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  1. FMS is set to bombs/HE satchel only
  2. That ole boy had a pretty good bit of counter weight mass compared to the average ww2 soldier.
  3. I tested German mortar against ai a few hours ago, took out a tower and atg pit. Mortars are still being looked at.
  4. Left ctrl x. Open keymapper and go to general section then scroll down for all the external views commands
  5. Tested with spit9 in ways I can't show publicly with no rounds hitting the clones through the tent sides or top.
  6. OK, I used a 232 but still mgs and 20mm cannon close with a down angle that a plane could do
  7. Give me a few to setup and video, but the sides of the veh tent do not reach the ground. Cannon equipt aircraft comeing in low angle with just the right shot can get cannon rounds under the tent bottom and hitting the fb floor. Shrapnel from the HE rounds will hurt and or kill very close soft targets.
  8. I would assume it would keymap the same but I don't have a xbox controller to check with.
  9. Normally Candidates for notable awards do not participate in the selection. Besides, I don't have the time to photoshop my pic on the cover of Time
  10. Yellow text ingame is steadily spamming that the server may temporarily go offline due to planned work on the network systems. So, likely best to wait on starting the next campaign until that work is finished.
  11. Shrapnel is tracked and counted if it hits, even if just a scratch. For a extreme example, I have 1 bomb run sortie that shows 2 kills and 171 hits.
  12. It would have to be lower hull under 400m and nothing but net. dead on and not hit suspension.
  13. 2#er does just under 74mm point blank, tiger is 80mm sides including the sap point. That was at a 4* angle, about as flat on as you can get.