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  1. https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Player_Made_Guides Engineer has HE, for blowing up FBs and bridges. Sapper has 2 HEAT saps for killing tanks.
  2. If you d/l the game via steam then yes it is then a steam acct game and a new wwiiol acct required. As dagger noted, current "organic" accounts (organic means non steam) then steam has the option to add non steam games.
  3. 1: Being addressed. 2: The following is my suggestion only, not a CRS recommendation being I don't have caps . Type .graduate false in the chat and then you can go through the tutorial just as the new players have to. Take notes as to improvement and post them up. 3: Agreed UI is a issue but requires time and coder available. But the UI, the number of clicks to actually get into the fight being too many needs IMO to be improved.
  4. Yep those ä break it. Should hopefully have fix pretty quickly. Workaround atm is create a new user on your computer without accented characters. Otherwise you can try this... Documents/battleground Europe/ww2.xml. Right click that xml and select edit. Select find and type in resolution. Change the 800x600 to your monitor resolution and save. As the game won't write to the xml with those characters in the path I have no idea if it will read from it but worth a try.
  5. The vast majority of those getting stuck in the tutorial are not reading the directions. Example, of the ones I've helped that were stuck on the hud tutorial my estimate would be that 90% of it turned out being even though the info says "hit the left ctrl and y keys to restore the huds to default" and with me telling them in chat "hit left ctrl and y together" I invariably had to pm each one and ask "are you hitting left ctrl or alt?" Answer was always "ohhhh i'm hitting alt, nm I got it now." So how exactly do you prevent user error?
  6. Steam requires a separate account. If you are a old player/prior player you simply need d/l the game and launch playgate and put in your old username/password and you should be good to go for the WB promo
  7. Do you have a accented letter in your computer name or computer user name? Like Ãlex or Êdward? Those accents breaks the path to the game settings xml where changes to settings are saved. Work around atm is create a new computer user without accented characters but I'm pretty sure a actual fix to the game is coming
  8. Reset router and modem. Check cable connectors that they are tight.
  9. As to steam and old guys, I'm 63 and had checked out steam before it was mentioned as a possibility for wwiiol. Wife's cousin was here this weekend and he's a steam gamer, 71 years young.
  10. @jester Appreciate the mention but these days I'm pretty busy. Old and grouchy too
  11. There is no working software as in Microsoft panel for the sidewinder. You can map the buttons via the ingame keymapper
  12. You are likely correct
  13. You should be able to map a center brake to anything that rolls, I map it to my throttle. But don't forget that you now have a brake and then wonder why you can't push (brake is on). As to range finder, both stugs , tiger and m10. Go to commamder and set the + at the ground under your target then hit g key (will show in chat. 88 and bofor both have range finder as well.