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  1. Allied Supply trashed these last days thanks to the unfatigable work from LW and brave soldiers. OKW is pleased to reward DAGNABIT, KARDEHK and SGTHENNING for their bombing efforts, destroying enemy RDP (and leaving the kindergarden next to factories untouched) Please receive the LUFTWAFFE BOMBER BADGE in bronze Great Job, gentlemen!
  2. Lets imagine that every HQ has a new unit called "artillery dispatcher", which is 1 or 2 guys that can be used just by highest ranks. Lets imagine that they set a PPO that is a bit bigger than a fb, setable to 4-5km of targets, and lets imagine it deploys an artillery battery that shots high range shots. They can be bombed, naded or sapped and is destroyed like a normal unit in the flag (with a ticket). They can be "undeployed and saved as RTB. They shot into far away targets, and they damage both sides (yes, friendly fire!) Once deployed, you can spawn AAAs there to cover from air attacks. Would be an interesting addition, isnt it?
  3. For me, the system its much more adequate than the SD. Its true that the underpop side normally is screwed, but hell… any underpop side is screwed 95% of times! The SD is gone and its very very very positive for me. Great advance CRS!
  4. Very cool!!! Was a great campaign. !S
  5. How easy is to surf following the wavet, how easy rolls the stone slope down, how the mass overcome the individuals... But here, we have men that stood strong against the flood, they fought without any mercy and without any hope. CROM is pleased cause very few fought a lot, and despite the blood and the desperation, they kept fighting the invasor and made them pay VERY hard. Grupania, a64m, flong139, sorella, dagnabit, desaix1, pym and sunst4r are rewarded with the MERITORIOUS SERVICE CROSS Congrats gentlemen. Axis is proud of your courage and Bravery! !S
  6. Congrats!
  7. Andenne, day 57 of the War of aggresion from the Imperialist. South of the town, 2 fast opels are moving in collision course. One of them is riden by dobiegillis and his valuable cargo starts waving hands to alert the other Opel, which looks to be drunk, sleept, afk… or all three at same time. The passenger is Bloodybill… who is starting to think he going to need a change in the name to crashedbill or something similar, cause sees that despite there is so plenty empty space 5km south of andenne, still those two opels might crash each other, killing him. Andenne is under heavy pressure, with all the south side taken by the invasors (poor sheep) and supplies running low after 4 hours of battle. There are so many enemies… Bloodybill decided to not to be another deadbody in the riverline and bravely took his companion and was ridding to the enemy fb Andenne-Namur. But a friggin moron going to ruin all the effort. In the few moments before the crash, Dobiegillis bravely managed to avoid the other Opel, SLOWING DOWN his Opel and letting the other stupid to go ahead ("eat the shermans, you fool" - he thought). His maneuver was espectacular, passing between 2 lonely bushes and driving bellow 30kmh. Something INCREDIBLE. For his driving abilities and civilized speed, the first account (bloodybill) of the driver (dobiegillis) is rewarded with Excellence Duty Award Congrats Bloodybill. PS: The other moron was killed by a Sherman managed by canukplf (feck!) PPS: Ah, bloodybill blown the Namur-andenne fb by his own 5 min later saving the town. Literaly. But… this is not anything strange on him, right?
  8. !S Gentlemen First the disclaimer: many days and many battles and many efforts from many soldiers and many have passed forgotten. If you have any soldier name that you think should be rewarded, please PM me and I Will add his name gently. For their efforts, dedication, sacrifice, bravery, passion, and maybe a divorce, these soldiers: Xanthus, Kilemall, r3dstorm, saffroli, undercova, tieto, mutan250, raydr, lampie, cplkrash, mudd, xukrut, arescaries, runko, bt7250h, (and Officers) Shagher, Hierbart, marinesgt, sajuk, beerrun1, chyrenz, cyyoung, t0msawyer are rewarded with Iron Cross 3rd Class These soldiers: delems, dandare9, (and Officers) Klaus, nerco250, krater are rewarded with the Iron Cross 2nd Class These officers: Ronpaul, Eyeshank are rewarded with Iron Cross 1st class These officers: Koopman are rewarded with the German Cross 3rd Class These Officers: Actonman Are rewarded with the German Cross 2nd Class These leaders Krazydog, slpkfor250 are rewarded with Golden Eagle on Silver And these squads: 91st Sturmbattalion (91st), 250 Hispana (250h), Heavy Tank battalion 505 (505th), Feldjager (feldjgr) are rewarded with the Order of Petro Special mention for Ronpaul and eyeshank for their inital push, and hierbart, shagher and marinesgt for their dedication on the critical moments with multiple cutpoints chances and the final pushes towards maldegem-laon cuts of all of them. They are also rewarded with the Order of V-Rab Congrats Gentlemen!!!
  9. Good Job Sir!!! Congrats!! !S
  10. Congrats Dagn!!!! a bit!
  11. Congrats SineTidalWave! Its a pleasure to see you in action! GJ!
  12. Congrats Nerco! Very well deserved!!!
  13. Soldiers. OKW is proud of their son fighting against the thick Brown line. Iin the battles for every inch of the motherland, these axis has been rewarded for their tenacity: WEIN, HUSAR250, ENEMYTANK, DANDARE9, BIGWICKJR, DIKSBI Are Rewarded with the Meritorious Service Cross A64M, VAPUR6, STONNEY, NKELLY Are Rewarded with the Bunker Duty Award (and many depots) HOTROD and XCAS are rewarded with Luftwaffe Fighter Badge (Bronze) Congrats Gentlemen!!!!
  14. Congrats Kolb and rp!!!! Well done gentlemen!
  15. Normal players will love to kill them, thats sure Anyway: IF the new flag system pulls the stress of the "flag mess" - "shit nobody to move; players cant fight" - "oh man we moved bad and our 2 divisions are cut and my side log off" - "after six hours of efforts both sides just put more supplies in and the sense of no reward for the hard job done goes to... everybody", THEN, both sides will keep their officers longer, we will have more players interested on coordinating and planning (cause IT DOES COUNT) and tactical simulation could return. Or that is at least my dream...