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  1. from doc1168 RAF commander to the a team for busting fbs to aos and dos job well done Forward Base Destruction Ribbon Rapid Deployment Ribbon job well done boys keep it up
  2. from doc1168 RAF commader in a long fought epic battle at panningen yesterday from 1700 to 2000 06/14/1944 with the following awards / medals Combat Infantry Ribbon Combat Engineer Ribbon i here by issue the following players with the above awards drloon , heavy265 , striker69 , persus4 , bursa , jacaranda , njord88 to the defenders of ab bunker and cps job well done Tactical Achievement Award Defense Ribbon to iksi , chimm and the unknowen allied players well done you earn it we may of lost the town early today but that doesn't exclude ya'll from being recongized by allied high command to panningen defense and fb busters to the koln fb busters on behalf of the allied high command i issue the following awards to WHIPS Forward Base Destruction Ribbon Rapid Deployment Ribbon whips glad to have ya on the allied side job well done keep it up allies from doc1168 commander of the RAF job well done everyone keep it up
  3. hell ya
  4. so i paid for a sub last month durning that welcome back soldier stuff and now its telling me that my sub has ran out could ya look in to it for me
  5. @paden you were a pain in my [censored] faster on the trigger than i was
  6. i will love to step up as co for catapult bridgade
  7. well done
  8. we'll be flying bombers and fighters deep into the heart of germany all are welcomed
  9. heavy bombers and a rdp come back
  10. 17th bg would also we be one to look at as well we do rdp to ground ops to air support
  11. i've forwarded the link of the forum to kyotee S!
  12. not to metion it'll bring back alot of the old vets that used to fly all the time by adding new planes