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  1. Never known of it being doable with this game. Pretty sure it would require being able to run the game in a window.
  2. Meh, I figured it out and I'm old and stuff.
  3. Click start button/programs/crs/battlefield Europe. If on win10 click the windows icon bottom left of screen and it should be with the play online shortcut in your "most used"
  4. You should be able to set a PTT to key and button. For the joy map, discord/usersettings (the gear icon)/keybinds/unassigned/push to talk..... hit your joy button/done.
  5. Delems, you talking about the "hits" category in the stats page? If so I think it counts every "hit" ie if you hit a ei with a full clip of 20 = 20 hits. Extreme example from my bofor stats: 1 kill/66 hits Feb 04 12:35 - 12:57 Waalwijk Waalwijk-Tilburg FB Attack British Bofors (40 mm) 29 1 66 0 RTB 21
  6. ATM ww2ol is still basically a 32 bit program so yes 32 bit programs run fine on 64 bit and 64 bit is the beter choice as to operating system Depending on what you play, if this is pretty much it and it's working ok now as is then I'd ride it. I built this rig in 2010 and it's still playing the game well.
  7. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!1 Glad you got it sorted
  8. One of those problem signatures relates (via google seach) to a win 8 pci driver so that could well be his prob that win10 is trying to load the game via a win 8 driver? I'm no tech so it's as much guess as anything.
  9. Does that i5 have gpu graphics? If so go into the duel grafics part of NVidia control panel and set ww2.exe to high performance. Otherwise try running the game as administrator.
  10. Have you updated your NVidia drivers? The windows supplied drivers for NVidia will not run the game.
  11. Never seen "loading bomb sights" on the load screen but, you do have a actual video card? Not intel graphics?
  12. I killed a C47 with a rifle today as it flew over. Weird stuff happens.
  13. Pretty sure that is the case Waver, and has been for some time but very random.
  14. Taters are mighty good fried or covered in gravy.