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  1. ctd

    No you are not...mine came after 10 mins.
  2. That will make Photo Shop look cool!
  3. Video of it: http://www.strategypage.com/military_videos/military_photos_20101221224535.aspx
  4. That airframe just reeks of KickAzz!! Nice find!
  5. I usually get around 120 fps in most battles. It will dip to the 80-90 range in Huge battles, and do 250+ when I am in the air alone.
  6. Same. I have the 2 Gig card.
  7. Isn't this an on-board graphics chip? I don't think this game will run with an on-board Intel chip.
  8. In, On...sometimes you just have to go with it.
  9. And Fire in the sky!! Sorry..had to do it.
  10. Ok...So how do I get the 7900 to work in this system? Screen is wacked! Tried lowering resolution..nada...Tried booting with the monitor in it..just get a "black" screen...monitor on, but nothing showing. Or I get HUGE desktop, and no icons...THIS SUCKS!!!!!!
  11. I actually brought it down to what my old monitor would do, 1440X900, and it still dies. I still have a Nvidia 7900GS. I might put that in and see what happens... I truly love playing at 250+ FPS, with the new rig. But the "drop deads" are frustrating.
  12. Nope..Not a fix...Still crashes the monitor. But only with this game. Does anybody know of a Graphics test program I could use to test my card? I want to see if I can crash the monitor with a test. If it crashes, I will RMA the card. If not, I might have to quit playing the game, until a "fix" is found
  13. That makes sense... I saw on other forums, that some GTX 285's had a voltage modulation problem..This might fix that?
  14. My graphics card issue might be fixed. I downloaded and installed EVGA Precision from here: http://www.evga.com/PRecision/ Made some minor changes and I haven't crashed yet.. Going on 3 days now..fingers crossed.