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  1. good times
  2. just tried the same deal and was billed the regular $15. what gives?
  3. What year did you start playing?: 2001 When was the last time you played?: 2013ish What squad were you in?: never really been in a squad What side did you primarily play on?: allied thanks for the fun weeks rats, game looks good. felt nice to take out my panny again. would join up again but your payment scheme is a bit whacked imo. 17 of my dollars per month is just TOO DAMN HIGH!!1!! how much for just a panny account?
  4. got it... settings > wrong monitor was selected and i unchecked that box right under. can't remember what the box said. all good
  5. anyone else randomly start spinning as inf? i think it happens when my cursor touches the edge of a monitor.
  6. you rats are killing me... THIS IS MY GAME DAY!!!1!!!
  7. Fir the love of freedom, please fix this