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  1. we'll be flying bombers and fighters deep into the heart of germany all are welcomed
  2. heavy bombers and a rdp come back
  3. 17th bg would also we be one to look at as well we do rdp to ground ops to air support
  4. i've forwarded the link of the forum to kyotee S!
  5. not to metion it'll bring back alot of the old vets that used to fly all the time by adding new planes
  6. the lancaster , b17g and he177 are we going to see them ?
  7. we are looking for both flyboys and ground pounders
  8. to join contact doc1168 we run both ground and air ops
  9. sounds like a great idea silver go for your idea I wish ya luck
  10. looking for people that'll run both air and ground ops
  11. i started playing in 2002 and just started playing again glad its moving forward i play mainly allied last member of the 17th bg to still be playing this great game i started playing when i was 6 ans still enjoy it after 3 years of leave from the game hope to see great things happen in the future