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  1. @ goreblimey yeah the game tier is total unfair. Only Tier 2 is a Axis strong tier. All others tiers Axis is stuff is much weaker. If we make tier 2 also to a allied one side wounder time the game is dead.
  2. Any pling from a KI AA in a plane ist kill. Every single hit from AI AA = killed by Forces. But the plane ist not really lost If you RTB. Sometimes you kill something in the Air but gain no kill. ITS Happens Sometimes.
  3. Have a 3:1 kill on him. 9:3
  4. My ping is 200-400 near everythink is warping sometimes
  5. My ping is over 300 know unplayable for me.
  6. @ jwilly We need italy Stuff!
  7. I have a active Sub but i have only the Access to the open
  8. All my persona Stuff on Axis Side is locked in Intermission. Air and Ground :-(
  9. I read in the roadmap 2019/20 CRS will update the game speedtree technology from 4.2 to 6.0. Any news about this? From my view any small graphic update will help the game more then any new gear or other in game Update.
  10. Who not know about "Rechlin" All German militäry guns where testet at Rechlin among scientific cretins. The results are identical to subsequent tests from today's time, of example of the 88 from the tiger. These are still used today as a scientific basis.
  11. Please dont use Wiki guys. Here some real Information from "Rechlin". The Image in this tread is a original. So we can see the following thinks. Nr. 1 The Mg-151/15mm can penetrante 25mm at 100m with his standart AP rounds. Nr.2 With APC near 45mm at 100m. Nr.3 The 18mm in wiki is how trump would say Fake news. Nobody fly more the109 F2 in the last years then me, and in some camp i have kill over 150 Tanks. Possible in real??? Of course yes. In history only the 109 F2 were later additionally upgrade from the LW with rockets for ground attackts. It was no secret that the LW selected ONLY the 109 F2 for that extrem very rare upgrade. The test center “Rechlin“ knows about his amazing penetration possibilities. The main problem on the real battlefield was that the pilots not know if he kill the tank with his mg151/15 bullets or not. Because the Mg 151-15 make only extrem small holes in the tank. No real chance for a pilot to see if the tank is destroy or nor. For using on a real battelfield this is really bad, but for a PC game its fine. (Same that french tanks have no radio set) Know your Information about it is possible to kill Mattys. Go to War Thunder and go to the virtual garage. Spwan the Matty and look about his armor everywhere. We can see only 18mm on the top of the Turret. (Easy kill for the 151/15 in real) Ingame Commander and Gunner kills are possible Next thing Near 80% of the Top of the matty have only 20mm Armor. (again easy work for the Mg 151/15) In this part you all can say what you want, but Hatch make it 100% realistic.
  12. I have a quastion, on example Axis RDP French factories 50% down. Can allies switch all frontline Towns to UK and US and have 100% Ressuply on all garrison? Or maby UK and French RDP is near down, can they switch all Garrision to US and have 100% Ressuply on US towns?
  13. From my view with this cheap starter Subscription include all the good stuff like Pz.IVG or the Blenhein and Stuka, the game will lose soon some Premium AC. But maby over a long time, this will gain up the player base. Maby... I can understand this try because so many steam users say that the game is to expensive and they give the game a bad rewiev. Maby sell some Skins for some extra money? Maby CRS can recruit a 3D graphic artist experts for a half year or more, so he can create multitude skins of all untis. True this will costs somethink but over the next years you can sell this skins month for month. Invest one time and gain some extra money for every new month.
  14. US Resupplay works over 50% of the english RDP and 50% France RDP.