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  1. Join the 91st, win ! IsVs8M2jh4o
  2. R.A scenario or Bloody battle will never substitute the training server. We'll have to wait the end of the campaign to make a duel 1v1 in fighter without any consequence on supply ? Impossible to organize our own event ? We will wait for Rats to do it ? crap
  3. Sign me as Torpedo bomber sir .
  4. Yes, under Stugatz lead sir .
  5. Lol it's funny to know this, because the USS Pennsylvania was the only one ship, in south line, not well lined up with others, and it's that who made me aim and sunk him during the first wave. Quite the opposite ! I was very impressed by the placement of the ships that follow the plan at millimeter
  6. !S, I love the convoy idea. Can we add an update for this event to bounce bombs on water ? Seriously it's a ****ing good idea, but maybe too long . Is this a bomber group survive more than 1 hour with AWS ? Maybe but not 3 hours . The first bomber raid will decide who win in the first hour. And i bet, all axis bomber will be shot down after this first raid . With england and France AF 10 times closer than vlissigen, those 8 blen T will easily kill the last axis DDs and reload faster if they miss . To have the same number of figthers in both side ,it's just let allied airquack during 3 hours . That is my mind, sir .
  7. 1st wave : I leave Brussel under stugatz lead as torpedo bomber . We attack the destroyer line SE of the island while stukas attack by north . I was in head of the formation on stugatz side, i received a lot of hits, but my plane still fly straight . Result : USS Pennsylvania Battleship - Xxiiiarmor/Ltsquirt - sunk (the only one who was not well lined up with others) 2nd wave : We reloaded our torps at antwerp with all our Blen squad (not even one smoked) and does exactly the same attack than first wave. I was the lonely survivor of this raid . Result : 1 destroyer of the SE line sunk - Sr1 - (I haven't found him on subcriber list) 3rd wave : After the reload antwerp, i decided to follow the stuka group for sink the Arizona by NE attack .But while take off, he was reported sunk, by giggadee, during the first wave .So my target would be one of those battleship still floating , NE of island . Result : USS Neveda Battleship - Julesr/Raven4 - sunk (dived to 2km alt on him, due to my high speed , I release my torp at the last moment .I was well slaughtered by his AAs and crashed on Pearl Harbor Island) I would thanks all those guys who made this 80 mins of fun possible and thereby move the game to a higher level of pleasure .Good victory Navy ! (I want also say F*** at those guys (always the same) who put all their heart to destroy each event and who don't honnor their squad .) Bravo !
  8. Sry i'm really late , but can i subcribe in japanese strike force as stuka or torpedo ? (doesn't matter) .
  9. Nice graphic quality . We can read players tag with the newest videos .