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  1. I wonder if y'all have read this? http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/419864-posted-this-in-the-support-page-though-id-put-it-here-to/ May not apply but sometimes strange things happen.
  2. Best I can tell you is what I've seen in testing the auto despawn limits on a dev server. I could run a high ping without issue. My normal ping is in the 50s. With significant packet loss or packet fragmentation my ping would climb into the 1000s and I'd auto despawn. Our devs are still checking the net code to see if they can make changes to improve this.
  3. Man you used to drive me nuts, you must know every crack and crevice that gives just enough view into a cp window. I spent hours hunting down some of those to see how you got me but it was always ligit
  4. The invisible shooters was a example. And I have played the game, if you check the stats wall of fame I'm on the 75k kill list on this account. I've played the game, ranked up several others, each with 5k or so kills. I've guarded, I've seen bad lag in the past but for me with 1.36 I've not seen it so bad it's not playable. That's my experience. As said I will try to observe some who regularly bug report this to see if I can see it same as y'all do. I'm in the southern WV coal fields, I realy doubt my internet is that much better than the rest of the US so if I can get a idea of how to experience it 1st hand that'll give me info to pas to dev.
  5. I've did a lot of guarding. When I still had time to play and my eyes could stand hours in front of a monitor I guarded a lot. Back when we had the offset issue that came in with 1.35 I saw a lot of "got shot and only saw shooter in the death cam" as well as shot through walls, shot him and he didn't die etc. We found issues, coders fixed issues. I've not seen this issue, I've used the buzzard to observe players that were reporting invisible killers and every time it was a player well hidden but with LoS to the reporter. Clearly some are seeing a issue, we are trying to also find a way to experience that issue so we can replicate it for DEV so they know what to look for and or at. I'm replying as straightforward and clearly as I know how. I try to answer questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities as I feel players need to at least know we are listening. But, when it get to the point my posts are ill received then I'm done.
  6. Changing the capture system is not going to be a light task. I don't know exactly all the intimate details but I do remember testing capture was changed from touching the table to being inside the building. Early on you could cap from on the roof of the building and that had to be adjusted which leads me to assume it involved editing the capture polly in the building model itself in creator. If that's the case, and mixing in what little I know as to strat linkage in the terrain editor I think to change to a area type capture the flag pole deal would require new models (needs some sort of placeable terrain piece with the capture call/code/polly) plus changing existing models (removing the capture bit from flag buildings). Then that would need be recoded into the terrain editor (I assume) and if it cant just be a mater of trading the existing cap building for another terrain object or blank polly model then it would mean redoing every town, every capture point in the game..... Not saying it can't be done, but I think it would likely take a good chunk of time dedicated to a artist, coder or coders and terrain folks doing nothing else but this task.
  7. Yes there will be fractional lag at times, that's a part of online gaming. I watch my grandson play heros and generals and hear him complain about it as well as the games on xbox. Die then seeing the other guy appear around the corner in death cam though is part of what the auto despawn is meant to help with. Squash the blatantly horrible laggy connections. With all that's been said though we are still investigating connection issues and still working to refine the netcode so as to get smoother gameplay with the least amount of lag possible without cutting off a huge chunk of our player base.
  8. I answered you as to the best of my knowledge. I can't play the game from your address so I can only relate as to how it plays from mine. That said, in testing over the last few years I've tested using 3 machines, 2 pc and a MacBook, tested organic as well as through steam. I've tested with induced packet loss as well as with induced ping up to 1000ms as reported by the game logs and ping bar as well as checking via cmd prompt to verify both ping and loss using the ping command. I shoot a player it records in the aar. Same ingame. Now admittedly while ingame playing I don't always check the aar so it's possible it's happened and I missed it. Being you are one this seems to happen too I'll try to determine if you play at times convenient for me and if so I will shadow you and observe to see what it looks like from my perspective.
  9. I've never been able to replicate that. I know this, when we can fix it, it will be fixed. Best guess as to what's happening? I'm not a network engineer so I can only guess. The game you play is on your machine. You get "state" updates that tell you this building is destroyed or the depot has been captured and then the game on your machine updates to that state. The player you shoot is rendered on your machine according to updates the player sends to the server and then is sent to you. When you shoot a player you are shooting where the player is rendered on your machine, the xyz co-ordinates you have for that player at that moment. It's not "I'm sending you fire data to xyz, did I hit you but rather I see you at xyz and I fired at you and hit you. You send the data as to where you hit the player so movement or positional lag are not a thing. Now, if I shoot a player I see the hit sprites and send that I hit you here, with this round, at this angle, with this velocity, I penitrated this far, If I hit armor then I made this much spall and it then tracks each piece of spall against each component that takes damage. If I fired a round that creates shrapnel then each piece of that is tracked and all penitration data is also sent to the person I shot. Only guess I have as to seeing hits that do not register as to dropping/immediately killing the player is that I'm not getting the packets telling me who that player is. If I know who that player is then I know (my machine) that I sent the "I hit you" packet. The only other guess I can give is that that "I hit you" packet got lost going to the server. Either case would, best as I can guess, cause a no stat record of that instance. But best as I know lost packets would be the only likelihood. Again, I'm not a network person. I take the bug reports as do the rest of QA and try to replicate the issue and then give dev the replication steps.
