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  1. You can start the game offline by double clicking the ww2.exe in the install folder. Default install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe on 64 bit windows and C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe on 32 bit windows.
  2. Pressing left ctrl and y keys together resets the screen elements.
  3. Yes, Boston/DB7/HE111/Blen4 only drop bombs from the 2 position.
  4. Only the boston I and DB7 have doors that you have to open, there is a red handle front right bombardiers position that is down when open . HE111 has doors but the bombs open them as they drop. For a bomber that has a bombardiers position the bombs left are listed in the bombardiers ammo hud. For bombers that drop from the pilots seat, ju-87, blen I and the fighter bombers the bombs are listed in the pilots ammo hud.
  5. That ticker looks ok. So long as the dots are even spaced with no gaps and it stays out under the "N" in normal it's OK. That said I think it only tracks the connection one way, I may be wrong on that but I think that's how it works. Generaly when I've seen it get short I also start seeing folks start warping which would suggest it shows inbound to you client. Now the difference between a steady dotted line and a solid white bar is your antialiasing setting on you vid card settings. Makes no difference to connection. Low number or no antialiasing will show a dotted line, high setting on antialiasing shows as a solid line. Breaks in either indicate a connection issue but it does not reflect all connection issues. I play with a average 55ms to 60ms ping and never have issues. But I am hardwired to my router and I do reset router and modem weekly. Now I only have a 10 down/2 up connection so if wife is streaming Netflix on the living room tv and grandson is playing xbox in the back bed room.... Well then I can occasionaly get some weird stuff ingame.
  6. Takes direct hits on the fb veh. 1 DB& or Havoc load will not do the job. 1 HE111 can if he/she is very good and no AA around. Same with DB78/Havoc, AA gonna make it tough
  7. Several items on that list are being actively looked at hunted for fix. As to adding stuff, most of what has been added is from crs members that can't don't work on those bits. So adding terrain or variant models is not slowing bug fixes as those folks do not do bug fix coding.
  8. The intent is not to make attacking harder. This is to give folks more reason to fly. Bombers need targets that they feel helps with the overall effort. Fighters need more reason to fly than just swat the solo guy bombing a AOed town. With that we need to try and keep it interesting and desirable without it being overpowering. Hopefully we can come up with more target types for bombers and ground (and maybe someday even navy...) that draw a fight over them. Tough to do as what jack and jill think is a good idea tends to piss off mark and mary.
  9. And I'll add this. I'd like to think I'm fairly good at dropping bombs. That said I on average didn't get full on hits with every bomb drop in testing, even with the fact that there was no aa or nme fighters to dodge. It's gonna take pratice to be able to take them down and I imagine if it gets to the point that it seems too easy we may well decide to up whats needed.
  10. @MosizlakKinda surprised at your reaction. This will (hopefully should?) bring bombers to the fbs like back in the old days of aagun fly swatting. But this time the bombs only affect the veh (and the "other") and it takes quite a few. Only a HE111 carries enough bombs to drop a veh spawn in a single sortie but that's only if he can directly hit the tent with each bomb. Inf can still drop a fb without bomber help, takes same number of saps as it has. So, no DB7 or Havoc will drop a veh spawn on a single sortie. They will be able, if each bomb hits the tent, bring it close to down. HE111 can bring a veh spawn to 100% damage but again it takes a direct hits. Near miss'..... Gotta be very close miss to do any damage and it drops off fast as to how much missed by.
  11. DB7 and havoc require 10 bombs to drop a bridge
  12. Mee too
  13. There have been no changes to it since I've been testing.
  14. You were killed by a Ju87 G-2, the tank buster stuka with 37mm cannon. It has no forward fireing mg.
  15. It's player adjustable but yea I think it shouldn't go full on unless the player sets it as such. As is though if you select the "best quality" it sets everything to highest. That inf LOD and the corpse number and time displayed should likely be defaulted to middle settings and consider full on as a extreme setting.
  16. You only having low fps playing ground Mike? If so then check that this slider is to the left rather than the right.
  17. Assuming the game "sees" the bomb object as a vehicle and considering that if inf touch a moving enemy vehicle it kills them, then yea I guess it may be likely. Not sure if the game infact classes bombs in with vehicles or not though so the above is pure assumption and or speculation.
  18. The sniper scopes has some smudging around the edges now.
  19. Yup keep both mouse buttons held down.
  20. I'm on win 10 as well and have never had a issue with being able to us the ctrl alt del keys to bring up task manager with the game running
  21. If hitting ctrl alt del does not bring up taskmanager then you may have a windows problem
  22. Sound you can control via your sound mixer, so long as you use the same sound device as you've defaulted to windows. As to setting affinity.... Might help? Never have myself.