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  1. Did you change the font size?
  2. Basicly, bare bones. Art/Artists, create content that can be placed into the game. Create new models and the skin/texture/paintjob for them. We have model artists that create the models, the framework or Skelton for a object and we have graphics artists that then create the textures to go with the model. These folks do not write code, models don't realy have anything to do with 32bit or 64bit. Merlin does the terrain work, adding new towns and objects... Fixing misplaced objects. Very tedious job with a lot of time involved. But not coding. QA, tests all fixes and features to see if what got broken is fixed, if something else got broke. We also try to replicate a found bug and then document in text and video when possible exactly how to replicate so the coder can then follow those steps using a debug/logging version of the game and see what the code is doing when the bug occurs. Coders write/rewrite/replace the code/instructions that causes that content to function within the game as well as correct code that is causing a bug or otherwise causing issues within the game. They don't create models, don't create textures, don't test fixes. 32bit vrs 64bit..... Most basic terms, 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system.
  3. I don't guess the 88 would even be needed then?
  4. Pan is same you need side shot on pz3f, if the 232 fiping is the prob the pziic. and brit get the new Vickers with that 15mm gun. I got nothing to do with spawn lists. Just posting
  5. 232 is fast like the pan, kills a13 and panhard so maybe that should be the mix. 232/A13/panhard
  6. Actually it was anything with a HE element clipped behind the armor on everything and being pretty much the only HE ingame was in the axis equipment that was what got most effected at that time. Char had HE rounds in the hullgun but that was about it for allied HE. So actually it was not a particular cannon or side but all HE that got adjusted.
  7. I try to stay out of these posts but I will add this, how many other games would have the head of the development company replying to threads rather than just relying on forum mods to cull anything that questioned game development or direction?
  8. Ohhh, maybe degrees of capture for a given building. We own 2 floors but need the 3rd for full capture? No idea what would be involved for that but it's interesting.
  9. https://outage.report/steam
  10. 8 of those are CS tanks with 0 anti tank ability. Smoke and HE only combat support tanks.
  11. There are things to do to entertain ones self when the action slows
  12. Not a lot I can do with it.