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  1. I use a Logitech M570 thumb ball mouse. Not that accurate but don't make my wrist hurt.
  2. No that's not at all what it means.
  3. Riflemen, bolt action rifle gets the inf fighting position and the sandbags. Engineer gets all. All other inf types only get the Inf fighting position. Infantry cycle by right mouse click, trucks cycle using backspace.
  4. RTB, RES, MIA are all just proximity to a owned/friendly base. So you get killed in your AB, on despawn you returned to base dead. Had you been alive on rtb you would have received full points for that mission But as you RTBed dead you get 1/2 points as dead only gets 1/2. Dead=engine killed, pilot/driver killed, main gun/guns broken, main gunner killed,main gun/guns broken, bombardier killed, both tracks or all wheels off, flamed. Exception to above, Ships, boats the driver is not killable. And flotation broken = kill.
  5. I'm using the 382.33 drivers on a gtx1060 with no probs.
  6. I'd not be putting my JS on ebay just yet mingus.
  7. I didn't comment on if it could or couldn't do flight better. I just answered mingus' question as to joystick support. I have no idea of what it'll do for us until we get to the testing stage.
  8. OK, a quick google suggests joystick support is doable in Unreal 4
  9. No idea but, I don't see CRS going down a path as you are describing. But that's just my take.
  10. To the best of my understanding and unless something changed as to plan.... Current users will continue to connect vis playgate same as now. New folks will still be able to direct D/L the game via the website, not use steam portal, same as now if they so chose.
  11. While spawned in hit left ctrl and y together
  12. b key deploys the bar bipod.