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  1. I've only got a few days left on my subscription but I'm not going to renew it under the circumstances, it's just too frustrating to enjoy this game as it stands. I've completed the RATS questionaire about exactly why i'm not resubbing and i'll probably have a quick look back here next year some time and see if anything has changed. Off to find something else to waste my spare time on...
  2. My subscription expires in about 10 days at which point it will be a full month of intermission and bugs that I was lured into thinking would be a 'special campaign event' rather than beta testing. Is there going to be any form of compensation or incentive for us to stay on at this point? Not holding out any hopes of course, just asking.
  3. I managed about an hour of play last night without a cell host disconnect which is a pleasant change. Unfortunately TZ3 is back to being a ghost town presently so it wasn't much fun. I dont know if the absense of players was linked to the absense of cell host issues, but if that is the case, having no players at all should fixed it completely
  4. Not quite sure what you are trying to say here. This host disconnect bug can occur at any time and any location, it is a server side error. Nowhere did I indicate 'only in big cities'. I've had just as many cell host disconnects out in the wild fighting at FBs as I have in cities. What was significant about my reference to Arras was the amount of Axis players simultaneously disconnected trying to defend what is the primary Allied target. Many just logged off for good in disgust after that happened.
  5. Logged in. Played for about 10 mins. Cell Host 126 dumps everyone defending Arras. Played another game thats not buggy as ****.
  6. New CTD error today with latest build. Chat Host Disconnected followed by immediate crash to desktop after about 10 minutes play in a quiet area. Cant remember the number it was something like 10033 but as it CTD I cant be certain. Game = still broken. Doesn't look like I'm going to get any worthwhile play out of this whole month subscription, which has turned out to be nothing but beta testing a broken game. Probably just going to unsubscribe and uninstall this game permanently unless there is a drastic improvement over the remain 2 weeks on my sub.
  7. Now the whole server is dead again What next?
  8. Likewise, I'm glad to see this issue is being investigated seriously. If you need information from us that may help, please ask. We all want this to work after all
  9. new CTD bug after about 15 minutes play tonight had a Chat Host connection crash. Unable to log back in now.
  10. Still no word from the RATS about this issue? I'm seeing a lot of chat about this in-game so it's not just a handfull of unfortunates with old hardware you know.
  11. i've tried with wireless and with direct cable connection. This is the host that is chugging. See my thread on Cell Host 20033.
  12. no that's not it. I've tried with wireless and direct cable connect internet. I've tried with player detail minimized and visual players reduced to medium any less than this isnt worth playing at all. no other network services running. For the first hour the event kicked off i had no issues despite huge player population and visual player limit set high. After an hour the host seem to start struggling until finally every spawn is a fail despite lowering all these settings that have been suggested. For a week in testing 1.34.* I had no issues with this cell host 20033 at all, had great fun street fighting and capping bunkers etc. Since latest patch lots of problems, clipping getting stuck in terrain, and very frequent cell host disconnect 20033 followed today by cell host 126 which requires BE to be shut down. I've .reported all this for what it's worth. Given the number of people online reporting the same problem i'm amazed you went live as things are currently. I'm prepared to give you guys another chance to patch this but otherwise I'd like a refund because the game is unplayable for me now and I just resubbed and helped you test all week.
  13. makes no difference Bloo, I have mine on minimum detail. Disconnects every spawn.
  14. WTF is up with this latest patch? I've been fine all week now when we're about to start the map, the game becomes unplayable.
  15. Yeah it just goes round in a loop for ever saying just click the 'unsub' button when there isn't one. Very funny. I just switched payment to offline cash to make sure I dont get debited again. Not impressed with this bull****.