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  1. What year did you start playing? I started playing in the first couple days of release, and played steadily on and off for years with many breaks in between and a couple different acounts.( I still remember the guys at futureshop laughing at me for buying the game) I laugh now because there out of business! When was the last time you played? Easily a couple years now, I tried coming back a little over a year ago and could never get my account sorted out, (lost password) What squad were you in? I started off with Panzer Lehr, and was with them for years until a falling out, moved to Dog Company and then finally ANZACS where I still am. What side did you primarily play on? Germans initially, now allied as per Anzac rules.
  2. stuka if space is still available
  3. oooo stuka please flight1
  4. Db-7 for me please but can i get the db-7 that doesnt find the pixel of death
  5. DB-7 / Havoc for me please
  6. I remember seeing in bright green letters in the middle of the battle( _______Alt F4'ed) who was it? i cant remember and missed my chance for screenie.
  7. the rushed start to this event made it all fall apart, french had no resupply, and only 5 sherman and 1 m10. not being on ts all together made it kinda suck for teamwork purposes. but i killed a tiger for my m10....
  8. sign in for allied french , anytank will do