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  1. Didn't watch my FPS lately, but should be solid with a 1070. The display I'm getting tomorrow will have 100hz vs. my actual 60hz one, hopefully this will solve it.
  2. Doubt this is the case, I switched from 22" to 24", not much of a difference in size. I'm getting a 21:9 34" tomorrow, let's see if it works better.
  3. Hi, since I switched six years ago from my CRT to a TFT, I can't play anymore as Infantry, because of getting motion sickness. Tanking and flying works fine. I had never any problems with any game I played so far. Anyone experienced the same issues?
  4. Remembering Counter Strike, most of the player base love to use AWM's, BGE's AWM IS the Rifle. One shot kill weapon.
  5. Send yesterday a ticket and nothing happens. Payed on Saturday and tells me my account isn't active.
  6. Thats why you use them as OS home and for some programs you want them start fast.
  7. Depends on what he is planning for the future. If he don't plan to buy a sli/crossfire setup with the highest-end products like two GTX 580, he wont need 1000w, even not in ten years. The hardware companies added so many energy saving stuff in the last years and it's only the beginning, I see not much increase in power consumption as well.
  8. Absolutely, here in Germany, they start moving out of the Nuclear energy production. It's already planned to shut down seven older Atomic plants. That means much higher energy costs. People will then think twice about buying high-end cards, or in general about inefficient computer parts.
  9. It will, played Call of Duty at 1900x1200 with 4x AA 16x AF and got 50-60 FPS.
  10. If your not going crossfire/SLI, you probably dont need such a "big" PSP. I run a oc Wolfdale and a heavy oc 5870 with a 420w PSP. A 550-600w PSP should be enough for your System. If you still searching for a Graphic Card, Sapphire re-build the "older" 5850 and sells it real cheap, but I dont know, if it's available in the states. It's called HD 5850 extreme. It's only marginal slower then your projected 6950, but costs only half the price.
  11. Hole Family buys Enermax PSPs. My Brothers Liberty runs since 6-7 Years and still could support modern crossfire/SLI setups. Next I will give this PSP a try: "Super Flower Golden Green Pro series" ( I know, weird brand name ) 90% efficiency 80+ gold and with a nice low price tag. May you take a look at it. But as I always say " You get what you payed for" and this is no where more true as with PSPs. You just can't make a good and cheap PSP.
  12. Your planning some kind of suicide bombing..? oops..
  13. I would switch back to my CRT before I would use a TN-Panel. Im using right now a HP ZR24w, not the best input lag, but it's ok for playing BGE.
  14. When you only play wwII, where the CPU is more used as your Grafic Card, I would take one of the new Intel CPUs I5-2000. You can clock them up to 4.5-5 with Air cooling alone. A Nvidea 460 GC should be enough for this game same with 6 gig of ram and a ~500w Powersupply (Enermax,Seasonic).
  15. Actually the new GTX 570 is out.... maybe you take a look on it. Faster as the GTX 480 but much cheaper then a GTX 580.