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  1. If you have a cfml folder in the WWIIOline folder then check that those folders are set to read only (sometimes windows updates randomly lock folders to read only).
  2. Just hooked up a saitex x52. I normally use a MS sidewinder 2 FFB. Loaded the game and stick was not seen. With the game still running I alt tabbed out and set the x52 as preferred. Brought the game back to top and hit the detect controllers and x52 then worked ingame. IDK why you are having issues. Look in documents/WWIIOnline folder Should be a bin folder, cfml folder and a screenshots folder. If that cfml folder is not there then create a new folder and name it cfml. Load the game and see if that fixes it (assuming the cfml folder is not there now).
  3. Ok, that is strange as it's always worked
  4. You set it as preferred device and the game still doesn't see it?
  5. When we had the meeting with our terrain guy we expressed to him we wanted cover added as well as AI repositioned to cover these new placements. I had a dev version of the game loaded and was sharing screen so we could all see how the bunkers would fit in with what was already there and what may need moved to make better gameplay. We want to do the best we can the 1st try on these.
  6. Barring issues the ones listed should all be in the same patch (may not be the next one as we never know what we may find until we have them in a terrain we can test)
  7. A few questions, to anyone reading here. Ever see the despawn window come up with green ok then the timer starts and ok greys out until the timer hits 0? If you are quick you can click it before the timer goes active? Ever have the despawn spinout stall for a second or longer then resume? Notice that it takes several seconds after you click enter world before you spawn? And lastly ever notice the little white packet ticker/bar in the fps hud get shorter? All the above are indications of packet loss. If during the spawn process the client loses connection to the cellhost then the game can't place you into the cellhost. In most cases the enter world button greys out then comes active/green again without spawning you. Extreme cases it can cause your mission to become invalid or tell you your unit is not available even though the list still shows available units of that type.
  8. Depots have a fraction of the supply a ab has and it trickles in from the ab so yes you are far more likely to get to the last one in the list type deal. Yea I can only test on my 2 PCs and 2 macbooks across both a hardwired and wifi connections. Can't test on others setups.
  9. If the game worked prior to the patch it should patch without issue. You may have to uninstall/reinstall the full install.
  10. I and my team have tested the scenarios I described. I have no desire nor do I attempt to mislead. When I post about things, I've already tested what I am posting about. I don't post to try to one up or browbeat. My intent is to try to explain and inform but being we have rules as to what depth we can go into as to testing tools and procedures I can't lay it out step by step. Multiple accounts, I just tested on a test server with 5 accts on this rig. Ping was the same across all 5 and was the same on 1st as when it was the only one online. All are HC on that server so was getting chat spammed with HC notifications as well. With 5 spawned in my fps did drop into the 30s and 40s but yea I was running 5 clients simultaneously. 1 guy warping while others are smooth = the warper has a issue. I've watched a few and generaly they end up getting auto despawned. Enterworld bug, it happens with the last available unit of that type but it will happen with several left if you are dropping packets. Note: current version is only displaying 1 way ping ie ½ actual. Next patch will show full ping and I think quicker polling(not 100% sure on the quicker polling but to me it looks so), so everone's ping will double from what the game shows now. And next patch does have changes to the netcode, we are still refining it.
  11. Would be kinda neat but I don't think it's doable with the inf animation program we use.
  12. Germany did not have a Rpat when they 1st encountered the US bazooka which was put into use in 1942. The panzershreck was a improved german copy of the bazooka which went into service in February of 1943.
  13. I don't see a poster in here without dot reports other than SCKING. I even have some in my history. Glass houses and stones J, not a good combo.