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  1. I believe I started playing this game in August 2001, a couple of months after the game's inception. I joined Allied Strike Team in the spring of 2002, which is now combined into 7th AST.
  2. Thanks! Doing that solved the problem.
  3. I have a Saitek X52 Pro that I've used for years with WW2OL that the game no longer seems to recognize. I've tested it out with IL2 Sturmovik, and it still works fine with that game. I've also reinstalled WW2OL plus updated the driver for the X52, but it still doesn't work. The game does recognize the mouse wheel on the X52, but none of the axis or buttons. I believe the game did recognize the X52 as recently as two weeks ago. What would cause the X52 Pro not to be recognized by WW2OL but yet work fine with IL2? I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. I did try the "detect controllers" option in preferences too.
  4. Same here, can't spawn in.
  5. Stationing myself in the bunker was solely my idea, I have no imagination when it comes to this sort of thing. The guys on the road and badger77 stopped the BTZ assault before it got to me anyway.
  6. The uninstall/reinstall got me in. Other than one early CTHL while attempting to spawn a Sherman 76, I haven't had any game performance or crashing problems so far today.
  7. I installed the update to 1.30, logged in, and the campaign server says it is open. I click play, my screen goes black briefly, and then I'm back to the desktop. Is the server in fact down, or is this a bug CRS will be fixing? Or am I supposed to uninstall/reinstall? If I uninstall/reinstall, does the full install of BE include Playgate (the link to the Playgate full install on the downloads page isn't working)?
  8. Ok thanks, I'll try that.
  9. I was just playing the intermission, once in a DD and twice in a Blen when I got into the battle I was plagued with repeating shock effect (like when a grenade goes off near you when playing infantry) well before I was being shot at. It kept happening over and over so that I was seeing double most of the time. I am under the impression other people have had this problem. How do I fix it? I've got a dual core PC, with an NVidia GeForce 7900 GS. I updated the NVidia driver to 93.71 3 weeks ago, I haven't had this problem until today, but I usually play ground.