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  1. @ jwilly We need italy Stuff!
  2. I read in the roadmap 2019/20 CRS will update the game speedtree technology from 4.2 to 6.0. Any news about this? From my view any small graphic update will help the game more then any new gear or other in game Update.
  3. Your German language for the Poster is very bad. Even as a German hardly understand.
  4. I think then switch all to Steam buy only the great Untis and in some Month CRS have no more monthly income. I would end my long-term payment then.
  5. My vision of BGE is that CRS try to create all use weapons near 100% realism. And i hope no stuff like Pz Maus come out, who not real use in WW2.
  6.,8_cm_Flak_37_Sfl. Moblie 88 on amored truck. Tier0
  7. Panzer III-F was build with a 3,7 cm gun and a 5cm gun. Both where build before germany attack france. Simple chance for CRS and better then the bad Panzerjäger 1 joke lol
  8. I have a quastion, on example Axis RDP French factories 50% down. Can allies switch all frontline Towns to UK and US and have 100% Ressuply on all garrison? Or maby UK and French RDP is near down, can they switch all Garrision to US and have 100% Ressuply on US towns?
  9. From my view with this cheap starter Subscription include all the good stuff like Pz.IVG or the Blenhein and Stuka, the game will lose soon some Premium AC. But maby over a long time, this will gain up the player base. Maby... I can understand this try because so many steam users say that the game is to expensive and they give the game a bad rewiev. Maby sell some Skins for some extra money? Maby CRS can recruit a 3D graphic artist experts for a half year or more, so he can create multitude skins of all untis. True this will costs somethink but over the next years you can sell this skins month for month. Invest one time and gain some extra money for every new month.
  10. 10$ for use a fms? 20$ use the ingame Map? 12$ for use Marks on the map? Pls no! This MMO is one of the expensive MMO Online atm. Only one time buy DLC like new Skins maby a good way but all month pay DLC is from my view the wrong way and give BGE only more bad rewies on steam.
  11. US Resupplay works over 50% of the english RDP and 50% France RDP.
  12. Why no Navy subscription?
  13. No Navy Subscription? Really funny...
  14. History numbers make zero sence in this game and is a wrong way because we have a possible alternate win History and Timeline . So if the allies can ingame hold longer France, they must be at last a much better Tank and Plane produktion as in real. Same as Germany, they lost many economic in the WW2 by allied Bombing because the frontline was near to the Reich . But of example if germany not lose the war and the allies airforce cant easy Bombing the reich as he can so this in the real Timeline, the supply must be much higher then it was in real. With oure alternate win History ingame the supply of all nation is other then in real.