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  1. Mata and I are tied for kills to on each other and I'd prefer to keep it that way...thankfully were in the same squad now so the tie remains in tact.
  2. Mo is a hack and Mata and I are tied all time on each other life is good ha....Mo just j/k
  3. I said some things needed to be corrected and don't have problem with like the Morris...but to have some people on the winning side. .. start a thread like RDP inequality when there isn't one...and CRS respond's cowardly that it isn't intentional makes some of us infuriated...Axis are great at making CRS go on the defensive when they didn't mean it. That's all i'm saying...don't take it too bad...I know you build your team up and kudos but you don't how hard it's to build the allied side up. When people post the axis have been nerfed to the point of no return then you get more recruits...I know many subscribe to the belief that allied is easy mode but as a long time allied who has never really got the chance play axis you become jaded.
  4. LOl good thing i'm drunk from the Stanley Cup finals....But no fix for years on 3 " atg flipping and Beddy total weakness from climbing hills, to atg guns only having HE on Brit FMS none for French Atg. Nerfing Brit grenadier...nerfing M10 gun sight...increasing tiger rotation...FG 42 being common in flags. I will say CRS has done a good thing by fixing these but really it drove some player's away. Then I see thread's like RDP inequality and CRS explain there isn't one but people playing axis will accuse up front of wrong doing before there know the facts makes me not want to play because they will complain when their winning and the ice cream is too cold...they really have developed the underdog mentality to recruit and say they have been crapped on. I give my props to axis leadership for selling the poo.. Forgive me of all past inequaltie's axis side i'm sure I missed some... PS. years of axis nicking an ATG and getting the kill but allied doesn't has driven me over the top.
  5. Thanks for the update Doc....I have thought of you and how your doing...looks by the way things are going you are ready to start the climb up to good health. Hang in there bud!
  6. I totally agree dre21 making missions is a mess, i'm having a hard time with them myself. Using .J is big help if you know who is where.
  7. Well if you must know the new complaint from allied tankers is the JU87 is killing Stuarts now with there machine guns...just wanted to pass that on...some funky stuff going on.
  8. Whose is this Sorella Kid? I like him!
  9. Zippy can you cash the checks you write when talking smack on Rebel357? Im not good enough to be air fairy material but I needs to know whose better?
  10. Doc...keep on!
  11. Yup happened at an FB yesterday... Greentag spawns and starts shooting an opel leaving the fb with pistol...I said for gawd sakes let it go...nope wasn't goin to happen. Needless to say the mission was a scrub...very frustrating aspect of gameplay these days...
  12. agree too but have some way to allow non squad ppl onto the mission like dot accept and the person name.
  13. I don't know of any boycott Mata. It's the same ol story these days... population swings from what axis side squads are playing... When one side get a 4-5 win streak..then they switch but I think we all know the Allied side is fighting on one leg most of the time until the Whips show up and some of the other normally axis players come over. I know the guys that come over are great to have and that we allies suck at comms and marking and etc etc but this is what has become of the Allied side.
  14. I can live with just making it simple by using pressing "O" like you have to on DDs for the life boats and I like the idea of the crane to be extended so you don't have to be perfect when lining up to the shore.