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  1. I would suggest that you are seeing this because netcode2 has been taken out.
  2. to a horrible era experienced many years ago. Coming back to the game I didn't really expect to also travel back in time. Invisible EI, rubber banding, shooting through walls, and the occasional long freeze with the sound looping. These issues had been pretty well addressed along with the introduction of netcode2. But I see in the release notes that netcode2 has been taken out. You must have had your reasons for removing netcode2 but I must now ask how do you plan on resolving these ancient issues that are now re-introduced into the game?
  3. nice
  4. S! all. I re-upped too. It has been many years. Hope to be in game soon.
  5. * Card Number = MSI HD5850 * Driver Version = 9.12 * Operating System = XP * What is the nature of your issue? naked trees * Is the driver set to default settings? yes * Does Setting the driver to default settings affect the issue? no, nor does any other driver or ingame setting. naked trees always present. Note: When I got my 5850 I was using the MSI 9.10 beta drivers and I had leafy trees. I upgraded to 9.12 and discovered naked trees in 1.31, but trees were fine in 1.30. Reverting to the 8.66RC7 download (catalyst 9.10 beta) from MSI website gave me back leafy trees. No ingame or driver setting changes that I could make with 9.10 and 1.31 would give me naked trees. No ingame or driver setting changes that I could make with 9.12 and 1.31 would give me leafy trees. [As a side note since installing the 5850 ARMA2 is unplayable with 9.10 beta MSI drivers and with 9.12 drivers. Graphical glitches are horrendous no matter what game or driver settings are tried]
  6. I have an E6600 and 4GB DDR800 mem. Here are my bench results with CPU overclock @ 3.0 GHZ. The first FPS value is with my XFX 9800GT (not GTX). The second FPS value is the same rig with a new MSI HD5850 and drivers off the install CD (which are catalyst control center 9.10 apparently) and default driver settings. Benchremagen FPS_____ 54 44 Benchvehicles FPS_____ 30 22 Benchantwerp FPS_____ 36 25 Shadows High FPS_____ 53 62 Shadows Medium FPS_____ 51 62 Shadows Low FPS_____ 53 63 Shadows Off FPS_____ 59 67 Rain: Cloudy FPS_____ 57 64 Rain: Rainy FPS_____ 52 54 Clutter Maximum FPS_____ 46 68 Clutter Minimum FPS_____ 55 70 I changed my CPU overclock to 3.2GHZ with the HD5850 installed and either got zero or an increase of 1 FPS in the tests. The GPU is far from stressed, and the CPU is far from max, which leads me to believe that in my configuration I am perhaps limited in throughput by the PCIE version 1.1 of the DFI P967-S motherboard.
  7. For sure, it is getting very annoying.
  8. The mission results pending issue is connection related in as much as the connection seems to get lost when control is being transferred between hosts at the end of the mission. There are no identifiable network issues to the server network boundary when this happens
  9. When I have the map up and hit tab to open chat it now opens behind the map. You have to close the map to read it. I'm sure it used to open in front of the map.
  10. Experiment with power distribution in the case. The PS will shut down if you pull too much on a single rail of a multi rail supply.
  11. Windows XP Pro SP3. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. Enabling 2nd core eliminates the issue for me also.