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  1. You can spawn everything offline
  2. The fuse timer is 10 seconds, the despawn timer is 10 seconds. I can't replicate a instance where I hear the sap "stick" and am able to hit esc key and my despawn timer beat the already running fuse timer. We can't prevent a same side player saying in chat or on voice comes "hey rosco, you gonna get sapped" and the tank hiting esc just before the sapper places. We've not changed the fuse time nor the despawn timer. The only one of those 2 that could be affected by network (as best I can think of) is the despawn timer. If you are dropping packets, or your packets are getting badly fragmented, you will have a pause in the despawn timer starting to count down and usually also get a pause/stall in the despawn cam spin out. I can speak to Production and see. The easy route woulda been "oh it's ticketed". I don't dodge or deflect and I don't lie. I'm not the only ticket creator, but I don't create tickets unless I can see or replicate the issue. That is my personal work style. Someone else may ticket it. I'm far from the only one that monitors reports or these forums as to issue/bug reports. Understand, I test. I'm replying to questions in these forums to try and give some answers because I feel our player base deserves feedback. I've been a player and active "forumite" since 2001. It bothers me if questions by our players just lay unanswered just as it would if I were the one asking. I also know just how busy Hatch and Xoom, as well as our coders, are ATM. So I'll try to answer what I can within the limits of my NDA as well as what CRS policy limits me too until it becomes apparent that my answers are not appreciated by the playerbase. At that time it'll be some else's turn. Now we do test every reported bug. Example, engine bug: It's been a pain since forever. For the player that has it, it broadcasts the "Hey I'm out here waiting". For friendlies it's a pain as to hearing anything else close by. It's been ticketed as long as I've been a tester. And it was hunted all that time. Here recently we stumbled onto the replication, while doing reversion testing for a patch (spawn/drive/shoot everything ingame) and discovered that if the vehicle is beyond a certain distance and shuts engine off and then restarts it triggers the bug. Every time. Nick was working on a fix, the 1st attempt broke/silenced moving vehicles sound inby that certain distance and was reverted. Nick got busy with RL and is not with us now so until we can get current coder time freed up to fix that it is still a bad bug we have to live with. It would be wonderful to just write up a ticket, "this is reported broke" and then test the fix. We don't have the coder time to spend on hunting down a issue that's not reproducible just on the off chance that they may happen on it and can then check logs to see what happened. Example, 232 rear vertical plate rife penetration: We tested every rifle against the 232 on every plate, with logging running and discovered that there was one plate behind the turrent that was infact in the model at part of the top armor rather than the rear armor.This meant it was too thin...top is thinnest on 232 as well as most tanks/scout cars. It had been this way since the 232 was modeled but as none had complained until recently it was a mistake in the orginal model that had been ther forever. When it was brought to our attention QA started hunting, when we discovered it was replicable we ticketed.
  3. The pinky switch needs be assigned as a key in the Saitek software best as I recall....at least that's what I recall on the x52
  4. Top of engine and fuel tank on r35/h39...those I checked... The radiator lays over both the fuel tank and engine on these, the jet from the HEAT has too much open space and or coolant to pass through before getting to them. That allows it to dissipate I'm guessing? As to left side sap to fuel, if you sap the left rear lower hull, between the tracks, on either tank it lights up the fuel. Above the tracks the muffler holds the sap away too far...too much air space to dissipate the jet. Above the muffler you are into the radiator again. These are old models, the spare roller is not separated out as a separate armored bit. I'll ticket that for a fix.
  5. You stated that there was a issue, I tested the issue. I can only give evidence to what I found. That's all I have the ability to do.
  6. I'm getting old but best as my memory serves this vid from me testing this morning is the same sap spots I've always used on s35 and char. I did 5 tanks each with same result every time.
  7. No, for satchels it's 10 seconds across the board
  8. The vid above is a vanilla 1.25, 2005 year install I had on a old HD, not a dev version. I can't change anything in it, the vid shows 10 seconds. The current satchels have 10 second fuses. The old 1.17 from 2003 has a 10 second timer. It has not changed anywhere I look
  9. You gotta click fire to set it then hit esc. 10 secs to boom and 10 secs after you hit the key
  10. This is released January 2007
  11. I just checked the current version, a 1.35 version and even went back more than 10 years and the fuse is and always has been set to a 10 second burn.
  12. I would like it as well. I can't myself do it or anything requiring new code or creator (modeling) work. I'm not qualified to go into more depth than that.
