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  1. She was a tough bird, she would always reach out to BKB back in the day. Good times, good memories. RIP Keysie S! 22nd
  2. Good to see some old faces, this weekend was a hoot. THis upcoming weekend has the making of an epic time for ww2ol, I hope they get the cameras rolling. S! AEF RIVERDOG
  3. Some great memories with this lot --- BKB FTW!! http://youtu.be/TB2Mum32dWg
  4. Not for the faint of heart, get in and cause a stir on the battlefeild.
  5. Now this being with the set up you see below. 20FPS -65FPS, which isn't too bad for a HT card for less than $80. Nvidia just added the GT440 at the $90 range which "in a pinch" should be capable. UPGRADE: Well I was able to put away some $$$ after getting through Christmas and have sent off for the GTX 560 Ti SC which should arrive around Tuesday. Reviews have it par as next gen GTX 470, runs cooler, less power, less noise. We shall see how it does Wed., I am a gamer on a budget so sacrifices were made and now I can put up the beans, cornbread and Natural Light for a while for some steak, shrimp and Sam Adams.
  6. Catch JCD04 or MD leaving the AF.
  7. This lil guy has some pop, but I recommend it for a back-up only. I am still trying to find a happy medium with perfomance and quality, but did manage some 45 fps during light infantry skirmishes. Heavy pop sent me down to 15 fps, playable but not uber by any means. Flying is a no go, and I have yet to try mech. Infantry is my game and this card will work with the specs I have, so I am happy with it bang for buck ($90 and I am back on the battlefield). RIP 8800gtx.
  8. Just curious if anyone has a 430 they tried on BE yet. My current card is failing, so in a pinch I sent off for this lil' guy. $90 at my door tomorrow, and I hope I can limp around on the virtual battlefield until santa comes.
  9. forming up for fall/winter tour.
  10. Forming up for fall/winter tour.
  11. 3 month Pre-Pay $44.99one-time$8.98 / 17% Isn't this Pre-pay option amount at $15/month what we were paying? Why is everyone going bananas over the month-to-month increase? Grab an accountant and do some budgeting for the 1 st month. No need for mass exodus over this, but if the bugs and other anomalies continue I can understand why you would pack it in.