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  1. If you hit a plane but dident destroy the plane or kill the Pilot but the plane crash later on the ground or Bomb itself, you have mostly the kill. So often i was killed by inf but in real i crash by landing because i ram a tree Le Building or bomb myself.
  2. @stankyus In my ww2 Books i read something other. The Fg42 enter the Heer after germany quit mostly of all his paratropper groups in the late 1943. They send this soilders to the Heer Units for resupply and they use his own Fj stuff for this. And you can read in german some Storys from old ww2 Soldiers, they use this gun and this guys where not fight in para groups. Why is our Fw190 kg in tier 1 it many 2? The Fw190 A-0-A-4 enter the war as the spit 2 and iv Center the war. The timeline is mostly again axis here in the game.
  3. Hello BGE fanatics, in the last month i read many ingame and on Discord about the aircraft damage model vs hits from a AA gun . From my personal view, many of them are somethink inaccurate. At first i play both here ingame, fighter and bomberplane and sometimes the Bofors but i prefer the air game. Often i read like this of example in the game chat. "Wtf one single shot from a bofors my armored bomber is toast" or this "I hit the DB7 4-6x and he did not burn... then a answer from someone other... The DB7 was a strong armored plane" Sometimes i fly with a Bf 109 then a bofors hit me 3x and i can fly save back and make RTB without a KIA. Of course, mostly i crash after 1-2 hits, but we see, both side have plans that can life after multiple direct bofors hits. As a bofors i have see it with my own eyes, that i have hit of example a DB7 with multiple hits and he can still fly back and make RBT. (But the other true is, sometimes he burn after one single hit) Know the quastion is that near realistic ? From my view what i read in really much WW2 books and have see in TV Reports about the WW2 is that really unralistic. Our Bofors we can play ingame use the rare ammunition that explode by contact. Mostly in WW2 both side use the much cheaper ammunition that explode from alone at this altitude that the bofors crew have set on the ground. Our AI AA guns use the cheaper ammunition, so you can see the black shrapnel clouds in the air if they fire. From this hits, it is really possible that our plane can absorb some hits, because the rare armored of the plane can stop the small shrapnel from maybe 5-15m away. If you read in books and see picture like this, where someone wrote this plane fly after some AA hits back to the airfield, that mean mostly no really direct hits. In my WW2 Books i can read that a 40cm AA Bullet destroy a plane in near 60% if the bullet exlode in 5m away to his target with his shrapnel hits. But our contact ammunition that we use ingame make in 90% this on aircraft with one single direct hit. When a direct hit, the whole aircraft is sifts and nobody can tell me that a human can take so many damage. . The next think is, if you fly as a plane on 200m alt or 2,5k our player aa gun the Bofors make same Damage on you. We must think here somethink different then the tank game on the ground, where tanks fire each other with AP ammunition and the penetration goes down when the target is far away. For a contact ammunition It makes nearly no difference, because he explode direct by contact and do not penetration somethink. So the damage is at last not real different if he explode direct by hit smethink on 200m or 2,5k. The explosion is still the same at 200 or 2,5k alt. The next think is the armored of the plane. Of example, after many BF110 loses in the battle of britan the Luftwaffe upgrade the 110 C-4 with 9mm crew armor. This 9mm armor is for a WW2 plane really great but 9mm vs a bofors hit is nothink. WW2 aircraft are no tanks and they use only a real amor platte behind the pilot in a fighter plane but all other armour around the plane can never stop a direct bofors hit. This amor only works vs shrapnel and AP maschine guns bullets because they lose his power of penetration. At least, it is simple in 90% of a Bofors hit you ingame you must die, if we want to play a realistic game. @ CRS It is possible that you can change it ingame, that the bofors make extra damage on plans? It feels really bad arcade gaming, if you fly and life after many bofors hits. And if all plans are destroy in around 90% of one hit, we have no more angry player they say, why i must hit the other so often with my AA gun and i die every time after one single hit. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. looks amazing! Bomer are stil the best Delete all fighter ingame
  5. A bit is funny Only you forgett the start Position at the new map. Allied have a much shorter way to RDB from the Antwerpen area, if the map goes at start only something to right is nearly impossible to intercept this fast DB7 with your E4 if the DB7 climp to 5k at antwerp and fly then with fuff speed to Düsseldorf. But axis only can do RDP with his kriegsmarine and one DD can make more damage then much Bombers together.
  6. The Me 262 is the dream of mostly all Axis LW players in all ww2 Games. It have the same popularity for players on Axis side like to play a Tiger on the ground or play mayby a sherman on USA side or a spifire for the RAF. Its every time the most wantet plane for Axis LW players. Since years on TS3 or know on Discord the LW players talk about that they cant see more his only aviable fighter plane the Me109 in 80% of the gametime. Mostly last maps the fighter variety was only 1 plane with different guns for dogfight. For a long time motivation is that not good. The Bomber part ingame is ok and not really need more plans. The DB7 the He111 and the Blenheim are really much overpowerd and if your skill is ok and you attack only with full speed the ground guys the cant really fire back and you have easy free kills all time and you must only look only for ea. They have near zero chance. From my View CRS goes the right way with new CAS plans because with this plans the ground and the air player can fight each other on maeby 700m know better because both need a near range to attack. More bomber models with much more bombs or bigger bombs are only fun for the Bomber players as me but frustrate for ground players they cant really shot back. And the mobile AA is hopefully from my view a chance to break they overpowerd gameplay from the easy bomber playing part.
  7. My view, delete the red circle and the name off the Unit in the game. Give us only a grey circle without a name or better only a circle for friendly plans. This circle system is really unrealistic, in real a ww2 pilot must fly really near to his eneamy to see what typ of fighter he is. Know in BGE i can see from around 2k what typ he is. For a Simulationgame not really fine, its look like more arcade gameplay stly know. Pls no more arcade stuff ingame, make the game better more real.
  8. Hehe the stats guys...
  9. Welchen Bug? Nicht dass ich die ganze Zeit hier nur mit halber Auflösung Spiele :-)
  10. Ja einige, ich kann dir die 130PLD wärmstens empfehlen, ist ein rein deutsprachigen ground squad mit Tradition. Wenn du zur Luftwaffe willst kontaktiere mich.
  11. BGE has a part of Strategic gameplay and a part of Egoshooter and Simulation gameplay and this is really nice. I do not really like the idea to delete the strategic part of the game and this make the game much more unrelistic.
  12. Pls pls no moving Ai Soilders Sorry not really like this idea.
  13. Or play Luftwaffe or Airforce then you can make what you want.
  14. @ kemiozz Both side are happy about any new Soilder they want join the HC. Without HC and any if any Town is possible to capture on the map, we have no real battle because the Map is to big. And in real every Soilder have a assignment and can not do what he want.
  15. I need a break for Study lerning. If all goes well i am rdy with my study after 4 hard years at 1.09.17. <--- one week away