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  1. Since day 1, keeping our privates happy 10 years of WWIIOL and BKB
  2. missing bumps but still around
  3. beacuse we like being on top of the map bump
  4. Keep the map moving with the BKB
  5. Privates are happy being with the BKB
  6. Also are you using a hub or direct into main board ports I had a hub that did not like it when PC came back on and would not respond to USB commands to re identify. Also had to unplug and reinert devices to make them work. Moved critical items into minboard ports on the rear, and not front ports and it seemed to be ok from then on.
  7. As long as there are no air gaps it is fine to have a reasonable amount of the paste between the surfaces. The pressure of the two units pressing togeher will squeeze out any excess. Personanlly I have found it better to be a little liberal with the application about 1mm+ thick and let the pressure even it out. Most importantly is no air gaps as that effectively creates hot pots and reduces cooling area.
  8. Also do a full defrag of your hard disk, as after patch it could be some key files that got replaced where put in highly fragmented positions and cause delay loading etc. Try running gamebooster program to stop all extra programs running on your machine. will free up some memory and maybe some other updated program is interfering. Turn off or tell any antivirus program to stop scanning the CRS game folders.
  9. Send a message to MotourMouth or Bloo direct as I am sure they will deal with this account issue asap I assume you are logging into your account page on the main web page to see all your account information and subscription details. On the main login does the error happen immedaitely or after connecing to patch server ? Have you downloaded and updated the latest patches manually from the main web site in case you have an old version still ?
  10. Scroll Lock key I found is a good key as no game yet seesm to use it for any reason. Lot of games use shift or ctrl with another key to get more options where as scroll lock... well it's just scroll lock. In the air it's near the numpad which I sue for changing views so it's convenient.
  11. For the overclocking do spend a little on a good Fan for the CPU and some artic silver or equivelant thermal paste. Will allow higher overclock and more thermal stability. The fan should be usable on any CPU upgrade as well so a good first step.
  12. Looking through some similar issues, make sure that any old playgate installer is also uninstalled and deleted from program files. They changed system and playgate not always told to stop activating or whatever exact issue was. Anyone got some help for this person other than the usual ?
  13. Suggest looking at your settings for shadows, and all the visual extras and visibility limit. Start low and work up to what you like and still have FPS A reduction in heavy battles is normal for game as other poster suggested, it's just finding a rate that is acceptable with visual level you don't mind living with also.