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  1. I have no idea as to why it's not working for you.
  2. From the drivers position you can drive it using your joystick, correct?
  3. z is the default and should work. You are using English language keyboard?
  4. This is not even a actual reversion but rather a slight partial change of one specific part of the HE audit. And then only a incremental change rather than reverting to the value before the audit. And as has been stated it's only until the actual bit that's causing the issue can be fixed.
  5. Flak30 no zoom = ca mle 1st zoom Flak30 zoom is slightly more than ca mle 2nd zoom
  6. Just checked and there is a ticket to look into that.
  7. If you download from the web page you then need to go into your downloads folder and double click the ww2.exe to run the installer.
  8. Did you go into windows, devices and printers and set the stick as preferred device?
  9. Try doing this with each controller
  10. Ticketed for fix.
  11. DB7, Havoc, HE111, Blen4 all have the same max angle restriction. Can't remember the exact number but it's near or at 35* from level that locks the bombs from dropping.
  12. It's not a matter of allowing something done but rather having someone not already tasked on a dozen other projects to do it. Example: Neither Xoom or myself are actually DEVs but this evening between the 2 of us we worked out what should be a fix for a rather obnoxious little bug that came in awhile back. He had access to the part that needed changed and I had (hopefully) the understanding of how it works to help with a fix. This was during a short break in testing the pending terrain patch today.
  13. Preferences tab, user interface, right side-tool tips. Under font setting.
  14. 2 position, z to open doors then secondary trigger to drop a bomb. If that don't work then check keymap.
  15. They are read/write by default. Only thing I can suggest is make sure you are logged in as admin on your rig then set them to read/write.