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  1. https://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/important-game-play-changes-balancing
  2. I would think you would just need map it to the freelook axis' that the mouse is now mapped to in the keymapper and then toggle it on/off with n key. That is assuming it emulates a mouse more or less like TiR does.
  3. Macs are a different animal
  4. Bandicam, good recorder with good trial option. Open Broadcast Software/OBS, nice free to use option that if you have 2 monitors will do picture in picture. if you have a NVidia then shadowplay through GeForce experience, neat DVR type free recorder.
  5. https://stats.wwiionline.com/winhistory.php
  6. I guess when it does get fixed it will be a surprise for you then.
  7. Hacks were applied by the old team because they no longer had folks that knew creator. They didn't help. The issue is known as is the 2#er tripping over it's nose along with the flak30 and ca mle 1938 doing the same... pak36 sliding on a slope. All ticketed but each requires creator time plus Hatch time..... Along with a ton of other stuff.
  8. And although I really shouldn't say a word about it..... I put a full 360 rounds of Hurri2C 20mm into a axis fms + a full minute more of 20mm and it still took 4 500# bombs to destroy it. (this is in the alpha version, not live) Every round fired hit the efms. So yes the fms issue is being worked.
  9. And just to clarify, nothing has been touched on the armor yet except the gun sights on the tanks/atgs shared by the US and French. Sometimes though things change without being touched which is why I went ahead and checked to make sure something didn't get broke.
  10. I just checked them all. Only one that was different than Parasit's guide was the S35 which I've always sapped on the right side between the 2 brown "humps" as it blows them up there.
  11. Those old buildings were hard on the eyes but roof access was fun. Hopefully something may come along similar to that... One day.
  12. You do not need a link to kill a fb, you do need a link to set a fms to a fb. If you mean let a para class engineer set a fms without link then I doubt that happening. The whole idea of paras is that they are delivered via airplane.
  13. Now that is a idea Slow down forum access by 50% per whine
  14. Rule of thumb for FMS. Must target a named/capable facility, bridges are not facilities. Must be within 3km of target but no closer than 400m to a enemy flag <<<< town and fb markers/flags can be offset from the object, the fms reads distance from the flag marker not the object. Must have supply link. This means that the town of origin (lets say Schilde for instance) must be linked by a capture facility. Example: Antwerp, Lier, Grobbendonk and Oostmalle all have named capture buildings in Schilde. Kalmthout as another example does not link to Schilde, no Kalmthout capture building in Schilde so no link. If FBs exist between origin and target then your side must own the link fb to complete the supply line to target.