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  1. Never tried that on the main server so no idea. I can on the training server but it is setup a bit different as enemy chat is not garbled, you can cross side PM and no sidelock timer.
  2. And for trainers it allows us to have a "target" account to pratice with on the training server without needing to bother anyone else.
  3. No worries KFS1, I just knew you would answer and give me a direction to head for
  4. Bump for KFS1 to perhaps see as I think this may relate to the CTHL issues as well.
  5. Do the offline opel test (spawn opel offline and don't move, note fps after 1 minute) with different resolutions. Set desktop same as game res. Some vid cards get better fps above 1024x786 than they do below it.
  6. Yea forgot to add that crs doe'nt accept pings so the next to last hop will show 100% loss which is normal. The hops prior showing less than 100% though mean packets lost inroute which I think is causeing alotta folks to get lost host connection, the no mission results thing, and to be warpy.
  7. Bloo, many of us have ran 2 accounts on one comp (multiple instances) for quite awhile. However after...the patch that came around xmas I think, you gotta kill the sound in the wwiiol setting before loadin the 2nd instance. Definately seems a sound related deal. I used to do this on the training server all the time but being on dialup could'nt on the main server cause I don't have the bandwith to carry all the player info twice. Actualy the game don't hit fps nor yor system that hard with 2 instances running. Have'nt tried it for awhile but I used to be able to run the main server and training server at the same time on the same account as well.
  8. As Spoon has stated it's apparently a prob with some usb keyboards. I have a eluminx ps2 keyboard, dell ps2 mouse, MS optical usb mouse, MS sidewinder 2 FFB usb stick, nostromno N52 usb keypad all hooked up and no probs. Have also had a old wingman gameport stick with usb adapter cord that I used to make rudder peddles hooked up with all the above with no probs.
  9. I have xp pro with sp2, no probs with the guncam. Check with csanders.
  10. Not sure what's causin your probs. I've not had a 128 meg card in years but maybe something to check/try. Do you have, in your wwiiol settings, vid memory or system memory set? If you have wwiiol set to vid memory maybe try setting it to system to free up vid memory?
  11. P4 3.0 ghz northwood asus p4c800-e deluxe mobo 2gig OCZ cass2 ram/virtual memory disabled bfg 6800gsoc vidcard plantronics dsp 500 headset/onboard soundmax sound disabled 2 120 gig HDs/no raid win xp pro sp2 Dell 56k modum from old comp Nothing is OCed, all stock timings. I just tried loading both accounts with and with out sound on 2nd. I was able to load 2nd account after disabling sound in wwiiol setting prior to initalizing 2nd account. I spawned 251 and pak and towed myself a few minutes on the training server. FPS was lowered aproximately by 1/2 and screen was a bit jumpy. This was the 1st time I'd loaded both accounts on this vid card. On the old 9800pro (also this was months back, before xmas) fps drop was less noticable. Not sure if gfx cards difference or wwiiol version difference or both.
  12. Just checked, 2nd account hangs while loading sounds. If I load the 1st account then disable sounds in wwiiol settings my 2nd account will then load/work OK.
  13. My post was just an attempt to explian in general why fps drop in town as opposed to the wide open spaces. As per gnasche's post the water reflections settings can really hammer fps as it seems that the new posters are also affected by those settings. On my system the current version runs roughly the same as prior version of wwiiol fps wise, with the water reflection setting turned off.
  14. Towns are gonna hit fps. Everything is made up of triangles, buildings use a lot of triangles. You load the outside and the inside of buildings if they are enterable so you figgure number of buildings and number of enterable levels in the buildings and you've got lotsa triangles for your vid card to load. When flying it's not as bad cause you're loading the lower LOD (level of detail) on about everything unless you are cutting the grass with the plane. See if I can get a pic that shows this better and if so I'll repost. OK, I know that inf and vehicles are LODed, I assume that all the models are as in buildings/trees and so on. Below is a example of inf at full LOD and no LOD. I imagine there are several levels of detail, distance triggered. Watch a tank as it drives away, 1st the tracks will change appearance from a high level of detail up close to a lesser detail as it moves away. The closer you are to objects the more there to draw of that object.
  15. I play on an 26.6 Kbps connection (according to the little connected icon in my taskbar) I've played wwiiol for almost 5 years on dialup with no more probs than anyone else has. You must make sure you are clear of spyware and anything that might use part of your connection though. No auto updates, don't have messenger up while game is running and so on.
  16. Hummm, this was a bigger than usual d/l. I seem to remember something in explorer that ya gotta set for larger d/ls..or used to or you'd get a corrupt file? If you're usin explorer, click the tools tab at the top then click internet options, then settings (in the middle of the window) and see how much disk space you have set for temp files....Also, have you ever cleaned those temp files out? Maybe no help but it's all I got ATM.
