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  1. The new history tier is for me the best update since years.
  2. Well done
  3. Only raydr is a axis tanker?
  4. The true is, if i can play free as Stuka i never pay more for this game and play only as a free Stuka, Bf109 E-1, Pak36 and Smg guy. And i think many other make this to if we have more DLC soon.
  5. @ Merlin I dont wrote anything about that we have know any RDP facility in the Nederlands. So i know that we have here atm no facility. Again in the new 1.36 Trailer on time 24:10 i sea many RDP facility north of Antwerp. Did you put soon in 1.36 RDP facility near north of Antwerp?
  6. I watch the 1.36 Trailer. Did CRS put really german factorys direct near north from Antwerp? Did we have soon 10 min easy Bombing from Antwerp soon? When yes, why German factorys in netherland? Thats again any real History?
  7. The BF-110 or the Stuka is a better Torpedo bomber.
  8. I say allied win. Spacecam say the true, this side win who is mostly overpop. If one Side lose, many players stop play and wait for the next Map.
  9. For the air game this is a amazing idea, but the main part of the game is the ground game. Everythink what can stop the ground game is not really good i think. Of example, if you control the Air atm and have a airfield near, you can stop a AO really good with kill all eTrucks. So it is atm possible to stop an AO with bombers.
  10. For me graphic is not all. But all people i have tell about BGE and when they try this game, in around 95% they say somethink like this. "Maby the game is amazing, but the graphic is to bad for me" All the new ground and air units and the gameplay update are great, but what the game really need is a improve of his graphic. If CRS buy a graphic disigner they do more for the game as with 40 new playable units.
  11. Nice, more realistic Timeline
  12. I have install windows 8.1 cfresh again and dl then the game install exe from the game page and install the English version of the game. Same think again , after 5 sec game crash. The last patch kill the game for me. Did we have no beta testers for patches?
  13. I have install Bge 2x fresh but the game crash after 5sec or did not start. This new patch is really worse
  14. Ehre, wem Ehre gebuehrt!