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  1. @ Dragoz The Axis LMG fire from hip was use in WW2 often and works in real very fine. And you can only deploy the Axis LMG on the same points ingame as you can depoly all the allies LMG. "axis lmg being able to deploy behind berm and shoot through front of berm, cps wiyh broken stairs, ab spawns with broken stair, ab spwans with blocked doors, vehicles flipping in open fields, fmbs floating below river banks, etc" Same as allies LMG and grease gun. So often i sea a allied LMG in Bunker 100% behind the table and they shot on all they come in. You cant sea him and must storm the room first must run behind the table and then you can kill him. Both side have the same Problem with fire from behind walls or other thinks.
  2. For all guys they fly. 1. Sometimes the radar system broke and you sea no more yellow on map. Maby a key to refresh the radar will be nice. 2. If you fly or shipping with a ship and the AI hit you, you are killied by AI after your despwan. I know the unit is not real dead and still in the supply pool, but under stats its a dead for you.
  3. looks for me like spwan camping or unkillable Inf. Every 3-5 weeks i sea a Soilder (Both Side) they cant die... run around the City and kill everyone but this bug is very very rare.
  4. And what is the solution? Delete all bushlines? Make bushlines like same as a wall of Iron?
  5. DK1 from googs works online over hamachi on IPX if you want. It is still the best DK but again never under Gilde
  6. Dungeon Keeper never support the Glide API. Belive me i have many old 3dfx cards in some of my retro PC's and i am a Member of the Voodooalerts site. Dungeon Keeper works with the Direct3D API if you have the win95 version of it. And in all other old game like "Age of empire 2" if i enable the 2 GPU i have higher FPS sometimes not much but around 5-40% more. I only want to put the dual card from my friend in my game PC because then maby i have better FPS in Starcitzen and VR but BGE is the only one with DK1 who not want to start with this card. I think we can close this tread here.
  7. All fine Chrusader have a really poor armor platte, try this on the light french R-35 and H-39 and you will see its not possible. Same as Pz II, Pz 38t the Spits and hurricane and LMG Soilder can kill.
  8. This can happen on so many ways. Of example If someone damage the matilda (or any other unit) so much that he is destroy for the game code, but the player die befor the Maltilda player goes out of his damage tank, someone ohter have then sometimes the kill of the matilda who have hit it befor. For 2-3 Weeks a US rifle kill my Destroyer. Stats say he have 1 hit in his mission , so he must kill my DD with one shot. But in real the AI coastal guns hit me much and kill me but the kill have at last a US rifle guy. Try to replay this on traningserver in a 1vs1 and you will sea, you cant do it again only you hit his comander or gunner if he look out of the tank.
  9. Yeah i feared that BGE not Support this. My other old games like "Age of Empire 2 anf Dune2000" work fine with a dual GPU only Dungeon Keeper 1 and BGE looks like not Support this. I think i must give only for BGE the free dual GPU gift from a friend back. Really sad....
  10. Did BGE Support dual GPU cards? I mean not Sli or crosffire Systems, i mean cards with two gpu Chips on the same card.
  11. We make many Kriegsmarine raids in last time. If some want help us or would like accompany us for a RDP raid pm me.
  12. Ahoj brave Sailors We create for some time a new Kriegsmarine Squad and make in last weeks many RDP Raids against the English and USA global support lines. If someone want to join us in glory Battle of the Atlantic against the Britsch, france, USA Navy and Air force, please send me a Message or wrote here in the topic back. Today we make a glory victory and hit the Britisch and USA global supply -18% down.
  13. From my view as a custum user, i think maby CRS have no more People from the old Crew who have create this unic engine. So its very hard to find someone, who can work with this unic special engine code. If you find someone he want to try this, you have no safety that he can do it at last really. But for the UR4 engine you can find many People who know its works, and if you buy this Engine you have all updates in the Future for free and you are save about this engine will work. With the old one you have no safery on many thinks. Of example you find someone he work for you but maby he left CRS again after 1 year you must start from zero again. But i know what you say, i can not belive to that the UR4 is compatible for MMO games.
  14. @ dre21 It is much slower then in real, but the rate of fire is better then in real.