  13. These have nothing to do with, or hinder, any audit or vehicle fixs. These were assets that Scotsman already had made, sitting on his computer. They just needed textures and some small adjustments by MKW (art). Other that that the only other time invested was mine as to adding them to a dev game version to pre (QA) test and then get the vid and screens for the article. No coder time, no time taken from anyone with the knowledge to work on the DM or physics of atg/aa guns. To make a visible DM for atg/aa is going to require basicly rebuilding each gun, adding "death" animations or some other visible damage indicator, then coding in the triggers to swap in the damage model/animations. None of this is something the ones that have spent time on these PPOs have abilities to do. No time was taken from any fix or audit.
  14. Yea we can't deform terrain outside of the terrain editor so anything player placed has to sit on the terrain.
  15. Bombs can destroy the veh spawn at a fb but can't damage the inf spawn. Takes 4 sc250he bombs on veh, all direct hits and I think 8 of the db7 or havoc bombs....I've forgot on the allied bombs but it takes more of them. Takes 4 of the 500# allied bombs like the hurri2c and blen4 carry.
  16. Submit a ticket https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  17. I think that entry in the keymapper, as to tanks, is a leftover. All hatches and view ports that open use o key.
  18. My reply was about cross sides chat. I was not stating it was a exact clone. I do not have access to the server DB nor do I have access to the server tools. That is producer access only. I try to answer questions to the best of my knowledge.
  19. Merry Christmas to you too
  20. IDK about ever. But as is it gives same options as live.
  21. Training server uses the same data as live, when a patch comes out both get the same files.
  22. I was able to log in to the Portland server last night. The team is still sorting out stuff and getting things configured to play nice with each other.
  23. There currently is a option in preferences to toggle waypoints on/off.
  24. I use 2 pc and a mac. I can run multiple accounts on the pc's. Mac there is a way but not worth the effort. I use software on one pc to induce lag (high ping) or packet loss, or both by percentage. I can do this inbound/outbound or both, TCP or UDP packets. This leaves the other pc and mac operating under normal network conditions. I can use the ping command to verify what its doing or wireshark which is a connection diagnostic tool.
  25. I try to be very careful in all my responses on these forums, discord, facebook as well as ingame. These capitol letters are heavy at times, I can no longer joke or act silly in chat, game or forum because every word is weighed against possible leverage to discredit. I don't go onto discord when ingame anymore for the same reason. I try to be informative and helpful as best as I can. Written text is never a good substitute for face to face conversation, too easy for wrong assumptions simply due to differences in writing styles and or difference in the ways we compose thoughts in writing them. I'm a volunteer, I don't get paid for any of this. I do testing, I search through the game itself to figure out/reverse engineer how parts of it work as well as assist art, dev and production in whatever ways I can because it gives me a means of satisfying my curious nature as well as keeping my mind active. I'm not a coder, have no formal computer type education. I'm a 65 year old former coal miner, disabled due to a mining injury many years ago. What I've learned computer, code, art wise has been self taught due to a insatiable curiosity about how things work. Now as to the issues discussed. Part of testing involves discovery as to how to replicate a issue. This gives the devs a definitive starting point. That's not to say dev does not look at issues without replication but that having defined replication steps greatly speeds the process up. "I can clearly see the player in question, clearly see I shot first, clearly see I hit him (multiple times) and yet he still manages to fire on me (after getting shot) and we both die. " The auto despawn was added to help reduce this, it's still being refined. Netcode3 is also a step in reducing this, you'll notice it's disabled currently as it's causing far too many autodespawns and needs refined some more. It's greatly improved, it still needs to be better. Feet sticking through buildings.... Yea it's not a good thing that we desperately want to have fixed and have had several folks attempt. Vehicles, buildings, terrain all use the same type model. Their colliders are created with the model, to put it in a very basic way you simply select the pollys of the wall or vehicle to be the collider (that's from my layman's view of what I've been shown while watching art work). Vehicles are more involved as each collider has a armor value. Infantry though are a different type model, use a different collision deal that is not as adaptable. The speedtrees are also a different type model and use a capsule type collider. this is why some trees seem to have a "forcefield" coming out of them. they are broadbase and taper but the collision capsule does not give the option to taper it. Some have a bend in the trunk, the capsule does not have that ability, it will only expand by width and length. These are limitations that we hope to grow past soon.