  17. Ahh, OK you mean in the adapter tab/properties/general it reports, Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0 ^^^This is how windows reports the apg slot. Hummm, OK in the video properties. Click the GeForce 7800GS tab and then on the tab the pops up on the side click on that GeForce 7800GS ....top of the side bar popup thing. You'll see stuff like processor (geforce 7800GS in your case),Video bios version, IRQ, and Bus. Bus should read Bus: AGP8X
  18. Rivatuner will unlock clocking so you can check the clock speeds but may void the warrenty...not sure. http://www.guru3d.com/rivatuner/ But yea if you're hanging on the benchmarks something is definately not right....Maybe something to check. Is the card fitting tightly, takes a bit of force to get it into the slot? I had probs with this 6800gs, would lose signal to the monitor. My board is a apg pro and don't have the lock on the slot to lock the card in. This card fit loosely and that was the prob, it was slipping outta the slot a bit. My case has card supports but never needed to use them with the ati card as it fit real tight into the slot. After I used the suport to lock the card in I've had no probs. Just a after thought....how many watts is you powersupply? Prolly not whats happening with you but worth a check perhaps.
  19. Core should be somewher around 400mhz I'd think without actualy checking the net, my 6800CS has a core clock speed of 370. As to temp my 6800CS shows 59c at idle with the nvidia properties temp thing but from experience I'd say these type proggies are just a ballpark type value. The vid card setting are in the properties, right click your desktop then click properties (or select nvidia display if the driver put a shortcut there) if no nvidia shortcut then click settings then advanced then the tab that has your card name, gf7800gt or whatever. You'll get a side bar with the settings. Select preformance and quality. Then near the bottom of the main panel is a window that will scroll, find vertical sync (vsync) and click on the words"vertical sync" This will activate the slider at the bottom and you can then set to off.
  20. Actualy (with my 6800GS) vsync needs to be set to off. If set to app control it costs me about 40% fps wise. And yea there is definately a prob somewhere cause that setup should smoke pretty much anything you throw at it. Maybe a dumb question or maybe already answered and I missed it but are you sure you are getting proper power through the molex connector to the card? The extra power cord you have to hook up to the vid card.
  21. Some vid card/driver setups prefer desktop res same as game res. With my 9800pro or current 680GS it does'nt make a difference, game will force desktop res to match game res while game is running then desktop reverts to orginal setting. My experience also has been that the geforce cards I've had did better at 1024x768 or above, this 6800CS makes very little difference between 1024x768 and 1600x1200. The ati 9800pro liked 1152x864 best. Geforce cards that I've had did lose almost 50% fps in wwiiol if 2nd monitor was enabled but with the AT9800pro was same fps with single or duel monitors enabled. Setting vsync to off, not app preferance but off in vid settings gives me marked fps increase with this 6800GS. Also (have'nt checked this in latest version of wwiiol) I set the wwiiol settings to preformance then go through each tab and enable what I want set. This seems for me to give better fps than setting to quailty then turning stuff off. Everyones gonna get a bit dift findings so you just gotta fiddle with settings till you find the best for your setup. Also, some usb devices can cause fps loss. I had a usb modem (dialup) that cut my fps in wwiiol by 1/4 when modum was connected online.
  22. Ummm ratso, pci and pci express are totaly different best as I recall. If his mobo has a apg or pci express slot then he can go with later cards but as to the old pci cards I realy don't think they came much past the geforce 2 series. EDIT: It seems geforce pci did extend into the 5 series but still not sure thats a good option.
  23. As Fredrik1 has posted, we are currently in intermission. Intermission is a wind down/relax time between maps where folks will just simply go at it without too much worry about stats/kill to death. Most intermissions are also scenerio type maps and generaly only have limited units types. This is such a scenerio. Quite possibably folks are simply not checkin their chat. It's kinda like a little vacation, hard to understand until you do a full map or two. When ingame an in need of help, hold left alt key to turn cursor on then click one of the "F" tabs on the chat bar. F5 or F6 are generaly empty so best for this. When you click on the F5 or F6 tab you wil get a rollout. Click on help. Now on you keyboard push the F key you set to help, F5 or F6, and the help channel will open. Type your question and hit enter and you help message will be sent. Also type .trainers or /tr and you should get a list of trainers online for your side. You can talk directly to one of the trainers by typing .m playersname Like this .m oldzeke help I'm lost!!! That chat would come to me with a yellow flag. You can .m any player on your side like this, you can also set a players name as a channel. Open a F tab, like F5 or F6 and select custom then type the players name into the little window. Then use that F key to toggle chat to that player. We also hold training on the training server (seperate server) on mondays wednesdays, and thursdays at 9pm est. Saturdays at 12 noon est. You can find the training server by clicking the " Train now" pic in my siggie. Read the rules of the server before entering please. Also check out www.thetrainer.info (also hot linked in my sig) for a good wwiiol tutorial site. This game takes time to learn. IMO 2 weeks is a quick study. But if you give it a good try you may find it a game you can't quit playing
  24. Need a "what works to log into the training server" sticky me thinks.