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  1. I would suggest that you are seeing this because netcode2 has been taken out.
  2. nice
  3. S! all. I re-upped too. It has been many years. Hope to be in game soon.
  4. I built 2 systems using ASUS P5N boards. Both developed faults within a month and were replaced through RMA. Both the replacement boards failed within a month. So I wrote them off and rebuilt using Gigabyte boards. ASUS may have upped their game since then I don't know but I no longer buy anything branded ASUS.
  5. I think it is. Perhaps a member of the community in the UK can help you out. Edit: My bad. Just noticed it is a German Company.
  6. Found these
  7. Microsoft explains it here
  8. There isn't any on-board integrated video.
  9. To eliminate a possible problem with the pci-e lane in use, try the card in the other x16 slot.
  10. In the "Sounds and Audio Device Properties" dialog, select the "Audio" tab. In "Sound playback" group, click "Volume" to bring up the "Play" control. Check the "Mute" for microphone. In "Sound recording" group, click "Volume" to bring up "Recording" control. Make sure only microphone is checked. At least that's how it appears on my XP SP3 system. Once, somehow, the recording control "What U Hear" got checked. That broadcasts everything....
  11. resolution is 1680x1050
  12. After reading these threads I was expecting hassles. I put the MSI HD5850 I got myself for Christmas into my machine today, using the drivers on the installation CD (8.66.090914a-088589E-MSI), which apparently are a Catalyst 9.10 Beta release. I played for 4 hours or so with no problems. Fingers crossed. System is Windows XP SP3, DFI P965-S Dark with 4GB Corsair and E6600@3GHZ. For those interested, here are the 1.31 bench figures for old and new card: 9800GT HD5850 Benchremagen 54 44 Benchvehicles 30 22 Benchantwerp 36 25 Shadows High 53 62 Shadows Medium 51 62 Shadows Low 53 63 Shadows Off 59 67 Rain: Cloudy 57 64 Rain: Rainy 52 54 Clutter Maximum 46 68 Clutter Minimum 55 70
  13. Start with testing memory. See
  14. In settings, enable tooltips.
  15. maybe this