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  1. Easy way to do the trace route if you are not familiar with cmd. Create a notepad file on your desktop and paste the following into it. @echo Testing network to wwiiOnline @tracert wwiionline.com>>wwiiOnline_netcheck.txt @echo - >>wwiiO@echo - >>wwiiOnline_netcheck.txt Save the notepad as wwi_netcheck.bat or whatever name you prefer but make sure it ends in .bat Now you'll have a file with 2 cogs on it named whatever you named the notepad, a bat file. Double click that file and the cmd window will open. Just let it sit there, in about 3 minutes or so it'll close and you will have a text file on your desktop (or wherever you put that bat file) that has the trace route info to wwiionline.com
  2. To copy from a cmd window, hold left click and drag across all you want to copy in the window. It should highlight as you drag across. Then use the ctrl c keys (together) to copy.
  3. The win 10 xbox stuff is what I'm kinda curious about. When nvidia 1st came out with shadowplay it wouldn't work with the xbox recorder enabled. That's more info
  4. Those having this issue, when you last installed did you select/check the box to update the visual studio stuff? There are 3 check boxes on the installer, visual studio/directx/desktop shortcut.
  5. Just kinda thinking out loud here..... Those having this issue, all on windows 10? I'm wondering if a win10 xbox feature maybe conflicting or something. Just trying to dig for some sort of clue
  6. The only update that ever touched the folder cfmls live in was the one that changes the directory from "documents/battleground Europe" to "documents/wwiiOnline" And until you OK it to copy that battle ground Europe folder and recreate it as wwiionline it uses the former. But we've never overwritten cfml files.
  7. Ok, that's more than we've had to date. Not sure why using a different drive would affect it but it's info. I don't mention different drives to doubt, just that I have various dev versions scattered across 2 ssds and a old style HD and couldn't replicate it. I'll add this info to the ticket
  8. Our grandkids usualy stay with us on the weekends. Our granddaughter rushed into the living room one evening "there's a wasp in my room". She is allergic to wasp venom so this was serious. I get the swatter and go to kill the wasp but no wasp can be found. I don't doubt that there is a wasp in the room but it's landed somewhere and although I seemingly swat and shake every picture on the wall and the curtains and blinds....no wasp. I go back to watching TV and in a bit she's back "the wasp is flying around the ceiling fan" I go to kill the wasp, no wasp. Eventually, after another incident or 2 I finally do meet the wasp and dispatch him. Until I could see the wasp, I couldn't do anything about it. I did not doubt the it was in that room but I had no way of making it appear because I couldn't find it. I have no doubt this "can't fire" bug is a real thing. To my knowledge none of us (CRS) have experienced it. Without a replication method it's like shooting in the dark without anything to go on other than it's out there somewhere.
  9. Been a long time wish list item. Values are hard coded so not just a change a number kind of thing.
  10. Because the island ABs are coded to not spawn armor. There is not a armor list for them to go into.
  11. Offline is just the client on your machine. Rank, subscription... All that is server side. You can spawn every unit offline. You can spawn at any town with any unit offline.
  12. Same server, same client.
  13. Yea in beta we hit groups of inf with DD shells to see how high they would fly, best as I recall. And to my best recollection/guess rag doll was toned down to try and cure the sliding of corpus' across the terrain. I can't remember for sure though. I do remember lining up clones along the cliffline at piesport and then sniping them from the river to see how far they could fly out into the river after hitting the berm on the river bank.
  14. The training server is not open because of technical issues, not because CRS hates anyone or wants to slight anyone.
  15. I'm still me. Just more of me than before
  16. I remember the 1st cap of England I went on, FMB lost connection like 3 times and left us swimming.
  17. Offline is just the game on your machine. Start (windows icon lower left of your screen) cornered rat software, pratice offline
  18. Are you by chance using edge browser?
  19. Matts at the colo this evening so it may be awhile before he sees this thread
  20. I just did a forum search for jettison, I found posts back to December 2005 and didn't check every page.
  21. Dingos ate meh baby....well the forums ate my reply. Jettison has been a thing for a very long time. It's been discussed, decried, defended on these forums a ton. It is not in my area of decision within CRS.
  22. yea if the jettison they do 8 bombs worth if they hit. With a fb veh spawn that means hit the tent. FMS has to hit the fms object, factory has to hit the walls or inside the walls.. If they miss with jettison then they blew all 8 chances in one go.
  23. 1 db7 or boston can't take a veh from 100 to 0. 1 HE111 can take out 2 veh spawns if the pilot is practiced enough