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  1. I just started playing Axis recently, and i now have an issue with rank. I login fine but after i die i get reverted back to a recruit and cannot use all the equipment. I am rank five and on first login i can use everything (minus sniper). But if i die i get reverted to recruit, only way i found to fix it was log out of that persona and back in, which is annoying. This happens for Army, Naval, Air. I have sent 3 reports so far ingame.
  2. Sorry, i included naval by mistake. But my Army and Air should all be at least lvl 5. So i can use anything in thoes personas (minus sniper). And i can use them, but after i die i revert back to recruit and can only use Say rifleman or hurricane, spit 1. I need to log out of the persona and back in to be able to use higher level units. It will even say, you need to be rank 3 to use this unit, you are rank 5. (for army and air) You should go up in each persona's rank till level 5 correct? So if i leveled my Brit army to 5 then my french and german army is 5. And it stops at rank 5 for combined leveling. Can you tell me why i revert back after 1 death.
  3. Actually, they said they would work through the night until everything is running smoothly. I guess they may have run into a few bumps. Oh well, comes with the territory.
  4. I do not want to confirm either way, cause i have not yet done it, though i would lean towards what it states in the read me, until further notified by the RATs.
  5. We are not so sure on the auto update part though. Quote from 1.30 readme *************************** There are a couple of things that players should be aware of before installing this release. This release includes a new PlayGATE. We advise players to use the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows to removes "Battleground Europe: WWIIOL" and "PlayGATE" before continuing. *************************** Though the download page says still to use the auto update, but i believe they have not yet changed the page.
  6. Hello All, 92 Squadron recruiting officer here. We are running a recruitment drive for 92 Squadron. About US: We are an Allied Air Squadron, who's focus is on organized combat. We accept anyone who is willing to put in a little training and who wants to fly organized combat. We have a basic training for all you recruits out there and more advanced training for Squadron Combat. Training is not too heavy, only once a week, but we keep it fun and fast. If your interested please PM me or any of our officers listed below. RO: Colkurts CO: Gizz XO: xxBishopxx Looking forward to flying with you.
  7. Ok for the 1st 50 callers FREE 40LB TURKEYS WITH EACH JOIN. Thats right, not only do you get a free Squad Membership, but you get a FREE 40LB TURKEY, 2 Shamwows and the Carpet Genie. Thats a combined price of $56. And you get it FOR FREE.
  8. How did they, you know, do there stuff, on long battles in planes with no bathrooms. Seriously. I would like to know.
  9. I have an x45 and it has been doing somthing strange recently. It is starting to lag horribly. I can pitch forward back left right, throttle , hit the buttons, but it doesnt recognize it until seconds later. Somtimes it doesnt recognize the commands at all. So i go and uninstall the drivers, update and it works fine for about 2 days. Then goes back to the problem. I disable the device under Device Manager and then enable it, it works fine again, but for only a short time. Even in control panel and calibration it lags. Anything i try works, but it allways seems to come back. It never did this on my old PC, but i recently upgraded about 2 months ago. And that is when this started happeneing. I dont have the specs right now, but would a dxdiag help?? PC seems to work great, maybe its a dual core issue, i know there are alot out there. Searched the internet too and couldnt find any similar issues. None on the saitek site either. Could it be a USB issue. Or do you think its Hardware. I have been using the x45 for about 3 years now, but not heavily. Thanks for any responses.
  10. Yeah, i allready have that work around. But i was looking for a fix so i wouldnt have to do that, since i shouldnt have to do that. Thanks anyways. Javelin in another fourm suggested checking usb for powerdown when not in use option. Will try that.
  11. Thx Bloo, is there any word on the website issues. I try and get to stats page, with either IE or firefox and on 2 seperate pcs on 2 seperate networks. Neither can load all the pictures and what does load takes for ever.
  12. I definitly understand that servers go down and it is inevitable. I would just like to have an update, any info would be great. I re-activated my account for a month yesterday. I have been a member on and off since 2001. I have also got a buddy to join yesterday. If this lasts much longer, will we recieve thoes days missed. Will i have days tacked on to the end of my month. If i cant play, why pay? Not griping or anything, love the game and the support. I just don't like watching my days and money go out the window.
  13. Same here, the day i come back and pay to play again i get this: "We were unable to verify member name and password. Please try again." I also got a buddy to join today. Shiiite Oh well, i know the support here is good, and being in the "OH CRAP MY SERVERS ARE DOWN" buisness, i know its hard to get people on call during holidays. My cell phone suddenly turns off over christmas break