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  1. 2#er does just under 74mm point blank, tiger is 80mm sides including the sap point. That was at a 4* angle, about as flat on as you can get.
  2. There is only 1 shot that will kill a tiger with a 2#er, it requires being elevate above the tiger and his commander up. 2#er can't penetrate tiger from front back or sides except engine, maybe, point blank. It can double track a tiger which = kill. The hurri2D with 40mm can get through the top armor but it's gotta be a realy steep angle shot.
  3. Being part of CRS is more adventure than job..... Interesting PMs with links to helpful sites, visitors on discord channels wishing you good health....
  4. The ju87G-2 ingame has longer wings than the old B model. You can select one offline then select a airfield, like bertrix or brussels and spawn in. Hit space bar to make a clone. Despawn and select the other one, select the same airfield and spawn. Start engine and pull through the 1st clone a few feet and then stop. Hit left ctrl+c (maybe left ctrl+x, check keymapper for external view) Use insert/delete/home/end/page up/page down to rotate the views. Or you can make a clone of the 2nd ju78 and despawn Select a inf type, select that same airfield, not ab select the af just like with the planes and spawn in.
  5. AOMercy did her wall 10 months ago.
  6. Building on the FB tent footprint or in a way that blocks vehicles from getting out when that FB comes up (or so that they spawn clipped into the PPO) is a do not do. Building so as to gain access to the inside of a fb inf spawn is a do not do. Building them 1k from the fb or any fixed spawn is just building them.
  7. It's a ways down the page
  8. Not to score vehicles you don't just needs be within 2.5k
  9. Visable limit on inf is 700m, vislist limit on inf is 1k. This was lowered because the folks flying complained of "stutters" when flying over battle areas. Vehicles, tanks trucks, aa/atgs vislist and visual should be around 2.5k. So a level bomb run at 2km above a town won't score inf hits/kills but should score hits/kills on any vehicles that a bomb lands on/near.
  10. Add a few bits to existing building to play test a change vrs add a whole new object and hope it works out. Now if it works out then new buildings can be better planned out. I think what was done is the better more budget savvy approach.
  11. Mobile or PPO airfields is being discussed, stay tuned There is even a facebook poll on it.
  12. Stuka? The stuka is the only plane ingame that will tell you exactly how high above the ground you are (upto 150m at least).
  13. It the NVidia card does not show as selectable in the ww2 settings/preferences then you need go into NVidia duel graphics settings and set ww2.exe to "high performance" or if the option is there set it to use your NVidia card.
  14. It only going to detect displays on the vid card you have selected in the game preferences. You only have 1 display on the Intel Integrated Graphics so if that's the vid you selected that's the only display. To select the monitor with the Nvidia GTX 1060 you'll need select that vid card
  15. Next tier stuff