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  1. From doc1168 allied air commander dustyhc for your nonstop efforts through out this campaign in leading the assault on the axis factories and providing requested closed air support I here by award you the Distinguished Flying Cross & RDP Bombing Ribbon dustyhc damn fine job keep it up flyboy happy hunting
  2. from doc1168 raf commander at 0100 on 8/24/1942 k1ngs was making the assualt on the eab bunker non stop he managed to enter the bunker mutiple times and succeded in starting the capping of the final and last ab in maaseik he held off mutiple hostile infantry in the end he had entered the bunker a total of 4 times last time he succed in capping the last ab for his actions and his bravey i have the pleasure and honor of presenting you with the Combat Merit Recognition k1ngs damn fine job keep it up i'm looking foward to figthing along side you once again
  3. from doc1168 raf commander Job well done keep it up
  4. 617 dambusters glad to see y'all back in
  5. well done allies keep the nonstop flights going
  6. @dustyhc glad to see ya flying RDP almost nonstop i will personally voch for ya as well and even welcome ya into the 17th bg
  7. allies keep it up
  8. @ARRADIN the way to fix the abort login is to reinstall the game is the easiest way i found to fix it not sure if it was part of the patch issues or just my pc telling me to f off
  9. allies doc1168 RAF commander and xo of the 17thbg here and wanting to let ya'll know that we are back in game i maybe one of the last 17th bg RDP pilots left flying we have been around since 01 what we do we are mainly a air vased squad we used to run big bomber mondays and are looking to bring em back once again now that the allied bomber force is back in action the 17th bg has opened their doors once again to all pilots and ground pounders whats big bomber mondays you ask it was our day of large scale RDP raids of massive formations in the air we are back and loving the game even more allies
  10. from doc1168 RAF commander at 1351 8/5/1942 an allied RDP flight has struck once again at the axis factorys these brave pilots and their brave escourt pilots succed in making it to target and back home from target for their bravery and efforts i 'm here by awarding M1g , Panda1k, Dontmove VStrider Greer arnhaolt RDP Bombing Ribbon to the escourts that flew along side our bomber pilots in a effort to intercept axis fighters and succeding in doing so i here by issue Cptmericuh, VStrider, woundeduck the Fighter Escort Ribbon for his non stop efforts in leading RDP raids on the axis factories allowing allied ground forces to push our lines further into the axis heartland i here by award Rebel357 the Bomber Squadron Command Medal very well done commader of FAF rebel357 from doc1168 commander of RAF keep the execelent work up allied pilots fine job keep it up
  11. fine job allies keep it up
  12. allied fighter pilots from doc1168 RAF commander on 8/2/1942 at 2305 two he111s were intercepted and shot down before reaching english factorys i here by issue the factory defense ribbion to the following badanimal of 4wing chzac Factory Defense Ribbon flyboys damn fine job keep it up don't let up on ending the axis RDP game keep defending out factorys