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  1. Stay strong DOC. You won the first round so do it again in the second one!
  2. From my axis point of view, the suggestion of changes to LMGs, specially limiting their actual use, sounds to me like a suggestion from crs to "lets change the DB7-s of ALL sides so they cant loop as they do" into allied ears. Cause Axis feel their LMGs as one of the few real good weapons in the game. Allied lmg doesnt count as a real threat to axis. So any change counts just for the axis LMG. And so I understand very well some comments here from axis players. --------------------------- From my player point of view, the most unrealistic I see is the reload while standing and having all my magazines always full when reloading, for example. In regards to dispersion, not sure how others work, but if I enter a packed by eis depot, my lmg is able to shot down 0, 1 or 2 eis as much, cause the others quickly kill me. If someone is able to enter that depot and kill 6-7 enemies in the assault, he can do it with any lmg or smg cause its a matter of his ping/latency, not due to a WWIII weapon shot from the hip. Still I would be up for a dispersion Audit, but as someone has said it could improve its lethality since one single bullet kills anything, so beware on this. Any change, if its "realistic" and based on historical info, its good to my eyes.
  3. Allied Hordes are outraging German towns. They are everywhere and looks like everything is working for them But not true. A handful of brave resist the invader, using their blood and lives to delay their advance. For their many sorties, deaths, sacrifices, moral booster, tenacity, kills, support,... This is the place where the Iron Crosses grow. OKW is pleased to reward: LOGANBLADE, EAGLE, COLK, KOLBFITZ, TIETO, BIGCAT110, MUTAN250, SUPPO, HESSU, CHINA119 With the IRON CROSS 3RD CLASS Very well done gentlemen! !S
  4. GO GO GO!!!!! Take the needed time to make 1.36 working properly!
  5. Rockhit's determination and extraordinary unselfy dedication to support the axis side didnt go unnoticed. Reports from the highness spheres of the OKW have put a light on many attacks started by his own, against all odds and not thinking on his confort, offering his life many times in behalf of a superior objetive, for his side, his country and his subscription to "Cosmopolitan -Axis versión" He put himself as first volunteer on the consecution of deadly objetives and succeed where others just hide behind excuses. Rockhit is to axis the Pilar of their mighty victory For his bravery and support, Rockhit is rewarded with the IRON CROSS 3rd Class Congrats sir! PS: Stonetouch must be dying of envy!
  6. Elvs2001 assaults and defenses are creating a new paradigm of hyperactivity in the psichologist manuals. The Smithsonian has requested a DNA sample to decide if categorizing him in the same Branch of the Tyrannosaurus Rex or in the family of the Dendroaspis Polylepis (mamba negra) Seen by enemy just in the death cam, it has become an example of hard work and passion for the action. OKW is pleased to reward Elvs2001 with the Merit Star Congrats Sir!
  7. "Its a Headache!" Posted the London Today. "The enemy behind our lines!" said a terrified Allied general "We dont know how they hit and disapear so fast" explained one allied soldier, seeing their forward base becoming a rear base "We cant stop them!!" recognized… a GERMAN OFFICER!!! Ella, Sorella and Pym, "the triunvirate" (There are rumors that Ella and Sorella are Siamese sisters) have been causing mess and destruction over the whole map, getting KEY FBs, setting incredible FMS, most of times from rear towns. requetegazillions of soldiers owe them their lives, No fear shown in the battlefield. OKW is pleased to reward ELLA, SORELLA AND PYM (if we find out where they are right now) with the Für Ehrenhafte Aufgaben Congrats Soldiers!
  8. If we overstock one garrison, the town lost the AB in a later attack, but its recaped and flag is activated again, overstock remains (if everything is not wasted on defense of course)? Same question for losing the town completely but recovered later ? I supose just the resuply missions Will make the resuply work, and that those missions CANT set fms, right? (OR maybe the infantery resuply % is so low number that it is not unreasonable to make these fms work and, if done, assume that most garrisons' infantery % might be always at 200% of capacity) Great to have the possibility of the overstock usefull again!
  9. Do we remember the times when one squad overstocked a flag at 400% of their initial strenght, and then we had problems cause they didnt want their hard work lost due to a nonsense attack or players using the supplies? Not sure if this has been taken in account to avoid frustrations...
  10. Questions: Q: Garrisons Will follow flag mechanic and if you lose the ABs the flag is kicked? (in this case "deactivated") Q: In case of a YES to previous question and you see your flag deactivated, Will you be able to create missions on linked depots to your other garrisoned towns with their supply? Q: When is the Garrison supply in the 2nd line towns created? When you lose the ABs or when you lose the town? Q: Will FBs be active between 1st line towns and 2nd line towns or just when ABs are lost? I asume Garrisons Will be able to use FBs Q: Will Air/Sea Garrisons be able to use FBs? Q: Will Garrisons be able to set fms to another town just when that objetive town is AOed/contested as HQs do now? I name this due to mass infantry overstock options while in peace time which would be a mistake to allow.
  11. FMS should be redone so people spawn covered from fire. That Will eliminate some frustration for sure. You spawn; check if enemies around, then go out if not camped, OR try to defend the fms as if it were a fb. Suggestion for Trucks: You stop your truck and you can leave it as riflemen, while it is setting fms or just parked there for later: So you can check around, defend yourself or not killed while setting fms. The truck still can be killed, of course. !S
  12. Ah... good Jammyman RIP sir. I still remember the special event for June 6th he prepared in 2009 And when he was in the OKW LW He is now flying high, for sure. !S
  13. When we are training new cadets, we make them OIC of a brigade to see the hc chat, and revise and test the hc tools. From what I can remember, the OIC of a brigade can move flags (any flag without OIC, indeed). I dont test the AO set/pull but had the idea its posible for them to do that. Should check any day. In other hand, we might ask CRS a campaign test, in which AO set and pull could go throught votation, but I guess it would be quite a mess. Democracy has shown that everybody deciding is an imposible task, and at the end you need someone (bad or good) taking those decissions and being responsable of them for the good of the majority. !S