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  1. DB7, Havoc, HE111, Blen4 all have the same max angle restriction. Can't remember the exact number but it's near or at 35* from level that locks the bombs from dropping.
  2. It's not a matter of allowing something done but rather having someone not already tasked on a dozen other projects to do it. Example: Neither Xoom or myself are actually DEVs but this evening between the 2 of us we worked out what should be a fix for a rather obnoxious little bug that came in awhile back. He had access to the part that needed changed and I had (hopefully) the understanding of how it works to help with a fix. This was during a short break in testing the pending terrain patch today.
  3. Preferences tab, user interface, right side-tool tips. Under font setting.
  4. 2 position, z to open doors then secondary trigger to drop a bomb. If that don't work then check keymap.
  5. They are read/write by default. Only thing I can suggest is make sure you are logged in as admin on your rig then set them to read/write.
  6. When that happens you need d/l the full install and uninstall/reinstall.
  7. I explained the ammo packs above. The HE satchels I can't really recall but do remember us testing them all prior to that release against FMS/Bridges/PPOs and did not see what ended up as they were in the release. We do not test "axis or allied" we test whatever we know has been touched by dev. It's just different color pixels in testing, no one wins or loses on the testing servers.
  8. We test anything and everything that we know has been affected by a change/fix. The ammo resupply was not touched so we had no indication it needed testing.
  9. FMS is set to bombs/HE satchel only
  10. That ole boy had a pretty good bit of counter weight mass compared to the average ww2 soldier.
  11. I tested German mortar against ai a few hours ago, took out a tower and atg pit. Mortars are still being looked at.
  12. Left ctrl x. Open keymapper and go to general section then scroll down for all the external views commands
  13. Tested with spit9 in ways I can't show publicly with no rounds hitting the clones through the tent sides or top.