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  1. Best as I know only the BAR will be shoulder fired, as it is now.
  2. This is a discussion. My understanding is that the consideration is all 3 lmgs if it is done. My imput in this was just to state that any change being looked into was for undeployed fire only.
  3. Just to make clear, adjusting muzzle climb and or dispersion while not aimed (hip fired) does not affect deployed fire on the lmgs. There has been no plan or mention of changing deployed fire best as I know.
  4. A step by step how to reproduce along with a screenshot of any error popup would help a ton on this. We should have a fix for the CTD that the file swap is fixing but any additional info helps greatly.
  5. You can spawnin offline?
  6. If you have never updated the vid drivers, still on the windows supplied vid driver, that may be the issue.
  7. Is that a average with changing clips or as if it had a endless clip?
  8. The difference between the flak30 and flak38 is RoF, correct? What RoF was the flak38? ….. Not the quad/flakvierling the single flak 38
  9. I have no idea as to why it's not working for you.
  10. From the drivers position you can drive it using your joystick, correct?
  11. z is the default and should work. You are using English language keyboard?
  12. This is not even a actual reversion but rather a slight partial change of one specific part of the HE audit. And then only a incremental change rather than reverting to the value before the audit. And as has been stated it's only until the actual bit that's causing the issue can be fixed.
  13. Flak30 no zoom = ca mle 1st zoom Flak30 zoom is slightly more than ca mle 2nd zoom
  14. Just checked and there is a ticket to look into that.