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  1. Time can be deceptive. Sound travels at 343 meters per second or 1125 feet per second. The above vid was taken around 300m from the depot and the lmg sound is near a second behind the 1st tracer.
  2. Ahh, yes early on the game modeled something like the concussion wave that was visible. I'm guessing that was a directx effect that was lost in the switch over to openGL. But that's just a guess.
  3. We don't have anything that exceeds the speed of sound.
  4. You have to run playgate from the install folder, where ever you installed to run playgate from that folder
  5. Prone should give least possibility of a shrap hit.
  6. Server is down for patch setup.
  7. As you are aware I can't go into detail. Not my area. This would require Hatch or Scotsman imput. All I can say is that when I test them and grenades they act similarly.
  8. When a round explodes and breaks into shrapnel that shrapnel moves away from the center of the explosion. So lets say you create 360 pieces of shrapnel. On a single plane if you draw 36 rays from the center radiating out that's 1/10 of your potential shrap in a single plane. Now create 9 more planes from center and you'll notice the separation between the rays grows quickly. 360 is just a easy number as there are 360 degrees in a circle.
  9. The barbed wire PPOs are RA leftover static objects that we've managed to repurpose. As such they really need to be redone as to collider type and code so as to function better as PPOs.
  10. BTW, very neat looking stick and throttle!
  11. Control panel, devices and printers, right click the icon for your controller and select game controller settings in the popup, select advanced, select your controller and click ok.
  12. Not sure that will be doable because the game infact does see it as a button held down. Maybe Merlin can come up with a better answer.