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  1. The tut originally guided them through tuning side. It was: Hold left alt key to put cursor on the screen click F3 select side. They would type "side" in the chat and could not advance the tutorial.
  2. Go into the game preferences and make sure tooltips is checked.
  3. Inf render visualy to 700m, viz list tracks them out to 1km. Tanks/trucks/aa/atgs vizlist out to around 2.5km. You could see the 111, he could not "see" you as inf either visualy or in vislist. Also bombs are not STO so only the bomb dropper sees accurately where they land, 3rd person can see them +-50m of where the bomb dropper sees them. Inf used to render both visualy and vislist farther out but caused bad stutters while flying over heavy AOs.
  4. Detect controllers was broken (think still is?)
  5. If I remember you have to map the pinky trigger to a key (in the stick software). Might a been a button on the throttle that's like that as well.
  6. Try setting a custom scaling at 101% Logout of windows and back in and load the game and see if that fixes it. If that don't help then I'm outta guesses.
  7. What resolution are y'all running? And is desktop and game set to same res? DPI scaling? The latest win 10 update changed something to do with how win 10 handles DPI scaling.
  8. Kile, is wwiiol the only thing having this issue? Do you use edge browser?
  9. Humm, those having this problem....Try hitting or holding ctrl or fn key and see if cursor appears. Googling around it seems a windows update is causing some disappearing cursor issues.
  10. Playtime are you running your PC in tablet mode?
  11. Have you tried mapping it on the stick? Best as I recall the forward on a hat switch is defaulted to "forward" and has to be keymapped as look up. https://imgur.com/a/mzckR
  12. I think it's mfc140u.dll that he's missing. And I think that may be a directX dll?
  13. A fix and feature all in one. Make player icons on the map target based rather than mission based. No more playing "where's waldo" https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/Dom9
  14. preferences tab/user interface then on right under font setting check tool tips on.