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  1. Former members from KVD are still in game
  2. I godt the same problem, But get the sound when i install the latest patch. Have to do that everytime I start the game. Takes only a few secs.
  3. Steelydan never whines!! basta bom!!
  4. Bump for my good friend Murr the LIBERATOR!!!!!
  5. That is some computer mate
  6. Sure we do dale:) Got some HCs in the knights, I hope you are ok dale and spiders stay away from you
  7. Same problem, I even saw the japanese wwii flag
  8. Woot and wooo hooo
  9. S! ANZaxis! A great squad with great players. I see you everywhere i go
  10. Very interesting!!Great reading Thank you for for the work.
  11. S! 101st, nice to see you are still with us:D
  12. Bump for the KNIGHTS
  13. Bunp for the bump
  14. Bump for the wikings!
  15. You are doing a fantastic job! I always enjoy fighting with you guys:)
  16. Dwight D. Eisenhower:)
  17. Read and understood:D I hope you get alot of members:)
  18. I agree with martigan here! I would hate to see good players leave because of the 1.26 update!!! CRS must fix this asap!!!!
  19. Read and understood Latham:)