I move around the map. With the option disabled I rarely encounter CTDs. Any ideas?
  6. The OP posted over a year ago, prior to 1.31, back when we still had the separate .exe files. To confirm, on the system I'm trying to get ww2ol to run on, it only has the ww2.exe file and is up to date patch wise. As an update, I've tried every version from 9.1 to 9.5 in addition to the ones already mentioned and no luck getting it to run. The drivers I just mentioned, though, don't exhibit the same behavior as with the modern drivers. With these ones, the game starts to boot and shows a black screen, but it closes before anything loads.
  7. Thanks for the advice, but those drivers were a no-go. They don't support the graphics card I've got so they won't install. I found some older ATI drivers and tried 10.2 and 9.12, but they both still produced the same error. I'll try something much older next, but it doesn't look like I'm going to meet with any success installing old drivers.
  8. I've got a buddy whose computer I'm trying to get run the game and we're getting the same exact error. It's a fresh install, we just reformatted the computer and put 10.11 drivers on it. His video card is an ATI 3800 AGP and it runs pretty much everything else no problems, it even runs Civ 5, so I doubt it's an issue with the video card. It otherwise meets the minimum requirements for the game. Any leads or do you need more info? EDIT: Okay, this definitely has something to do with OpelGL drivers. All the games that run, like Civ5, are DirectX. We had also had trouble running IL2 1946 because it runs in OpelGL by default, but fortunately you can switch the rendering mode to DirectX (which had to be done via config file since the game wouldn't boot) and after that it worked perfectly.
  9. Sign me up for the USS California!
  10. Weird, I forgot to try the 2GB option and hadn't changed anything from yesterday and I was able to play for a few hours today until I eventually had a CTD on spawn (which happened to me before quad SLI). Maybe the new patch fixed whatever was causing the CTD.
  11. I just ran FSX overnight on an automated flight plan and it was still working in the morning. As for the SLI mode, I use nVidia recommended. I'll try the low system memory thing and see if that does it.
  12. I recently enabled Quad SLI on my system and it's been causing the game to lock up after about 30 minutes. What happens is I click ok to despawn and it freezes up and doesn't get to the AAR screen, it just keeps the last imagine from the despawn camera. I have to use task manager to kill the exe in order to get control of my computer back. There are no graphical anomalies while playing and my temperatures don't go higher than mid 70's in the heat of battle. Running without SLI enabled produces no problems whatsoever. I've still got some troubleshooting to do, going to try some other games, but I wanted to see if anyone knew something about this kind of issue. I have heard that WW2OL doesn't support SLI anyway, but I still find it strange that it should cause it to lock up, even if it doesn't utilize the benefits. Both cards cards appear operational and I haven't had problems like this before, but like I said I only recently enabled Quad SLI. Specs: OS: Vista 64-bit CPU: Intel Corei7 965 3.2GHz RAM: 6GB 1600MHz DDR3 GPUs: 2x GTX 295 Mobo: ASUS P6T6 WS PSU: 1100W Driver version: 260.89 I had had problems with the 258.69 driver set, and so clean installed to the beta. It actually increased stability a lot as the older drivers caused it to lock up pretty quick. Like I said, I've still got some troubleshooting to do to see if I can nail down a specific error, but if anyone has had a similar experience and knows of a fix I'd greatly appreciate it!
  13. Uh... that's not really good. I'd be worried about your cards giving out soon if you don't let them cool better. It's true graphics cards are made to run at higher temps than a CPU, but 90+ is going to drastically shorten the life of your card. As for cleaning, I remove everything and dust it thoroughly. Everything unplugged and me grounded keeps things safe.
  14. Odd, you have the most recent drivers yes? I have 2x 295s and neither goes nearly that high during play. I also clean them out regularly with a compressed air can and a vacuum cleaner (to suck up all the dust being blown out). They're very good at collecting dust, these cards, so clean them regularly.