  10. As SCKING said, GM/RAT superpowers as to invulnerability are not a live server thing. Dev servers we have tools to use to test with but live tools are very different and restricted vrs dev server. When you see a hit that does not take down the other guy immediately, he/she continues on for a bit on the same vector then likely that player has lost packet flow and is on the way to auto despawn. You hit a player and see them fall dead but get a damage, most all of us have got hit hard enough to not be able to run, can't change range on weapon (scored dead) but still just enough "life" left to keep walking shooting. Tanks/atg/aa/planes, kill the driver that's a kill. Vehicle can still shoot. Kill break main guns, kill, vehicle can still move and tank wise, secondary mg can still fire. Main gun broke awarded the kill so it's a "dead" tank stats wise. Tanks, both tracks broken or engine dead is a kill award. Tank can still fire all guns but stats wise it's a dead tank. There can only be 1 kill award against a player per sortie. So I kill the driver of a tank I get the kill, someone else blows that tank up they only get a damage. We need better visual feedback as to damage. We need a better scoring system where as you receive credit for disabling as well as total kill. Assist points or whatever. Still loads of things that need be or would be neat to have. All require time, keeping this grand old game alive and the talented folks needed to get there.
  11. We do not use dev/rat powers on live.
  12. I set the essen/dusseldorf corner area axis so there are also fairly close opposing AFs if needed.
  13. It's in testing still. We've created tickets on the latest found issues for the Devs to work off of.
  14. If you have a cfml folder in the WWIIOline folder then check that those folders are set to read only (sometimes windows updates randomly lock folders to read only).
  15. Just hooked up a saitex x52. I normally use a MS sidewinder 2 FFB. Loaded the game and stick was not seen. With the game still running I alt tabbed out and set the x52 as preferred. Brought the game back to top and hit the detect controllers and x52 then worked ingame. IDK why you are having issues. Look in documents/WWIIOnline folder Should be a bin folder, cfml folder and a screenshots folder. If that cfml folder is not there then create a new folder and name it cfml. Load the game and see if that fixes it (assuming the cfml folder is not there now).
  16. Ok, that is strange as it's always worked
  17. You set it as preferred device and the game still doesn't see it?
  18. When we had the meeting with our terrain guy we expressed to him we wanted cover added as well as AI repositioned to cover these new placements. I had a dev version of the game loaded and was sharing screen so we could all see how the bunkers would fit in with what was already there and what may need moved to make better gameplay. We want to do the best we can the 1st try on these.
  19. Barring issues the ones listed should all be in the same patch (may not be the next one as we never know what we may find until we have them in a terrain we can test)
  20. A few questions, to anyone reading here. Ever see the despawn window come up with green ok then the timer starts and ok greys out until the timer hits 0? If you are quick you can click it before the timer goes active? Ever have the despawn spinout stall for a second or longer then resume? Notice that it takes several seconds after you click enter world before you spawn? And lastly ever notice the little white packet ticker/bar in the fps hud get shorter? All the above are indications of packet loss. If during the spawn process the client loses connection to the cellhost then the game can't place you into the cellhost. In most cases the enter world button greys out then comes active/green again without spawning you. Extreme cases it can cause your mission to become invalid or tell you your unit is not available even though the list still shows available units of that type.
  21. Depots have a fraction of the supply a ab has and it trickles in from the ab so yes you are far more likely to get to the last one in the list type deal. Yea I can only test on my 2 PCs and 2 macbooks across both a hardwired and wifi connections. Can't test on others setups.
  22. If the game worked prior to the patch it should patch without issue. You may have to uninstall/reinstall the full install.
  23. I and my team have tested the scenarios I described. I have no desire nor do I attempt to mislead. When I post about things, I've already tested what I am posting about. I don't post to try to one up or browbeat. My intent is to try to explain and inform but being we have rules as to what depth we can go into as to testing tools and procedures I can't lay it out step by step. Multiple accounts, I just tested on a test server with 5 accts on this rig. Ping was the same across all 5 and was the same on 1st as when it was the only one online. All are HC on that server so was getting chat spammed with HC notifications as well. With 5 spawned in my fps did drop into the 30s and 40s but yea I was running 5 clients simultaneously. 1 guy warping while others are smooth = the warper has a issue. I've watched a few and generaly they end up getting auto despawned. Enterworld bug, it happens with the last available unit of that type but it will happen with several left if you are dropping packets. Note: current version is only displaying 1 way ping ie ½ actual. Next patch will show full ping and I think quicker polling(not 100% sure on the quicker polling but to me it looks so), so everone's ping will double from what the game shows now. And next patch does have changes to the netcode, we are still refining it.