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  1. It's only reflecting a 1 way trip of basicly 1/2 of what you would get doing a ping check in cmd. Been suggested to change it to a full trip so as not to confuse folks. The basic on it though is green=good/yellow(orange)=things not perfect, red=trouble and likely autodespawn if it stays red.
  2. If this were client then we should be able to get a CTD offline. Best I can guess so far, it seems to be something going out of whack with axis garrisons but so far only on the live server. We haven't been able to replicate this on the training server or our dev server. Still digging.
  3. I'd just as soon have defense missions be: Expand map. Click on town to expand town/see spawns Double click AB or depot and defence mission is created/you are presented a spawn list.
  4. Server is open, in intermission mode.
  5. You can see this by going offline and choosing different inf and laying them down near a object and then hitting the external camera keys (can't remember the defaults.... ctrl x maybe) check keymapper. But you'll notice they all do the same deal. Partly it's the collision stuff and partly that the "camera" the eye view does not rotate forward enough when going prone. And that may be because of the collision part.
  6. All inf basicly use the same base "skeleton" model and collision model. Textures, uniform, kit, and weapon are attached to that according to the actual inf unit. So yea they all act/interact with terrain and stuff the exact same.
  7. Ther is a option to turn them off in the keymapper.
  8. Welcome back Have not seen Bilton ingame in a good while. He used to wander back for a bit but as said it's been awhile
  9. The "i'm behind the bush (1st person) but not behind the bush (3rd person) as in your pic is a game thing and affects everyone. The 1st person eye view is off a bit. I know it's been explored several times but so far there's been nothing to fix it that doesn't break another part worse. The inf are different than everything else ingame. Now the delayed rendering has me stumped. I've had 5 accounts in on this rig with no render delay when testing. I've had 3 machines with 1 acct on each spawned and high ping and lag dialed in on 1 of the rigs. While expectedly the rig account with the high ping and lag jiggled and warped about a bit they all rendered if under 700m distance. And while I'm not really sposed to say this, I have watched the action around you when you are .reporting these things and have not seen these issues (or more precisely have seen those you are not seeing). Our GMs, that are online, do investigate these reports. If I'm online I sometimes will as well in the hope I may see something that gives a clue as to the issue and how to replicate it. As said this part is not supposed to be general knowledge and it may bite me but I think you need to know we do investigate this stuff. So honestly, so far I have no idea why you are having this delay in rendering.
  10. Something really messed up with the live server. Our guys are working on a fix. Until that fix can be done and tested, use the training server.
  11. Any info is useful Hopefully the coder folks can sort this out quickly.
  12. Not all CRS has the ability to change system messages. We did our best to get the game back in a playable state while trying to determine what went wrong to begin with. So while the person available with the ability to set these towns to neutral, meaning the allies could not AO and cap them while axis could not spawn them due to this new CTD issue, he didn't have the tools to change the system messages. What happened? 3 towns (so far) have caused player CTDs after being captured as Axis. Why only Axis caps? That's what we are trying to sort out. Allied captures have checks as to which allied faction will own a capture as well as a timer to allow a change of country (allied.. FR/BR/US) within a certain time. Axis captures simply become German owned. So we have to find why suddenly these 3 towns cause a CTD when axis owned as well as why we can't replicate this on other servers. We are trying to find the cause and a fix
  13. I don't play other games, don't realy have the time. My grandson plays about every ww2 themed game available. Now what I've noticed with him is he waits a queue until he can spawn. Seems to me he waits way more than we do with SD. So I guess a option might be setup a queue system where you could only spawn the underpop or wait until sides balanced to within x%. To me that would suck but maybe I'm just old and out of the loop?
  14. I create tickets, I attempt to recreate the issue in repeatable steps for a coder. The priority is dependant on the coder that can fix it vrs what is already on their plate.
  15. The enter world bug is ticketed, it's a pain for sure