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  1. Not all CRS has the ability to change system messages. We did our best to get the game back in a playable state while trying to determine what went wrong to begin with. So while the person available with the ability to set these towns to neutral, meaning the allies could not AO and cap them while axis could not spawn them due to this new CTD issue, he didn't have the tools to change the system messages. What happened? 3 towns (so far) have caused player CTDs after being captured as Axis. Why only Axis caps? That's what we are trying to sort out. Allied captures have checks as to which allied faction will own a capture as well as a timer to allow a change of country (allied.. FR/BR/US) within a certain time. Axis captures simply become German owned. So we have to find why suddenly these 3 towns cause a CTD when axis owned as well as why we can't replicate this on other servers. We are trying to find the cause and a fix
  2. I don't play other games, don't realy have the time. My grandson plays about every ww2 themed game available. Now what I've noticed with him is he waits a queue until he can spawn. Seems to me he waits way more than we do with SD. So I guess a option might be setup a queue system where you could only spawn the underpop or wait until sides balanced to within x%. To me that would suck but maybe I'm just old and out of the loop?
  3. I create tickets, I attempt to recreate the issue in repeatable steps for a coder. The priority is dependant on the coder that can fix it vrs what is already on their plate.
  4. The enter world bug is ticketed, it's a pain for sure
  5. What was before was you capped the ab and the bde got kicked. No bde no way to create or continue missions as the supply was tied to the bde that got booted. Garrisons are there until you fully own, so now taking away the ab does not suddenly remove supply the garrison had stored in owned depots.
  6. I think it should be 6k. For other planes it's 6k vizlist but not sure as to ground vehicles.
  7. If it's in your vizlist you can kill it. For ground vehicles/atg/aaguns that's 2500m. Inf enter vizlist at 700m but stay in it out to 1k.
  8. No idea how discord would be loading wwiionline.
  9. Hopefully @PITTPETE can help you
  10. It told you to uninstall, not delete. Delete does not remove the registry keys. Uninstall removes those
  11. Yes = it copies your old keymaps and preference settings to the folder that the game now looks for them in... Means your keymaps and preference settings carry over and all is same as before patch. Also copies your screenshots to the new folder. Documents/WWIIOnline No=it creates all default keymaps and settings and will ask you if you want to use old setting everytime you launch the game until you click yes.
  12. If you select yes to "use older files" it then copies your cfml and preference settings to a new WWIIOL folder in documents. This is where the game now looks for those files. It then copies your battleground Europe folder (where those files were stored) and names that folder as a copy, backs it up and then removes the battleground Europe folder. So long as you select no it will not do the above. And until you let it move the files to the new location it will as everytime you load the game.
  13. Heh I still have older versions I use to reversion test with and stuff that create a new battleground Europe folder every time I launch them so then this new version then goes through the whole replace and copy when I launch it. Can get confusing.
  14. Just a heads up David, the cfml files are now in documents/WWIIOL folder. If you chose to use older files then it copied them there and renamed your battleground Europe folder as a copy. This version only reads the cfml and wwiiol.xml from that WWIIOL folder.
  15. The installer created a new folder in documents, WWIIOL folder. This is where your cfml and preferences now live, if you chose to "use old settings" "use old cfml files" it will copy the battle ground Europe folder contents to the new WWIIOL folder. It will then rename the battle ground Europe folder as a backup/copy. Now until you chose to ok the use of the older files it will use the default files in the new WWIOL folder as the game no longer looks in the battle ground Europe folder. As long as you select no and do not chose to use the older files it will ask every time you load the game.
  16. Morris fix was to the vehicle itself, not a terrain change in any way.
  17. My eyes are pretty bad and the vid is low res but is there even any packet ticker in that fps hud?
  18. Are you sure you selected the Campaign server when you launched the game?
  19. I've flown ju52 to the alps without running out of gas. If it becomes a serious issue it will be bumped up but atm I've yet to hear of a load of paras not getting to target due the plane running out of gas.
  20. Blen is off pilots right shoulder.Not sure the ju52 has one
  21. Yea shouldn't be a issue when in zoomed in views.
  22. Mouse look used to be n key, was changed to left alt. Left alt used to be mouse cursor, was changed to left shift+alt. Some of these are default mapped twice, mouse look is in "views" but also in "infantry catagories best as I recall. Possible you may have a double map conflict.
  23. Have y'all remapped from the new cursor, crouch, prone, mouselook keymaps back to the old or to different keymaps?
  24. By locked, you mean the game locks up while loading? or all the personas are locked? or all equipment has red locks?